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The Age of Awareness


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Inclusive design. It might sound like a rebranding exercise from the Web Accessibility Marketing Team, but it isn’t. For years inclusive design and research practices have been applied to a wide variety of disciplines from industrial design to the arts, the built environment and more.

What can we learn from this? And how can we apply it to the digital environment in which we work?

Social innovation, service design and even augmented reality are now presenting real and interesting opportunities for us as traditional web practitioners. Combined with inclusive design practices, this opens up a fantastic world of change for both us and the people for whom we design.

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The Age of Awareness

  1. 1. The age of awareness Lisa Herrod
  2. 2. we are adaptable
  3. 3. be the change you seek
  4. 4. Reasons web practitioners don’t take an inclusive approach to design & development
  5. 5. @VagainstV
  6. 6. Resolve feelings of isolation
  7. 7. Be Sneaky
  8. 8. “the vision for running the Social Innovation BarCamp is to provide a place for people to engage. There are many intelligent and effective people from various fields, across the private and public sector. If we can connect those in an open and collaborative environment, we can empower us all in becoming effective change makers”.
  9. 9. Next #sibsyd 6 November 2010
  10. 10. Refugee Buddy 2 Bob’s worth Good News TV Australian Social Innovation eXchange
  11. 11. Look outward to other industries
  12. 12. Access & Inclusion in the Built Environment
  13. 13. Built Environment Online Access & Inclusion Web Accessibility Architecture UX Design Service Design Inclusive Design
  14. 14. Apply skills in a broader context...
  16. 16. The Acoustic Chair 1841 The Acoustic Throne 1891
  17. 17. Hearwear TableTalk concept by IDEO
  18. 18. Augmented Accessibility
  20. 20. Blood / Meat Energy Future Dunne & Raby
  21. 21. IDEO’s Social Mobile
  22. 22. Peggy Michael, Edwin David
  23. 23. AART.BOXX 2008
  24. 24. be the change you seek
  25. 25. Recent projects Lisa Herrod @scenariogirl Recent projects