New Israel Fund Guardian of Democracy Tribute Journal 2009


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New Israel Fund Guardian of Democracy Tribute Journal 2009

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New Israel Fund Guardian of Democracy Tribute Journal 2009

  1. 1. Building a just anddemocratic Israel for 30 years 30 TH ANNIVERSARY DINNER THE PALACE HOTEL, SAN FRANCISCO | WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2009
  2. 2. Building a just and democratic Israel for 30 years 30TH ANNIVERSARY DINNERTHE PALACE HOTEL, SAN FRANCISCO | WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2009WELCOMEStuart Pollak President, San Francisco Regional BoardRabbi Brian LurieGREETINGS FROM THE STATE OF ISRAELMember of Knesset Avishay Braverman, Minister of Minority AffairsMOTZIDINNERNIF: 30 YEARS OF SOCIAL CHANGEFAREWELL TO ELIEZER YA’ARI, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE NEW ISRAEL FUND IN ISRAELNaomi Chazan President, New Israel FundGUARDIAN OF DEMOCRACY AWARDRabbi Brian LurieNEW GENERATIONS LEADERSHIP AWARDRebecca Katz Chair, New Generations Board, San FranciscoMUSICAL PERFORMANCEDavid Broza
  3. 3. 1979 NIF is founded by Jonathan J. Cohen and Ellie Friedman. $80,000 in grants is distributed to 20 organizations throughout Israel. NIF becomes the major supporter of the emerging 30th Anniversary Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), Achievements helping grow ACRI into the country’s leading human rights organization. MUSICAL PERFORMER David Broza Israeli superstar David Broza brings captivating, flamenco and salsa-tinged performances in English, Hebrew and Spanish to audiences worldwide. Headlining with artists such as Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and Van Morrison, Broza has built a reputation as a dynamic and vibrant singer/songwriter. David Broza is also well known for his commitment to humanitarian causes and using music to inspire social change. As a musician, he has spread the message of peace worldwide, above all with his hit song Yihye Tov (“Things Will Get Better”) which is an anthem of the Israeli peace movement and which we will hear tonight.2 NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner
  4. 4. 1980 1981 1982NIF initiates NIF grantees – Interns for Peace, NIF establishes SHATILcommunity Neve Shalom and Shutafut – (“seedling” in Hebrew) toorganizing and take the lead in creating a network increase NIF’s impact bycitizen activism to of organizations to facilitate greater providing consulting andrenew low-income communications and cooperation training to social changeneighborhoods. between Arabs and Jews. organizations.SPECIAL GUESTMember of Knesset Avishay BravermanMinister of Minority AffairsA member of the Israeli Knesset for the Labor Party since April2006, Professor Avishay Braverman is the Israeli government’sMinister of Minority Affairs. As such, he focuses on the economic,social, and educational challenges Israel faces in the 21st century,with emphasis on partnership with and equality for Israel’sArab citizens.Previously, Professor Braverman served as President ofBen-Gurion University of the Negev (1990–2006). He holds aPhD in economics from Stanford University and served as aSenior Economist and Division Chief for the World Bank (1977–1990) where he led research, policy work and project evaluationthroughout South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East andEastern Europe, emphasizing balanced economic developmentand social justice. NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner 3
  5. 5. 1983 1984 1985 NIF names NIF’s fundraising exceeds NIF addresses the status of Avraham Burg $1 million. NIF and the women in Israel by funding the first NIF Washington College of Law the Israel Women’s Leadership Fellow. at American University in Network, a non-partisan Washington, DC launch the coalition founded by US-Israel Civil Liberties Professor Alice Shalvi. Law Program to build Israel’s public interest and civil rights bar. SPEAKER Naomi Chazan New Israel Fund Board President Naomi Chazan, former Israeli Knesset Deputy Speaker and leading human rights activist, began her new role as president of the New Israel Fund in June 2008. She is Professor Emerita of Political Science and African Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she served as Chair of the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace. Chazan currently serves as Head of the School of Government and Society at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. She has been a Visiting Professor of Government at Harvard University and spent the academic year 2004–2005 as the Wilhelm Fellow at the Center for International Studies at MIT. She is an outspoken leader in the struggle for women’s rights, civil rights, religious freedom, pluralism and peace.4 NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner
  6. 6. 1986 1987 1988The High Court of Justice rules unanimously SHATIL serves over 100 Seeing the polarization and escalatingin favor of Shoshana Miller, an American organizations working in violence emanating from the Intifada,immigrant converted to Judaism by a the areas of Jewish-Arab NIF establishes a special fund toReform rabbi in the US, registering her as coexistence, women’s rights, address threats to Israel’s democracy.a Jew on her identity card. The decision neighborhood advocacy, B’Tselem: The Israel Informationvalidates the Jewish status of immigrants civil and human rights, and Center for Human Rights isconverted under non-Orthodox auspices. community development. awarded a special grant.NIF-funded grantees, including Hemdat,play a leading role in this landmarkdecision, the first of many to follow overthe next 20 years.OUTGOING NEW ISRAEL FUND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR IN ISRAELEliezer Ya’ariEliezer Ya’ari has served as the New Israel Fund’s ExecutiveDirector in Israel for 12 years. A native of Jerusalem, Ya’aribegan his career in the Israeli Air Force as a combat pilot. Hejoined soon after the 1967 war and served until 1976, retiringwith the rank of Major. He then joined the staff of the IsraelBroadcasting Authority and in 1992 became Director ofPrograms. During his three-year term at the Israel BroadcastingAuthority, Eliezer was in charge of all television productions.Before joining NIF in 1997, Ya’ari studied Public Administrationas a Wexner Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government atHarvard University.We pay tribute to Eliezer’s exceptional years of service to theNew Israel Fund. NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner 5
  7. 7. 1989 1990 The threats of growing anti- NIF meets the challenges posed by the democratic values and extremism unprecedented aliyah of Soviet Jews to mobilize Israelis to channel their Israel by launching the Soviet Aliyah energies into the voluntary non- Fund to support organizations serving profit sector. With NIF support, immigrants. SHATIL works actively with hundreds of organizations self-help groups involved in the absorption emerge, promoting democracy of immigrants from the former Soviet and tolerance throughout Israel. Union. NIF supports the creation of the Association of Rape Crisis Centers. GUARDIAN OF DEMOCRACY AWARD Rabbi Brian Lurie Rabbi Lurie is a longtime supporter of the New Israel Fund and eminent leader of the local, national, and international Jewish community. He served for seventeen years as Executive Director of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties and for five years as President of the San Francisco Jewish Museum. He also worked as Executive Vice President of the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), where he was instrumental in launching the second phase of Operation Exodus. In recent years, his vision for progressive change in Israel has inspired a broad movement to support the rights of Israel’s Arab citizens—the Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues—which he currently co-chairs.6 NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner
  8. 8. 1991 1992Sikkuy is established in response to growing concern over the New Generations is established in New York,gaps between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel. Its first report, Boston and Washington, DC to attract the nextproduced in cooperation with the National Council for the generation of leaders and philanthropists to NIF’sChild, documents severe social gaps between Arab and Jewish mission. NIF funds Menukha Nekhona: Thechildren. The National Council for the Child, the leading Association for Eternal Rest following the Highadvocate for children’s rights in Israel, scores a series of ground- Court of Justice victory establishing the right tobreaking achievements, through its Center for the Child and non-Orthodox burial.the Law, headed by NIF law fellow Tamar Morag.NEW GENERATIONS LEADERSHIP AWARDRebecca KatzRebecca Katz is a driving force within the young NIF community.As a dynamic New Generations Board Chair, she has providedleadership, inspired grassroots organizing among Boardmembers, and co-chaired two Benefits. Rebecca has toured,led programs to, and lived in Israel eight times. She becameinvolved in NIF both because of her commitment to socialjustice and her desire for Israel to be a country that embodiesthose principals. A Bay Area native, Rebecca spent 10 years asa San Francisco Deputy City Attorney and currently works onensuring the welfare of other living beings as the Director of theSan Francisco Department of Animal Care & Control. NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner 7
  9. 9. 1993 1994 SHATIL initiates a campaign to reunite In light of the 1993 breakthrough in Oslo, NIF creates Ethiopian Jews with family members new opportunities to help Israelis prepare the ground who remained behind in Ethiopia for peace. NIF supports the Adam Institute to instill and implements programs to assist a deeper understanding of democratic values, and the Ethiopians in their absorption into Association for Civil Rights in Israel to provide civil Israeli society. The New Israel Fund and human rights training to police, prison and other of Great Britain is launched. security service personnel. AJEEC – The Arab-Jewish Center for Equality, Empowerment, and CooperationSpotlight WINNER OF THE MIRIAM FLIGELMAN LEVY CROSS CULTURAL PRIZEon NIF AJEEC (Arabic for “I am coming towards you”) advances the status of Arab Bedouins and promotes cooperation between Bedouin and Jewish Israelis. The organization’s work is based on encouraging volunteerism, mutual Miriam Fligelman AMAL ELSANA ALHJOOJ assistance, and community responsibility as Levy was an DIRECTOR OF AJEEC necessary components of a vibrant democratic innovator and society; and the belief that if Jews and Arabs a social thinker who, along with work together, they can create a more equitable and just Israel. her husbandIrving, dedicated her life to AJEEC’s educational programs include a project that bringsbridge building. Her legacy and young Jewish and Bedouin Israelis together to benefit bothher commitment to these values communities. Each year a group of outstanding high schoolare carried on by her daughterJudith Levy Sender and by her graduates—10 Bedouin and 10 Jewish—are chosen tosons Joseph Fligelman Levy and undertake a year of joint full-time community service. TheJohn Fligelman Levy. volunteers undergo an intensive training program before and during their work in the community. In addition, the volunteers receive professional guidance preparing them for the task of tutoring and conducting after-school enrichment activities for Jewish and Arab schoolchildren.8 NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner
  10. 10. 1995 1996NIF’s fundraising exceeds $10 million. The High Court of In the wake of the assassinationJustice delivers a landmark decision granting women the of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin,right to volunteer for pilot training in the Israeli Air Force NIF responds with the Campaignresulting from advocacy by NIF grantees Israel Women’s for Tolerance, Dialogue andNetwork and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. Democracy, launched by President Ezer Weizman.Mixed Cities ProjectRECIPIENT OF THE EDITH S. COLIVER HUMAN RIGHTS FUND Last fall, violence broke out between the Arab Spotlight and Jewish residents of Akko, heightening the tension between the two populations. With on NIF these events as a backdrop, the Mixed Cities Project has taken on new importance for NIF. As the only organization with a major focus and presence in Israel’s mixed cities, NIF Susie Coliver and believes that tackling these societal divides are Sandy Coliver imperative to the health of Israeli democracy. established the Fund in 2002Five of Israel’s cities have mixed Arab and Jewish populations— to recognizeAkko, Haifa, Jaffa, Lod and Ramle. Arab Israeli residents generally and remember their mother Edith Coliver’slack equal access to health care, parks, education and social tremendous contribution toservices compared with their Jewish neighbors. Because building the cause of human and civiland expansion permits are rarely issued to Arab families, many rights. Always with an open heart and an open mind, Edithlive under the looming threat of home demolition, with about brought great thoughtfulness650 current demolition orders issued for Lod and Ramle. and genuine compassion to her activism on behalf of a justLaunched in 2003, NIF’s acclaimed Mixed Cities Project and tolerant Israeli society. Herpromotes the idea of a shared society and, in particular, the service on the Internationalrights of Arab Israelis in these cities. Since its establishment, the and Regional Boards of NIF was emblematic of her lifelongproject has succeeded in freezing dozens of home demolition commitment to human rightsorders and setting up neighborhood forums for promoting and democratic values.housing and education rights. NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner 9
  11. 11. 1997 1998NIF leads the “Who is a Jew” campaign in the NIF launches “Israel Signing Anew,” inviting IsraeliUS, advocating for religious pluralism in Israel. NIF citizens to reaffirm the values of their Declaration ofgrantee Kav La Oved receives and processes nearly Independence. The campaign generates 532,789 signatures900 new complaints of labor rights violations and including those of former President Ezer Weizman, thensucceeds in securing more than $400,000 in unpaid former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and formerwages and salary benefits. Prime Minister Ehud Barak. DINNER CHAIRS DINNER COMMITTEE ✽ Steve Abel Joanne Abel Candice Gold✽ Al Baum Thank you Nancy Goldberg Michael Bien✽ Leslie Kane✽ Susan Bluer Ari Lurie Doris and George Krevsky✽ Daniel Lurie Leslie R. Katz Hilary Kushins✶ Sherry Morse✽ Lee Pollak Diane Rosenberg✽ Seth Skolnick✽ Bonnie Tenenbaum✽✹ Marilyn Weisberg✽ Carol✽ and Terry Winograd ✽ NIF REGIONAL BOARD MEMBER ✶ NEW GENERATIONS BOARD MEMBER ✦ NIF INTERNATIONAL BOARD MEMBER ✹ NIF INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL MEMBER10 NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner
  12. 12. 1999 2000The High Court of Justice unanimously decides The Green Environment Fund (GEF) isto outlaw the use of physical force in civilian established to bring new attention andinterrogations following years of advocacy by NIF resources to the campaign to preservegrantees Public Committee Against Torture in and protect the environment of Israel andIsrael, ACRI, B’Tselem: Israeli Information Center the health of its people. NIF’s partnersfor Human Rights and Hamoked: Center for the include the Andrea & Charles BronfmanDefense of the Individual. Philanthropies, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, and the Pratt Foundation.HONORARY COMMITTEEEileen Auerbach and Susan and William Heller Dr. Richard andLarry Burgheimer Martha Pastcan Grace Hughes andMaia Azubel John Levinsohn Lisa and John PritzkerRabbi Michael and Linda and Tom Kalinowski Nancy and Alan Raznick✽Hannah Barenbaum Estelle S. Katz Michael Steinman andRon and Ellie Berman Wendy and Rabbi Dorothy RichmanEve Bernstein and Dr. Howard Kleckner David L. Rosenhan✽Alex Gersznowicz Hannah J. Kranzberg✽ Peter Rukin✽ and ✽ Sharon DjemalRachel and David Biale Linda KurtzElizabeth Friedman Branoff Sam Lauter Sylvia Sabel andand Steven Branoff Joel Rubinstein Ron LezellJerome Braun Gerry✽✦ and Lela Sarnat✹ Mark and Adele LiebermanSandra Curtis✽ Jim and Emily Scheinman Jeremy Lizt✶James Dubey Rita R. Semel✽ Melanie and Peter MaierLisa Erdberg and Rabbi Judy Shanks✽ andDennis Gibbons Susan and Jay Mall Dr. James GracerIrwin and Barbara Meislin and Gary B. Sokol✽ and Paul BlancConcepción S. Federman Stuart Kaplan Vera and Harold Stein Jr.Lori and Michael Ferguson Robin Mencher ✽✶ Roselyne C. SwigPhyllis Friedman Armando Mendoza Miranda Tad Taube, President,Jonathan D. Fuchs✽✹ Raquel H. Newman✽✹ Koret FoundationLawrence Goldfarb Shari and Don Ornstein Ingrid Tauber✹ and Frank TaforoMimi and Peter Haas Fund NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner 11
  13. 13. 2001 2002NIF’s fundraising exceeds $20 million. The NIF, SHATIL, and NIF grantees marshal public opposition to aIsrael Venture Network, a partnership of NIF policy that would have reserved government-developed landand Israeli and North American venture capitalists, for use by Jews alone. Faced with intense public pressure, theis established to promote systemic improvement in Knesset abandons consideration of this discriminatory policy. TheIsrael’s education system and to provide resources High Court of Justice rules that the government must recognizeto students in disenfranchised communities. non-Orthodox conversions whether performed in Israel or the Diaspora, following a petition by the Israel Religious Action Center and the Masorti (Conservative) Movement. HONORARY COMMITTEE (CONTINUED) Akiva Tor, Consul General of Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier Israel to the Pacific Northwest Supervisor John Avalos Sydney Kapchan and Supervisor David Campos Steven Tulkin✽ Supervisor Carmen Chu Paul✽ and Dorothy Wachter Supervisor Bevan Dufty Marilyn and Murry Waldman Senator Dianne Feinstein Dan and Gina Waldman Assemblymember Paul Fong Alexandra Wall and Paul Bosky Assemblymember Mark S. Warnick Jared Huffman John Weinstein and Representative Barbara Lee Heidi Stewart State Senator Mark Leno Diane Jordan Wexler✽ and Bruce Beron Assemblymember Fiona Ma, Majority Whip Susan and Robert Wolfe Supervisor Eric Mar Jonathan Zimman Supervisor Sophie Maxwell Mary and Harold Zlot Supervisor Nathan Miley Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi Assemblymember Sandre R. Swanson Representative Lynn C. Woolsey ✽ NIF REGIONAL BOARD MEMBER ✶ NEW GENERATIONS BOARD MEMBER Betty Yee, Chairwoman of ✦ NIF INTERNATIONAL BOARD MEMBER State Board of Equalization ✹ NIF INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL MEMBER12 NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner
  14. 14. 2003 2004 NIF and SHATIL mobilize The Supreme Court ordered the government worldwide attention to reroute a large section of the Security Fence around activist Vicki northwest of Jerusalem to balance security and Knafo and her campaign human rights. Petitioners included NIF grantees to oppose cuts in Association for Civil Rights in Israel, B’Tselem, benefits to single-parent Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights and and families and other others, who were key to this landmark ruling. marginalized Israelis.Candice Gold graciously sponsored the gifts you will take home tonight.These are soaps, bath salts, and lip balms handmade by Nathalie Nadelof Kibbutz Snir, infused with organic herbs from her garden. Nathalie runsher own micro-business in Israel, part of Northern Exposure, a projectinitiated by SHATIL, the New Israel Fund’s action arm. To learn more about Special thanksNorthern Exposure, virtually “meet” the business owners, and purchaseproducts visit and director Lee Sankowich generously donated his time andexpertise to design this evening’s speaking program and performance.Many of the images that grace this tribute journal and the invitation werekindly contributed by photographer Irene Fertik. NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner 13
  15. 15. 2005 2006 2007In preparation for the Gaza In the aftermath of the second The Regional Council fordisengagement, NIF worked to bring Lebanon War, NIF provided basic Unrecognized Bedouin Villagestogether left and right, religious and humanitarian assistance to the held a successful campaign protestingsecular to understand and combat most vulnerable populations in the Bedouin home demolitions, culminatingthe threat to democracy. In the North. SHATIL’s North Star Forum, in a government moratorium for oneend, the disengagement occurred Mobadera and Northern Exposure year. In a landmark decision, the Jewishrelatively peacefully and was notable programs set the stage for long-term National Fund agreed for the first timefor the overall lack of confrontation commitment as dozens of civil society to sell land to non-Jews just before theand violence. The Conflict groups worked to rebuild the North High Court of Justice began to considerTransformation and Management and call attention to longstanding a petition from two NIF grantees.Center is created by SHATIL. social and economic inequities in Israel’s periphery. GUARDIAN DEFENDER Rabbi Brian and Caroline Lurie Joanne and Steve Abel Sylvia Sabel and Alvin Baum Guardian of Joel Rubinstein Adi Cohen Democracy Bonnie and Marty Tenenbaum Phyllis Friedman Candice Gold and Donors VISIONARY Edmond Russell Mimi and Peter Haas Fund Leslie Kane and Manuel Fishman Linda Kurtz Doris and George Krevsky David L. Rosenhan Armando Mendoza Miranda Gerry and Lela Sarnat Diane Jordan Wexler and Ingrid Tauber and Frank Taforo Bruce Beron Drs. Terry and Carol Winograd CHAMPION PATRON Michael Bien and Jane Kahn Michelle and Robert Friend Fred Altshuler and Julia Cheever Stuart and Lee Pollak Deena Aranoff Lisa and John Pritzker Eileen Auerbach and David and Phyllis Rothman Larry Burgheimer Peter Rukin and Sharon Djemal Maia Azubel14 NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner
  16. 16. 2008 2009 In the wake of the global economic crisis, NIF/ The New Israel Fund celebrates its SHATIL took emergency action to deal with the 30th anniversary in San Francisco. In budgetary shortfalls of our family of organizations. the past 3 decades, NIF has granted Programs supporting shared living, including the over $200 million to more than 800 acclaimed Mixed Cities Project, became a top organizations. priority following an outbreak of violence in Akko.Eve Bernstein and Marvin Langsam Rita R. SemelAlex Gersznowicz Sam Lauter Rabbi Judy Shanks andBluer and Bluer LLP Mark and Adele Lieberman Dr. James GracerEllen Bob and David Waksberg Greta Livingston Yoav Shoham andJerome Braun Noa Eliaf-Shoham Jeremy LiztDr. Ronald E. Cape and Gary B. Sokol and Melanie and Peter Maier Paul BlancLillian J. Cape Ephraim Margolin Joelle SteefelPhyllis and David Cook Barbara Meislin and Vera and Harold Stein Jr.James Dubey Stuart KaplanIrwin and Roselyne C. Swig Phyllis MoldawConcepción S. Federman Tad Taube, President, Judy and Jay Nadel Koret FoundationFord Israel Fund Raquel H. Newman Sydney Kapchan andNancy Goldberg Shari and Don Ornstein Steven TulkinStephen and Nancy Grand John Osterweis and Paul and Dorothy WachterGrace Hughes and Barbara RavizzaJohn Levinsohn Sarah Wall Memorial Trust Betty Ann Polse John Weinstein andJim Joseph Foundation Joan and Russell Pratt Heidi StewartLinda and Thomas Kalinowski Irving and Varda Rabin Marilyn and Ray WeisbergFred and Beth Karren Susan and Robert Wolfe Michael Steinman andWendy and Rabbi Dorothy Richman Adrienne and Ron YankDr. Howard Kleckner Jim and Emily Scheinman Mary and Harold Zlot NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner 15
  17. 17. Mazal tov to the New Israel Fund on this 30 year milestone. Rabbi Brian and Caroline Lurie16 NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner
  18. 18. Dear Dad, Congratulations on this much deserved evening. —We are all very proud of you and love you very much,Ari, Daniel & Becca, Alexander, Sonia NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner 17
  19. 19. We are honored to support the New Israel Fund, a champion of human rights, on this special 30 th anniversary. A special tribute to Brian Lurie who has been a pioneer, a visionary, and exemplary leader of our community. Brian has been at the forefront of countless causes, blazing our path and guiding us forward. We congratulate him on this lifetime achievement and his dedication to Israel and its people. Ingrid Tauber and Frank Taforo18 NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner
  20. 20. Mazal Tov to the New Israel Fund onthirty years of strengthening democracy and promoting social justice in Israel! CONGRATULATIONS to Rabbi Brian Lurie and Rebecca Katz on jobs well done! And THANK YOU for tirelessly supporting NIF’s work!Gerry and Lela Sarnat NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner 19
  21. 21. Congratulations to our honorees Rabbi Brian Lurie and Rebecca Katz and to NIF for 30 years of building a more just and inclusive Israeli society. DAVID ROSENHAN20 NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner
  22. 22. THANK YOU New Israel Fund For 30 years of helping Israel strive to realize the ideals on which our Jewish homeland was founded THANK YOU, BRIAN and REBECCA For your untiring efforts to make those ideals a reality. Stuart and Lee Pollak C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S T O H O N O R E E S B R I A N L U R I E A N D R E B E C C A K AT ZA N D T H A N K YO U T O N E W I S R A E L F U N D FOR THIRT Y YE ARS OF HELPING OUR B E L O V E D F A M I LY I N I S R A E L B U I L D O U R M U T UA L D R E A M O F D E M O C R A C Y AND SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR ALL! Frank and Linda Kurtz NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner 21
  23. 23. Congratulations to Brian Lurie on being honored with the Guardian of Democracy Award! YOUR DEDICATION AND VISION INSPIRE ALL AROUND YOU. THIS IS A MUCH DESERVED AND FITTING TRIBUTE FOR A TRUE PIONEER. Congratulations Becca. BECCA A well-deserved honor ON BEHALF OF for your commitment to NIF NEW GENERATIONS, justice and NIF. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATION, YOUR PASSION Love, AND YOUR LEADERSHIP. CONGRATULATIONS. Your friends LOVE, and family, ADI, ALIX AND PAUL, Erin • Gary • Gwen ARMANDO, HILARY AND SCOTT, MICHELLE AND MICHAEL Jenny • Leslie • Lydia Mom • Sunny • Susan22 NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner
  24. 24. Whoever would have thought,when Jonathan Cohen, Eleanor Friedman, Naomi Lauter and Ispent 14 days of 1979 listening to a raft of Israeli good-guysorganizations explain their need for support, that in September,2009, we would be celebrating 30 years of a New Israel Fund created to meet that need? WE CONGRATULATE THE Al Baum NEW ISRAEL FUND ON THIRTY VERY SUCCESSFUL YEARS OF BUILDING CIVIL SOCIETY IN ISRAEL. Drs. Carol and Terry Winograd MAZEL TOV BRIAN Congratulations to our honorees a leader Rabbi Brian Lurie and Rebecca Katz. a mentor Thank you for helping the New Israel Fund make Israel a friend the best that it can be. JOANNE AND STEVE ABEL Doris and George Krevsky NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner 23
  25. 25. LIBERTY, JUSTICE & EQUALITY I am so proud of the wonderful work of the New Israel Fund and your consistent concern for the people of Israel. Congratulations on Honoring Al Baum and the reaching 30 years! founders of the New Israel Fund. Celebrating 30 Years of Social Justice in Israel. Phyllis Friedman Dear Brian, Thank you for putting your heart and soul into making Israel a better place for all Israelis. We love you, Michelle and Bob24 NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner
  26. 26. BRIAN PJA SALUTES THE ISRAEL, THE BAY AREA, THE AMERICAN JEWISH WORLD... NEW ISRAEL FUND ALL HAVE BEEN ENRICHED AND and its dedication to the pursuit of peace and justice in Israel.STRENGTHENED BY YOUR VISIONARYLEADERSHIP AND YOUR ABILITY TO MOTIVATE OTHERS TO FOLLOW. We invite you to join us at the 1st PJA Bay Area THANK YOU. Community Dinner, JOELLE STEEFEL October 15, 2009. MAZEL TOV,BRIAN AND NIF Mazal Tov to Rabbi Lurie and Rebecca. Todah Rabbah for all you do for the Jewish people. Rabbi Steven A. Chester Temple Sinai, Oakland NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner 25
  27. 27. Congratulations B’HATZL ACHA TO NIF to our dear friend ADVANCING CIVIL SOCIET Y Brian Lurie. IN ISR AEL FOR 30 YE AR S Audrey Weiner and Jeffrey Solomon Leslie Kane and Manuel Fishman May you go from strength to strength The Jim Joseph Foundation is proud to honor Brian Lurie for his many contributions to the Jewish world.26 NEW ISRAEL FUND | 30th Anniversary Dinner