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New Israel Fund (NIF) Journal Guardian of Democracy Dinner Invitation 2011


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New Israel Fund Journal Guardian of Democracy Dinner Invitation 2011

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New Israel Fund (NIF) Journal Guardian of Democracy Dinner Invitation 2011

  1. 1. Founded in the Bay Area in 1979, the New Israel Fund is Naomi Chazanthe leading organization committed to equality and democracy International Board Presidentfor all Israelis. Brian Lurie International Board Vice President,We are a partnership of Israelis and supporters of Israel North Americaworldwide, dedicated to a vision of Israel as both the Jewishhomeland and a shared society at peace with itself and its Martin Indyk and Talia Sasson International Council Chairsneighbors. NIF works to achieve equality for all the citizens ofthe state; realize the civil and human rights of all; reinforce the Eleanor Friedman andessential pluralism of Israeli society; and empower groups on Jonathan CohenIsrael’s economic margins. Founders San Francisco Regional Board Michael Bien, President Members Steve Abel Fred Altshuler Deena Aranoff David Biale Sandra R. Curtis Jonathan D. Fuchs Candice Gold Nancy Goldberg Leslie Kane Hannah J. KranzbergNew Israel Fund Staff in San Francisco George Krevsky Ephraim MargolinDaniel Sokatch Chief Executive Officer Robin MencherSteven Rothman National Director of Development Raquel H. Newman Stuart R. PollakOrli Bein Regional Co-Director Alan RaznickBecky Buckwald Regional Co-Director Diane RosenbergPenina Eilberg-Schwartz New Generations and David L. RosenhanDevelopment Associate Peter RukinTessa Wells Special Assistant to the CEO Lynn Sedway Rita R. Semel Randi Shafton703 Market Street, Suite 1503 Judy ShanksSan Francisco, CA 94103 Seth SkolnickPhone 415 543 5055 Gary B. Sokol Bonnie TenenbaumFax 415 543 6066 Steve TulkinEmail Paul WachterWeb Marilyn Weisberg
  2. 2. Guardian 17 t h A n n ua l of Democracy dinnerW e d n e s day , S e p t e m b e r 21, 2011 • T h e F o u r S e a s o n s H ot e l , S a n F r a n c i s c o