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Collection of Kol Tzedek Marriage Equality Work in the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Community


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When the California Supreme Court issued its historic marriage ruling that same-sex couples may be married in California on May 15, 2008, a virtual "Kol haKavod!" cheer reverberated throughout Jewish LGBT communities around the country. Locally, in the San Francisco Bay Area a professional collective focused on mobilizing around LGBT rights from a professional Jewish lens, aptly named Kol Tzedek (meaning voice of justice in Hebrew) began.

While the initial focus of the coalition was to organize the Jewish community around the marriage equality movement Kol Tzedek continues to work together broadening the scope of their organizational capacities to work comprehensively on a host of other topics including Trans Inclusion.

The founding member organizations of Kol Tzedek are Progressive Jewish Alliance (PJA), Jewish Mosaic: The National Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, LGBT Alliance of the Jewish Community Federations (representing both the Greater East Bay and San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties) and Congregation Sha'ar Zahav (CSZ).

Founding Members of Kol Tzedek: Rabbi Camille Shira Angel, Rachel Biale, Susan Lubeck, Sasha T. Goldberg, Ruby Cymrot-Wu, Noach Dzmura, Karen Erlichman, Samuel Strauss, Lisa Finkelstein and Rebecca Weiner. These leaders continued to be involved in the work of Kol Tzedek until the Spring of 2012.

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Local Bay Area Jewish Community Marriage Equality Photos:!i=556966620&k=AvBkZ!i=1242521119&k=3qF6CQw

Local Bay Area Jewish Community Links on Marriage Equality:

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