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CV 2011


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Published in: Business
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CV 2011

  1. 1. Lisa M. Faulkner<br /><br /><br />(770) 784-5358<br />(678) 772-2003 (mobile)<br />
  2. 2. PERSONAL MISSION<br /><ul><li>My mission is simple yet big: To bring glory in all that I do and to give back more than what is granted to me through unmerited favor and opportunities. All of my life’s work has been a training ground of self development and empowerment for myself and others. It is my goal to not always get what I want, but to serve appropriately with zeal, while exercising my gifts and abilities, therefore asserting myself as an asset to the greater gain. </li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Strong Work Ethic – professional ability to take direction and lead
  3. 3. Excellent oral and written abilities for corporate, academic & creative communication
  4. 4. Exceptional coordination, organization and time management skills
  5. 5. Proven ability managing multiple tasks
  6. 6. Proven ability successfully meeting deadlines
  7. 7. Exceptional interpersonal relations
  8. 8. Analytical thinker with the ability to be compelling and informative
  9. 9. Adept ability to research & make recommendations for:
  10. 10. Marketing Strategies & Campaigns
  11. 11. Positioning & Branding
  12. 12. Creative & Successful Team Leadership
  13. 13. Thorough Development & Presentation of Training Materials, Creative Briefs, Campaign Integration, and Executive Proposals
  14. 14. Experience with Public & Media Relations</li></ul>QUALIFICATIONS<br />
  15. 15. <ul><li>Graduated May 2010 – Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership: Interdisciplinary Concentration; GPA: 3.88 </li></ul>REGENT UNIVERSITY, Virginia Beach, VA<br /><ul><li>Graduated March 1989 - Bachelor of Arts in Communications: Specialization in Broadcasting</li></ul>THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM, Birmingham, AL<br />EDUCATION<br />
  16. 16. MARKETING/MANAGEMENT <br />Plan & direct campaigns, consulting with vendors and support to determine budget and resources.<br />Manage the collaboration of cross network divisions such as PR, Programming, Digital, Strategic Analysis, Operations, Creative Services, and Broadcast to recommend ideal campaign integration. <br />Coordinate research & positional aims.<br />WRITER/PRODUCER <br />Direct projects; accomplish aims & goals within time, policy, & budgets.<br />Confer with staff, establishing plans, schedules, & scope.<br />Support staff, providing creative advice, literary style advice, cross reference industry advice & problem resolution.<br />Research & write scripts/copy & storyboard.<br />Direct talent, engineer & editor.<br />PROFESSIONAL PROFILE<br />MOTIVATIONAL PRESENTER<br /><ul><li>Develop and design presentations to creatively illustrate and enhance public image.
  17. 17. Develop, write, and present programs and training for public and private groups.
  18. 18. Respond dynamically to questions and interactions from groups and individuals.
  19. 19. Prepare & distribute captivating releases, white papers and diagrams to audience and media representatives.
  20. 20. Promote goodwill and motivation through interviews, speeches, exhibits, community projects & social gatherings.</li></li></ul><li>2000 – 2010 IN TOUCH MINISTRIES (ITM) – Atlanta, GA<br />Marketing Manager 2009 – August 2010<br /><ul><li>Improved marketing and communication processes by implementing marketing plans and charters distributed to stakeholders
  21. 21. Developed & implemented quarterly updates to ministry ambassadors and key departments increasing constituent alliance & awareness
  22. 22. Increased productivity by providing ongoing evaluation & guidance to team’s campaign strategies and workflow
  23. 23. Prepared & developed Annual Marketing Budget of more than $600,000
  24. 24. Produced & Presented Executive Briefs for campaigns resulting in strong leadership approval
  25. 25. Developed & Presented Integrated Campaign Presentations to stakeholders aligning them with campaign goals
  26. 26. Implemented more proactive culture through launch of Calendars with Project Analysis and Tracking
  27. 27. Substantially increased cross network communications by collaborating in weekly brand and planning meetings with Production, Creative Services, Web, and Broadcast
  28. 28. Initiated weekly project meetings to provide mentoring & coaching to team members, review campaign progress, and establish momentum & motivation </li></ul>Managing Producer 2006 – 2009<br /><ul><li>Oversaw team’s aims for ITM content that promoted the In Touch program (Content includes program opens; dramas/vignettes; marketing promotions and/or feature stories.)
  29. 29. Responded to troubleshooting, questions and updates for producers’ group streamlining & strengthening communications for leaders & stakeholders
  30. 30. Twenty-five percent travel to produce feature stories that enhanced program image & public relations
  31. 31. Wrote accompanying feature articles for the In Touch website
  32. 32. Developed training that significantly increased new producers’ acclimation</li></ul>New Name Campaign Manager/Producer 2003 – 2006<br /><ul><li>Increased New Names by more than 100% by facilitating integrated marketing campaigns that included print, www, and broadcast
  33. 33. Wrote and produced marketing material introducing integration that resulted in new levels of creativity & productivity</li></ul>Writer/Producer 2000 – 2003 <br /><ul><li>Wrote and Produced hundreds of radio promotions for the ITM program that are continually used in branding across affiliate & web channels
  34. 34. Wrote and produced ITM TV promotions introducing new concepts with graphics, MOS, and compositions</li></ul>COMMUNICATIONS EXPERIENCE<br />
  35. 35. 1999 - PROJECTIONS, INC. – Norcross, GA - Script Writer - Wrote corporate video scripts for clients to present to their employees for orientation, training, and education concerning labor union involvement. <br /><ul><li>Noted as producer with the fastest learning curve to date.</li></ul>1995 – 1996 WENN FM 107.7 – Birmingham, AL<br />Account Manager - Provided sales and service to direct local/regional accounts and advertising agencies <br /><ul><li>Significantly increased station sales and presence through list development, cold calls, and sales leads
  36. 36. Consistently exceeded sales quotas and industry standards </li></ul>1989 – 1995 WTTO-TV FOX21 – Birmingham, AL<br />Production Coordinator/Public Service Director <br /><ul><li>Enhanced station’s position by facilitating public and community service events
  37. 37. Developed and implemented Production Coordinator position providing sales clients with in-house production options
  38. 38. Produced & wrote copy and storyboards for all sales commercials resulting in 100% client satisfaction
  39. 39. Maintained books and created rate card – billed clients, providing them nominal rates & quality production
  40. 40. Served as voice and on camera talent for sales and promotional spots.
  41. 41. Director/Producer for WTTO’s quarterly special programs. </li></ul>COMMUNICATIONS EXPERIENCE, cont’d.<br />
  42. 42. 1996 - 1997 LAWSON STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE – Birmingham, AL <br />Adjunct Instructor – School of Broadcasting <br />1997 - 2000 – Provided temporary project support for TURNER BROADCASTING SYSTEM and prior with SEROLOGICALS, a Document Control Coordinator<br />1989 - 1990 RUTLEDGE COLLEGE – Birmingham, AL <br />High School Representative/Recruiter<br />1988 – 1989 THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS, Editorial Department – Birmingham, AL <br />News Staff Writer for Metro Section of paper<br />OTHER EXPERIENCE<br />
  43. 43. SPIRITUAL STUDIES<br /><ul><li>May 2000 Discipleship Ministry Certificates of Completion I-IV, HOPEWELL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH, Pastor William L. Sheals, Norcross, GA
  44. 44. July 1996 Christian Growth Studies Diploma – Experiencing God, NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH, Pastor Gregory Clarke, Birmingham, AL
  45. 45. September 1989 Radio Bible School Diploma</li></ul> THE RADIO BIBLE SCHOOL <br />
  46. 46. SPECIAL STUDIES<br /><ul><li>March 1997, Certificate of Completion for Computer Studies, NEW HORIZONS COMPUTER LEARNING CENTER
  47. 47. February 1995, Certificate of Completion for Special Studies, THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM </li></li></ul><li>CIVIC RECOGNITIONS<br /><ul><li>August 1999, Prison Fellowship Ministries Diploma, Volunteer Training, PRISON FELLOWSHIP MINISTRIES, Founder Charles W. Colson, Field Director, Forrest D. Jones
  48. 48. February 1994, Citizenship Award, Council Elementary School
  49. 49. July 1993, Certificate of Appreciation, UNITED STATES AIR FORCE RECRUITNG SERVICE </li></li></ul><li><ul><li>April 2010 Project Management Certificate of Completion, Emory Center of Lifelong Learning
  50. 50. March 1996 Radio Marketing Associate Diploma THE RADIO ADVERTISING BUREAU
  51. 51. January 1994 Fast Start Award, District Leader (Licensed Agent), Primerica Financial Services
  52. 52. April 1991, Radiotelephone Operator Permit, UNITED STATES FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION </li></ul>PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALS<br />
  53. 53. <ul><li>2006 – Present CreekviewHeights Neighborhood Association – President of the Board of Directors, Covington, GA
  54. 54. 2008 – 2009 Present Community Outreach Committee – In Touch Ministries, Atlanta, GA
  55. 55. 2007 – 2008 Women of Wealth, Conyers, GA
  56. 56. 2000 – 2002 The Life Skills Program – DeKalb County Jail – Job Readiness Class Teacher & Spiritual Counselor, Atlanta, GA
  57. 57. 2000-2002 Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church Discipleship Ministry – Teacher - Relationships and the Single Christian Class, Norcross, GA
  58. 58. 1999 -2000 Prison Fellowship Ministry – Metro Transitional Center - GED Tutor & Spiritual Counselor, Atlanta, GA
  59. 59. 1998 – 1999 Serologicals Safety Team – Writer for Monthly Newsletter - Committee Member, Atlanta, GA
  60. 60. 1990-1995 Hope Baptist Church Drama Committee – Co-Chair of Publicity Committee, Birmingham, AL
  61. 61. 1990-1995 WTTO Adopt-A-School - Coordinator/Princeton Elementary, Birmingham, AL
  62. 62. 1992-1995 Birmingham Association of Black Journalists (BABJ) – Program Committee, Birmingham, AL
  63. 63. 1993 Food Source, Christian Service Mission, Birmingham, AL
  64. 64. 1993-1995 Adopt-A-School Board of Directors – Publicity Committee, Birmingham, AL
  65. 65. 1993-1995 Lawson State Junior College Advisory Board – Adopt-A-School Committee, Birmingham, AL </li></ul>CIVIC/PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHPS<br />