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Accelerating Implementation and Realization of Enterprise Architecture


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At, we are committed to thinking differently and constantly pursuing fresh new ideas—which is what brings us to you. You have been identified as an innovator in your field, and we’d love for you to come share ideas and best practices with us at an exclusive knowledge sharing event designed for Program Architects.

Please view this slideshow created by thought leaders Sohail Sikora and Aaron Levensailor facilitate a discussion on Accelerating Implementation and Realization of Enterprise Architecture Using, focusing on both the Sales and Delivery perspectives.

Our hope is to provide you with knowledge and information that will help you grow your business, and for you to share your experiences and opinions on the topic with the group as well!

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Accelerating Implementation and Realization of Enterprise Architecture

  1. 1. Accelerating Implementation and Realization of Enterprise Architecture using
  2. 2. Sohail Sikora Director, Program Architect @Abbrevtalk
  3. 3. Aaron Levensailor Senior Program Architect @alevensailor
  4. 4. Agenda • Introductions • Enterprise Architecture : The Practice – Define – Measure – Customer Success • Enterprise Architect : The Person – The Person and Role – The Tools • Thank You! 4
  5. 5. Enterprise Architecture : The Practice Defined How do you define the practice?
  6. 6. Business Value IT Value Differentiation Enterprise Architecture : The Practice Measured How do you value your EA Practice and its contributions? • Increased autonomy • Faster time to value • Customer relevance • Scalability • Quality • Security • Evangelist • Strategic thinking • Communication
  7. 7. Enterprise Architect
  8. 8. Business Value IT Value Differentiation Enterprise Architect : The Person What are the traits of a successful Enterprise Architect? • Understands business strategy • Process orientation • Multiple technology platforms • Maintains relevant skills • Program oversight • Evangelist • Strategic thinking • Communication
  9. 9. Enterprise Architect : The Role What do they typically work on? • How can we connect the dots? • Vision to Value • Let me show you how… • 3 to 6 month pipeline • 12 to 36 month pipeline • Current Demand • Critical Projects Manage Portfolio Understand Demand Create the Vision Show the Way
  10. 10. Application Rationalization Methodology Multi Tenancy Enterprise Architect : The Tools The New World means new tools • How to decide what belongs where? • What works well? – Business processes – Operational – Apps that require actionable data • What does not? – Raw computing (Video) – Niche Apps for few users • Agile… Ok what does that mean? • “We have always done it this way.” Not really. • Time to market is the key • Architecture in a Multi Tenant Cloud • Accrues great benefits • Releases tend to be multiple • One release benefits all • Different ground implies different ground rules – Testing – Support – Continuity 10
  11. 11. How do we get in touch? Let’s keep the conversation going! • Join our Knowledge Share Chatter Group – • Join our Knowledge Share Slide Share Group: – • Email us: OR • Learn more about careers at – OR – Email Lisa Davie -
  12. 12. Citations and Resources • Architect Core Resources – • Enterprise Architecture Definitions – – – • Integration Resources –