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Build resources list v3


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Published in: Healthcare
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Build resources list v3

  1. 1. BUILD Marketing/Communication Resources Category Specifics Type Name How do I develop social media strategies/ samples? Social Media Digital Strategy Blogging General Guidance Practical Playbook – Leverage the Media and Amplify Your Work Toolkit CDC Social Media Toolkit General Guidance Copy Blogger: Content Marketing Education General Guidance Problogger: Blogging Education General Guidance How to Boost Blog Traffic General Guidance Healthcare Communication News General Guidance Social Media Examiner How do I present the data in a more comprehensible, digestible way? Social Math General Guidance The Storytelling Power of Numbers; Doing Social Math; Doing Social Math: Case Study in Framing Food and Fitness; When the Facts Don't Fit the Frame Toolkit FrameWorks Institute: Framing public Issues Toolkit General Guidance Sightline Institute: Making Numbers Count Article Evaluation Reporting General Guidance Better Evaluation - Developing Reports for Different Stakeholders Guide CDC Evaluation Reporting Guide: A Guide to Help Ensure Use of Evaluation Findings How do I develop traditional media strategies/ Samples? Traditional Media Sample Press Release Practical Playbook – Sample Press Release Sample Media Advisory Practical Playbook – Media Advisory General Guidance Healthcare Communication News Media Advocacy Template County Health Rankings Media Advocacy Template
  2. 2. BUILD Community Engagement Resources Category Type Name How do I engage my community/stakeholders? Tool Prevention Institute: Collaboration Multiplier General Guidance County Health Rankings & Roadmaps: Effective Communication Approach The Full Frame Approach – principles and practices effective for working with highly marginalized people. Tool THRIVE (Prevention Institute) - tool for engaging community members and practitioners in assessing the status of community determinants, prioritizing them, and taking action to change them to improve health, safety, and health equity. Checklist PolicyLink Checklist for Community Engagement BUILD Priority Setting/Upstream Thinking Resources Category Specifics Type Name How do I expand my intervention beyond the individual or community levels? General Guidance Prevention Institute: Spectrum of Prevention How can community members and practitioners assess, prioritize, and take action to address community determinants? Tool THRIVE: Community Tool for Health & Resilience in Vulnerabe Environments
  3. 3. BUILD Research/Evaluation Resources Category Type Name How do I evaluate my intervention? Toolkit Community Tool Box: Evaluating the Initiative General Guidance Better Evaluation: Information about options, methods, and evaluation approaches. General Guidance Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook Toolkit Building Evidence Toolkit: Strengthening Capacity General Guidance Community Health Rankings & Roadmaps Guide to Evaluation Key Interview Guide UCLA Center for Health Policy: Key Informant Interview Guide How do I develop a logic model? General Guidance Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide Template Practical Playbook Logic Model Template Examples Metrics for Healthy Communities: Sample Logic Models (Affordable Housing, Childcare, Community Health Center, Fresh Produce Access, Physical Activity) How do I evaluate collective impact? Guide FSG Guide to Evaluating Collective Impact Example State of Vermont Farm-to-Plate Food System Plan – Example of the collective impact model How do measure the strength/quality of my intervention? Network Analysis Tool PARTNERTool: Social Networking Analysis Tool to Collect, Analyze, & Interpret Data to Improve Collaboration within Community Networks. Tool Wilder Research-based collaboration measurement survey Self-Evaluation Tool Journal of Extension: Assessing your Collaboration Evaluation Tool General Guidance UW Evaluating Collaboratives – Suggestions for measures and processes Tool Partnership Analysis Tool for Partners in Health Promotion General Guidance Community Health Rankings & Roadmaps: Measuring Progress Framework and Tools RE-AIM framework - designed to enhance quality, speed, and impact of efforts to translate research into practice What is Developmental Evaluation? Toolkit Spark Policy Developmental Evaluation Toolkit General Guidance Better Evaluation – Resource on Developmental Evaluation General Guidance CDC Developing an Effective Evaluation Report General guidance FSG: The Case for Developmental Evaluation How do I present my evaluation results in a digestible way? General Guidance Better Evaluation - Developing Reports for Different Stakeholders Guide CDC Evaluation Reporting Guide: A Guide to Help Ensure Use of Evaluation Findings
  4. 4. BUILD Data Resources Category Type Name How do we work with data? General Guidance Practical Playbook: Define the Role of Data General Guidance Practical Playbook: Getting Started with Electronic Health Records General Guidance Practical Playbook: Working with Data: The Basics Toolkit Stratis Health: HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TOOLKIT FOR CRITICAL ACCESS AND SMALL HOSPITALS Template Data Use Agreement Template Template Business Associate Addendum Template Are there tools for collecting data? Geomapping ArcGIS License for non-profits GIS Data Collection Collector for ArcGIS - collect and update data from the field. [$2500/year for 5 users; $10k/year for 50 users] GIS Practical Playbook – GIS General Guidance How do I work with specific data sets? CHR&R Data Guidance How to use the Community Health Rankings & Reports Data CHNA Data Guidance How to use Community Health Needs Assessment Data – Toolkit Are their tools for economic modeling? Tool Regional Input-Output Modeling System (RIMS-II) - show how local demand shocks affect total gross output, value added, earnings, and employment in the region Tool Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) - includes a module specific to economic development at the municipality level. Tool IMPLAN (IMpact Analysis for Planning) – Measure economic impact of non-economic investments. Framework Framework to Extend Community Development Measurement to Health and Well-Being - high-level framework of measurement steps and sample data sources for measuring economic impact. Calculator Social Impact Calculator General Guidance MeasureUp - examples, tools, and resources to help you make your case, without having to become an economist.
  5. 5. BUILD Policy Resources Category Specifics Type Name What are examples of policies that have worked in other cities or health systems? Database CHR&R: What Works for Health How do I develop advocacy strategies that engage residents? Tool CHR&R: Policy Advocacy Choice Tool BUILD Sustainability Resources Category Specifics Type Name How do I sustain my partnership after the funding ends? General Guidance County Health Rankings & Roadmaps: Sustain the Work General Guidance Practical Playbook: Develop a Sustainability Plan
  6. 6. BUILD Coalition Building/Effective Collaboration Resources Category Specifics Type Name How do you work together to build an effective collaboration? General Guidance County Health Rankings & Roadmaps: How to Work Together Tool Prevention Institute: Collaboration Multiplier Tool Prevention Institute: Developing Effective Coalitions: An Eight Step Guide Tool Prevention Institute: Collaboration Assessment Tool Tool Prevention Institute: Community Prevention Readiness Self-Assessment General Guidance St. Luke’s Health Initiative Connecting the Healthy Community Dots – Connecting community development leaders with non-profit hospitals leaders. Are there examples of collaboration plans? Sample Guide Metropolitan Area Planning Council Regional Plan – Includes modules for articulating the connections between the four core community development domains and health, including potential metrics. BUILD Project Planning/Management Resources Category Specifics Type Name What are some tools for project management/project planning? General Guidance County Health Rankings & Roadmaps Tool CHR&R: SMART Goals using Tree Diagram: this tool assists with creating measurable goals with specific targets Toolkit CHR&R: Poised for Progress: this tool can identify your strengths in building a healthy community and indicate where more focused effort is needed Toolkit Advisory Board: Creating a Blueprint for Better Community Health Action Plan Template CHR&R: Action Plan Worksheet – template to help you create an action plan MOU Template CHR&R: Creating a Memorandum of Understanding
  7. 7. Category Specifics Type Name ASTHMA estimating healthcare and related costs of pediatric Asthma Cost Data CDC pediatric asthma aggregated costs and per ER visit Healthcare Data CDC findings on lost days of school due to asthma Cost Data CDC fact sheet on cost of asthma in the US Cost Data Health Care Cost Institute report on 2010-2013 health care costs for children Healthcare Data Overview of Healthcare Related Stats for US Children 2014 ROI Calculator AHRQ Asthma ROI calculator Success Story MA Improves Quality of Life for Children with Asthma Evaluation Guidance AAP Community Asthma Initiative: Evaluation of a Quality Improvement Program for Comprehensive Asthma Cost Analysis Cost Analysis for Community-Based Case Management Intervention Program for Pediatric Asthma Success Story Phone Call-Back Program Reduces Asthma Related ER Visits Healthcare Data Trends in Hospital Stays for Asthma, 2000-2010 Cost Data Pediatric Asthma - Asthma Costs Nationally, Locally, and Personally General Info Global Burden of Asthma 2014 COMMUNITY BENEFIT General Info Arizona Health Futures: A Healthy Community Leader's Guide to Understanding the Nonprofit Hospital Community Benefit Requirements General Info Colorado Health Foundation: "Are Colorado Hospitals Building ACA's 'Community Benefit' Floors?” General Guidance Compilation of resources from Community Catalyst on "ensuring hospitals meet community needs" for communities FOOD SYSTEMS Sample Plan State of Vermont Farm-to-Plate Food System Plan – Example of the collective impact model VIOLENCE PREVENTION General Guidance National Health Service: A Public Health Approach to Violence Prevention BUILD Topic/Issue Specific Resources
  8. 8. Other Tools ACTION CENTER – Each step on the Action Cycle is a critical piece of making communities healthier. There is a guide for each step that describes key activities within each step and provides suggested tools, resources, and additional reading. You can start at Assess or enter the cycle at any step. Work Together and Communicate sit outside because they are needed throughout the Cycle. At the core of the Action Cycle are people from all walks of life because we know we can make our communities healthier if we all get involved. What Works for Health provides communities with information to help select and implement evidence-informed policies, programs, and system changes that will improve the variety of factors we know affect health. This Adaptive Planning toolkit is designed to walk through an adaptive planning process, from defining the results to how to explore the environmental context and assumptions to how to then engage in strategy and action planning. It includes examples, tools, tips and, practical and accessible resources, building on Spark’s 10 years of experience in the field as well as that of our partners. The Practical Playbook is a stepping stone in the next transformation of health, in which primary care and public health groups collaborate to achieve population health improvement and reduced health care costs. It supports increased collaborations between primary care and public health groups by guiding users through the stages of building a partnership. Throughout each stage, the Practical Playbook provides helpful resources such as success stories from across the country, lessons-learned from existing partnerships, and further guidance from industry experts.