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Advantages of cPanel-based LiteSpeed Hosting


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Talking points for Hosting Providers to use in promoting LiteSpeed Web Server and caching plugins to their customers.

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Advantages of cPanel-based LiteSpeed Hosting

  1. 1. Sales talking points Make the Jump to
  2. 2. TOC Overview Super Fast Secure Compatibility Latest Technologies WordPress Acceleration Cluster No matching alternative Team & Support Free to Try
  3. 3. Overview LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is a high-performance Apache drop-in replacement. It’s the 4th most popular web server in use today, trusted by more than a million web sites. It includes a super powerful built-in server-side cache, along with ready-to-use plugins for popular CMSs. LSWS features the latest technologies: HTTP/2, TLS/1.3, QUIC, Brotli compression ...
  4. 4. Free & Open Source LSCache Plugins Available for All Popular CMSs LSCache is a powerful server-side cache. CMS plugins instruct the server what to cache and when to purge. This allows complicated dynamic CMS pages to be cached properly and precisely.
  5. 5. Free to try See the Difference in 15 Minutes Free Starter License Full-featured starter license with 1 domain and 2GB limit. Perfect for local development. Free forever. Free Trial License 15-Day free trial of Web Host Professional license with LiteMage unlimited (for Magento). Install/activate LiteSpeed in 15 minutes from the cPanel WHM plugin. One-click switch between Apache and LiteSpeed. The busier your site, the bigger difference you will see.
  6. 6. Super Fast 1 Powerful LSCache for Dynamic Content PHP LSAPI is faster than PHP/FPM. Static files - 4X-6X faster than Apache. LSCache - 100X faster Game changer 2 Handle Tons of Concurrent Users Event driven architecture same as nginx. No rapid drop off above 100-200 concurrent users. 3 Triple Your Server Capacity, Reduce Hardware & Support Cost
  7. 7. Secure Smarter and Faster WAF Compatible with Apache mod_security rules. Uses many fewer server resources. WordPress Brute-Force Protection Built-in brute-force protection at the server level, drops malicious connections once detected. It is much more efficient than any other plugin-level protection. Advanced Anti-DDoS Per-IP throttling at different levels: connection, request, and bandwidth. External Applications suEXEC Running as user for PHP/Ruby/CGI/FCGI/LSAPI etc. 1 2 3 4
  8. 8. Compatibility Apache Interchangeable If your site runs on Apache, it runs on LiteSpeed. No need to change anything. LiteSpeed will read Apache configuration files directly. cPanel/WHM Integrated Supports EA4, Alt-PHP. Switch between Apache & LiteSpeed with one click. cPanel/WHM works exactly the same as with Apache. Compatible with CloudLinux Supports CloudLinux LVE/CageFS, PHP/Ruby/Python/Node.js Selectors. .htaccess Compatibility Efficient .htaccess implementation with no performance degradation. 1 2 3 4
  9. 9. WHM Plugin WebAdmin UI Zero-downtime graceful restart No service interruptions during configuration changes or web server upgrades. WebAdmin UI Easy UI admin panel for fine-tune settings.
  10. 10. QUIC, HTTP/2, TLS/1.3 LSWS provides the fastest HTTPS and HTTP/2 performance. HTTP2 server push is supported. ESI (Edge Side Include) Cache Punch holes for private/changeable data on public pages using ESI. Together with LSCache, ESI lets you serve the entire mixed-content page from cache. Brotli compression Brotli compression (superior to gzip) available for both static and dynamic content. TFO (TCP Fast OPEN) Speeds up TCP connections. 1 2 3 4 Cutting Edge Technologies
  11. 11. Better than cPnginx No need for messy NGINX-Apache hybrid setups. Removes one layer of proxy, which means faster serving of dynamic content. No more Varnish needed LSCache is faster and uses less CPU/memory compared to Varnish. No extra layer for HTTPS termination required. No need to migrate to NGINX No need to deal with NGINX rewrites. Stop harassing your sys-admins. No more wasting time tuning your Apache LiteSpeed has an event-driven architecture like NGINX. Apache is a multi-process, multi- threaded server, which cannot come close to the performance of an event-driven server, no matter how you tune it. 1 2 3 4 No additional complex setup required
  12. 12. 01 Best Page Cache Easiest/fastest way to deploy enterprise-grade caching to your Wordpress sites. Super powerful: Can cache logged-in users, different views for desktop and mobile, different languages/currencies. Automatic purge when needed, like when a post is updated. Built-in crawler to warm up cache. 02 Highest PageSpeed Score HTML Minify, JS/CSSMinify/Combine, Critical CSS Object Caching (with Redis or Memcache) Free Image Optimization with WebP Support Image and iframe Lazy Load CDN Integration (CloudFlare, MaxCDN,etc.) HTTP/2 Server Push 03 Automatic Brute-Force Protection Built-in brute-force protection at the server level will drop the connection once detected. It is much more efficient than any plugin-level protection. WordPress All-in-one Acceleration Solution
  13. 13. WooCommerce LSCWP works with WooCommerce out of the box. Special tuning is also available. 01 | Cache logged-in users; cache different copies for each user role. 02 | cart is cached privately (works with ajax or non-ajax cart). 03 | wishlist is cached privately. 04 | Automatically purge related products when a product is updated. 05 | Automatically purge related products and categories when quantity or stock status change.
  14. 14. LSCWP Features
  15. 15. LSCWP Features LITESPEED EXCLUSIVE FEATURES ● Automatic page caching to greatly improve site performance ● Separate caching of desktop and mobile views ● Simple API system for each cache integration ● Automatic purge of related pages based on certain events ● Ability to schedule purge for specified URLs ● Exclude from cache by URI, Category, Tag, Cookie, User Agent ● Private cache for logged-in users ● WooCommerce and bbPress support ● HTTP/2 & QUIC support ● Caching of WordPress REST API calls ● WordPress CLI commands ● ESI (Edge Side Includes) support
  16. 16. GENERAL FEATURES LSCWP Features ● Object Cache (Memcached/LSMCD/Redis) ● Lazyload images/iframes ● Cloudflare API ● Browser Cache ● Multiple CDN support ● Single Site and Multi Site (Network) support ● OPcode Cache ● Smart preload crawler with support for SEO-friendly sitemap ● Import/Export settings ● Image Optimization (Lossless/Lossy), WebP format support ● Database Cleaner and Optimizer ● Basic/Advanced setting view, easy- to-understand interface ● Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML ● PageSpeed score optimization ● Heartbeat control ● Minify inline CSS/JS, Combine CSS/JS ● HTTP/2 Push for CSS/JS ● Automatically generate Critical CSS, Load CSS/JS Asynchronously ● DNS Prefetch
  17. 17. Page Score Before & After
  18. 18. Load Time Before & After Load Time 3.5 seconds Load Time <.5 seconds
  19. 19. When 100 users visit a WooCommerce site. After enabling cache response time: 2.5s 0.2s Compare Different Cache Response Time
  20. 20. 300k+ Active installations 5-star reviews
  21. 21. Cutting Edge Technologies QUIC, Brotli Compression, TLS/1.3, TCP_FASTOPEN. Same LSCache Engine Supports ESI Allows caching at edge side. Works with existing LSCache plugins. Great for big Magento or WooCommerce sites. Built-in Security and WAF Support Layer-7 Anti-DDoS Filtering as well as IP level bandwidth and request rate throttling. H/A and Replication Supports High Availability with IP Failover, cross data center data replication. 1 2 3 4 LiteSpeed Web ADC Cluster Solution LiteSpeed Web ADC is an affordable, high-performance HTTP load balancer application. Feature-rich, secure, and efficient, it offers more flexibility than similarly-priced load balancing software.
  22. 22. Team & Support ● Community Support via Forums & Slack. ● Integrated Support Team with cPanel. ● Dedicated Support Team can cover all timezones. ● All code is developed in-house by LiteSpeed Technologies. Any bugs reported or features requested will be addressed by our developers in a fast manner.
  23. 23. Thank you. Questions?