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What board members should know about social media


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As presented at Rice Center for Nonprofit Leadership's Best Boards March 9, 2017

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What board members should know about social media

  1. 1. What Board Members Should Know About Social Media Best Boards March 9, 2017 Lisa M. Chmiola, CFRE @houdatlisa #boardsonsocial
  2. 2. Social media is here to stay ... #boardsonsocial
  3. 3. Social media is tricky, even for those in the know … #boardsonsocial
  4. 4. Overview • What should you know about social media in your nonprofit? • Why should you be engaged? • How should you engage? • How does social media policy fit in? • How is success measured? #boardsonsocial
  5. 5. The Price Is Right! Guess the social media statistic • The closest without going over, wins! #boardsonsocial
  6. 6. The Price Is Right! What percent of all time spent online is spent on social media sites? 28% Source: Global Web Index study of Internet users 16-64, as reported by AdWeek #boardsonsocial
  7. 7. The Price Is Right! Facebook has how many monthly active users? HINT: It’s more than 100 million … 1.71 billion as of 2Q 2016 • 1.57 billion mobile monthly active users = 92% of users Sources: Facebook, Statista #boardsonsocial
  8. 8. The Price Is Right! How many million tweets are sent a day? 500 million • About 6000 tweets per second • 313 million monthly active users • But how many more exist who are inactive? Sources: Internet Live Stats, Twitter #boardsonsocial
  9. 9. What do you know about your organization’s social media presence? #boardsonsocial
  10. 10. What is social media? • Compliment to development & communication plans • Two-way communication with supporters & prospects • NOT an instant way to raise funds • NOT a megaphone (one-sided) #boardsonsocial
  11. 11. Why engage? • Part of your role as an ambassador for organization • Raises organization visibility in community • Identifies connections for organization • Fundraising opportunities #boardsonsocial
  12. 12. How to engage? • Connect with staff managing platforms • Assist with strategy where appropriate • Interact with content generated • List your affiliation with organization • Request platform training if needed #boardsonsocial
  13. 13. What’s the policy? • If organization has policy: please comply • If no policy, work with staff to draft one • Friending staff? • Photo & logo permissions • Be mindful how posts reflect on your role #boardsonsocial
  14. 14. Need a policy? #boardsonsocial Check out PolicyTool by rtraction:
  15. 15. Is it successful? • What goals have been set for engagement? • Is staff regularly measuring? • Is this information shared with the board or related committees? #boardsonsocial
  16. 16. Is it successful? #boardsonsocial
  17. 17. Is it successful? #boardsonsocial
  18. 18. What challenges is your organization facing regarding social media? #boardsonsocial
  19. 19. Questions? Lisa M. Chmiola, CFRE @houdatlisa #boardsonsocial