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#Sm4events at #AFPFC 2016

  1. #sm4events Social Media Strategies for Maximum Special Event Success Lisa M. Chmiola, CFRE @houdatlisa Josh Hirsch @joshhirsch1 March 20, 2016
  2. You say you want a revolution? 3 #sm4events
  3. • Strategies • Case Studies • Discuss implementation What we’ll cover #sm4events
  4. Quiz Show! What percent of Instagram users are under age 35? 90% #sm4events
  5. Quiz Show! How many events were organized via Eventbrite in 2014? 1.7 million #sm4events
  6. Quiz Show! How many users are registered with the Periscope streaming video app? 10 million #sm4events
  7. Strategy 1: Hashtag #sm4events
  8. Strategy 2: Choose Platforms #sm4events • Where are constituents? • What are your social media goals? • Do you have great visual content to share? • Who will manage the sites? What is their level of knowledge?
  9. Facebook #sm4events
  10. Facebook #sm4events FRIEND PAGE
  11. Facebook #sm4events
  12. Instagram #sm4events
  13. Twitter #sm4events
  14. Twitter #sm4events
  15. Eventbrite #sm4events
  16. Periscope #sm4events
  17. Developing an App #sm4events • Do you have a need for real-time updates not easily communicated otherwise? • Can the app reduce other event resources/expenses (e.g. program book)? • Do you have a need for attendees to engage among themselves during your event? • Are you prepared to deal with technical glitches and increased expectations from attendees?
  18. Strategy 3: Build Teams #sm4events • Who is on the team? • What is their role? • Do they develop content? Share content provided? • What is strategy before, during, after event?
  19. Case Study: #TEDxBocaRaton #sm4events
  20. Case Study: #TEDxBocaRaton #sm4events
  21. Case Study: #TEDxBocaRaton #sm4events
  22. Case Study: #rice100 #sm4events
  23. Case Study: #GreatGive15 #sm4events
  24. Case Study: #GreatGive15 #sm4events
  25. Case Study: #GreatGive15 #sm4events
  26. Strategy 4: Analyze #sm4events • Inside social media platforms • External sites (e.g. Klout, Storify) • Look for: - Number of followers, increases/decreases - Comments, Likes, Reshares - Time of day/Day of week (of interactions) - Demographics
  27. How will you implement? #sm4events • Which platforms/apps will you use? - Who will develop content? Who will post it? - How often will you post? • How will you implement into your event? - How will you engage attendees prior to the event? During? After? - Who will monitor responses? • What challenges do you foresee? • How will you determine success?
  28. Lisa: @houdatlisa Josh: @joshhirsch1 29 #sm4events Look for Storify & Slideshare links to be Tweeted this week!

Editor's Notes

  1. Poll: who manages SM for org? Which platforms: FB, Twitter, Instagram? Reference tweets-ones we are sending and encourage them to post. Slideshare & Storify.
  3. 400 million monthly active users
  4. Represents 80 million tickets and $1.5B in volume
  5. As of August, surely more now. Coming up on 1 year anniversary, 350k+ hours streamed daily.
  6. Critical first step, think about length, is it taken? Using new vs. one already out there Listening-it is a conversation Storify discussion First hashtag used on Twitter – August 23, 2007 Hashtags became hyperlinked on Twitter – July 2, 2009 Way for people to search on a specific topic and filter through the overflow of online content Brands use hashtags as a way to promote engagement, throw their brand into conversations
  7. Tweeting Inc article. Consider surveying volunteers, donors to see what sites they are using. Professional angle? LInkedIn is for you. Real time updates? Try Twitter. Visual content is great on Pinterest & IG. And so on. Management-engagement “not just a commercial it’s a conversation”
  8. Reference AZ presentation for visuals on friends, pages, etc. Org needs a page not a friend Groups vs. pages Events How much it’s changed in 11 years; started out needing college/university account to join. Now grandmothers fastest growing demographic on site.
  9. Reference AZ presentation for visuals on friends, pages, etc. Org needs a page not a friend Groups vs. pages Events
  10. Reference AZ presentation for visuals on friends, pages, etc. Org needs a page not a friend Groups vs. pages Events
  11. Have had account for a little less than year
  12. Features: can check in attendees via app, can also print nametags and check in lists. Events can be public or private. Easy sharing to other apps. Can personalize event link and customize fields for RSVP display. Can have physical tickets. Can email attendees; site also sends auto reminder 48 hours out. Can add JPEGs. Integrations with MailChimp, Survey Monkey and other services. Tips: set your RSVP number high or event will close to others.
  13. Reference AFP IHQ conference app Technical glitches = crisis communications Having app doesn’t mean conversation stops elsewhere; adds a layer/dimension. Make integration easy (they allowed listing of handles/profiles)
  14. #AFPeeps & Houston Marathon Ambassadors
  15. JOSH
  16. JOSH
  17. JOSH
  18. Social media @Rice Why the # matters Build it and they will come! How do you know it worked? 1300 tweets using #Rice100 3100 tweets about Centennial in general Houston trending topic for weekend Managed by Office of Public Affairs, but individual schools and departments have own accounts too. Challenge to have same brand standards organization wide. One of first critical steps was coming up with #Rice100. Why this is important to be concise and catchy. Built internal audience first by using and encouraging others to use hashtag well in advance of Centennial. Then spread to external community, just like the campaign. Used metrics and Google Analytics to help track activity.
  19. JOSH
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  22. Group discussion