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Communicating with Younger Donors #xydonors

Presentation given to AFP Permian Basin Chapter on August 23, 2017

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Communicating with Younger Donors #xydonors

  1. 1. Cracking the code of communicating with younger donors #xydonors Lisa M. Chmiola, CFRE @houdatlisa, @fablanthropy AFP Permian Basin Chapter August 23, 2017
  2. 2. #xydonors Source: “The Next Generation of American Giving,” Blackbaud, August 2013
  3. 3. What we’ll cover • Generational differences • Communicating with Gen X &Y • Success stories • Integration of communication & fundraising #xydonors
  4. 4. #xydonors
  5. 5. Talkin’ ‘bout my generation: Matures (72+) #xydonors Avg gift = $1,367 88% give Source: Blackbaud, “The Next Generation of American Giving”
  6. 6. Talkin’ ‘bout my generation: Boomers (53-71) #xydonors Avg gift = $1,21272% give Source: Blackbaud, “The Next Generation of American Giving”
  7. 7. Talkin’ ‘bout my generation: Gen X (37-52) #xydonors Avg gift = $732 59% give Source: Blackbaud, “The Next Generation of American Giving”
  8. 8. Talkin’ ‘bout my generation: Gen Y (22-36) #xydonors Avg gift = $481 60% give Source: Blackbaud, “The Next Generation of American Giving”
  9. 9. Millennial Trends in Philanthropy #xydonors People vs. organization Small actions first Source: 2014 Millennial Impact Report
  10. 10. Millennial Trends in Philanthropy #xydonors Off-site experience Peer- influenced Source: 2014 Millennial Impact Report
  11. 11. Learning the Language #xydonors vs.
  12. 12. Learning the Language • Email • Blogging • Video • Social Media • Crowdfunding • Giving Days #xydonors
  13. 13. Email • A strong email can complement other tools, but takes double action: opening the message and clicking through • Critical points to consider: #xydonors Source: CauseVox, “11 Fundraising Email Best Practices to Drive High Response Rates” • Segment • Send time • Storytelling/Images • Length • Mobile-Friendly • Call to Action
  14. 14. Email #xydonors Source: 4aGoodCause, “5 Examples of Great Fundraising Appeal Emails”
  15. 15. Blogging • Online journaling: “blog” evolved from “weblog” • Dynamic: quickly updated with new posts (content) • Storytelling is key • Can boost/provide online presence • Various tools exist; Tumblr widely used by nonprofits • Average user is 34; more than half are under 25 • Can use as content sharing hub to other social media • Offers mobile optimization via app, customization features #xydonors Source: Frontstream, “Five reasons why your nonprofit should be on Tumblr!”
  16. 16. Blogging #xydonors Source:
  17. 17. Video • Online viewership is increasing on all platforms, and video offers a captivating way to communicate • Critical points to consider: • Storytelling • Length • Call to Action • Easy to share #xydonors Source: Network for Good, “11 Rules of Video Fundraising”
  18. 18. Video #xydonors
  19. 19. Social Media • Consider where the audience is you’d like to reach • Keep message concise and include a call to action • Messages are easy for audiences to re-share • Consider visual platforms like Pinterest: • Use to expand existing online visual presence • Search your URL to see if your content already is present on platform • Share pins from like-minded organizations #xydonors Source: CauseVox, “Pinterest for Nonprofits & Social Good”
  20. 20. Social Media – Pinterest #xydonors
  21. 21. Crowdfunding • Can offer organizations a way to accept gifts online • Best chance for success: have lead gift ready to go, possibly use as a challenge gift to match contributions • Consider a policy related to third-party fundraisers on platforms #xydonors
  22. 22. Crowdfunding #xydonors
  23. 23. Giving Days • Specific day for your organization vs. joining an existing day (e.g. #GivingTuesday, Great Give) • Plan ahead • Set a goal • Form a team • Communicate early and often #xydonors
  24. 24. West Palm Beach #GreatGive17 #xydonors
  25. 25. How to choose tools? Explore your donor/volunteer base! Consider: • Target audience • Messaging content • Messaging tools #xydonors
  26. 26. Integration Ideas • Digital marketing as agenda item • Designated volunteers to capture/share photo/video content • Set specific, realistic digital marketing goals • Leverage board members, major donors, volunteers to create content #xydonors
  27. 27. Keep it in perspective… Let’s connect! @houdatlisa @fablanthropy #xydonors