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The oregon trail


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Cam & Peter

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The oregon trail

  2. 2. THE FIRST PIONEERS The first pioneersset out west in coveredwagons in 1841. They did notknow that they were riskingtheir lives to start a new lifein Oregon… if they survivedthe journey. At least one-hundred wagons were in awagon train. Children hadto walk along-side thewagons. You could only goin the wagon if you weresick/ very hurt.
  3. 3. Types of Wagons There were three main types ofwagons. One wagon was the Conestogawagon. It was the fancier and expensiveof the three. The Conestoga wagoncould carry more supplies than the otherwagon. One other wagon was called aprairie schooner, since it looked like itwas sailing over the high prairie grass.The pioneers did not care whether it wasnot that stylish, all they cared about wasthat it would get them to Oregon. The last type of wagon wascalled a Murphy wagon. It was prettypopular.
  4. 4.  Fort Kearney- mile 319 Ash Hollow- mile 504 Fort Laramie- mile 650 Independence Rock- mile 815 South Pass- mile 914 Three Island Crossing- mile 1398 Barlow Pass- mile 1878
  5. 5. Jobs on the Oregon Trail Jobs on the trailwere different whetheryou were a boy or a girl.Boys would hunt, andwork with cattle, andtrade with Indians. Girls wouldcook, make dolls, washclothing, and pickberries.
  6. 6. The Gold Rush People wentto California duringthe gold rush in 1849because they wantedto be rich. Only dadsand boys wentmining for goldwhile the womenstayed home. Onlyonce in a whilewould a girl gomining. The girlwould have to bereally tough though.
  7. 7. Frontier Photographers If you were apioneer, you wouldprobably get youpicture taken once inyou whole entire life!You would maybewant you picturetaken once, since ittook 2-3 hours for thephotographers to getready. Think aboutstaying still for 3 ½hours.
  8. 8. Frontier SchoolsWhen people arrivedin Oregon/ Californiathe kids would haveto learn. “Teacher”was not that big adeal back then. To bea teacher you had tobe at least16, single, and had toknow basic math/spelling. Childrenwould respect girlteachers more thanboy teachers.
  9. 9. Lewis and Clark Lewisand Clark werethe first westernexplorers. Theywere sent bypresident ThomasJefferson to try tofind a way to thePacific coast byriver. They wereaided by a NativeAmerican namedSacagawea.
  10. 10. Free Land Anotherreason pioneerswent west wasbecause freeland was beinggiven away bythe governmentin 1862. the landwas free, only ifyou lived on itfor at least 5years.
  11. 11. Thank You ForYour Time!