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New Organic Powder Makeup


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Organic Natural Makeup is what we know and what we do best for the organic beauty industry. Our makeup makes you more beautiful with every application. We also offer our variety of organic makeup powders for wholesale, direct sales and private labeling.

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New Organic Powder Makeup

  1. 1. Natural | Vegan | Cruelty Free CLEAR SKIN MINERALS, INC
  2. 2.  Handmade makeup powders made from only the finest organic ingredients. Natural sun protection with a base of Zinc Oxide. Weightless full coverage makeup foundation that lasts all day!
  3. 3. Natural Night Time Acne Treatment
  4. 4. Specifically made for acne prone, chaotic, oily and aging skin
  5. 5.  We’re launching a new and totally original organic Vitamin C product collection soon!