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Casper expert orientation 150602 (1)


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Casper Expert Orientation.

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Casper expert orientation 150602 (1)

  1. 1. powered by directly expert orientation
  2. 2. welcome! a simple idea program goals overview key features rewards guidelines next steps questions Lisa Directly Tim Directly Valentino Casper
  3. 3. a simple idea “our top community members know almost as much about Casper as we do” …and what if we could reward them for helping customers?
  4. 4. during this test, we’ll open about 200 tickets per week to Casper’s experts and see if we can: deliver an even faster and better support experience reduce the ticket backlog and # of resubmitted tickets leverage the knowledge & passion of the Casper community 1 2 3 goals
  5. 5. who is directly? directly makes on-demand apps that help companies scale support and improve customer service
  6. 6. questions from customers will be sent to experts via email and via their mobile phones. experts will earn rewards by answering questions and helping out. The reward amount will be shown on each question. questions will “escalate” to Casper’s support team if experts escalate them or the customer still needs help. overview
  7. 7. web expert dashboard mobile expert dashboard Google Play or Apple iTunes two ways to help
  8. 8. voting flagging escalating If you see a good answer from another expert, vote for it and add a comment If you see less-than helpful behavior from other experts, flag it and we’ll review it If you see a question that only the support team can answer, such as password reset, escalate it! three key features
  9. 9. you’ll receive points each time a customer rates your answer helpful or an expert votes for your answer a $ reward on each question is shared between experts that help points & rewards
  10. 10. A $ reward on each question is shared among experts who help Your weekly report on Sunday morning summarizes your weekly earnings. Cash out via PayPal through your dashboard after receiving your weekly report rewards
  11. 11. smile! this may be the person’s first interaction with the Casper community! guidelines
  12. 12.  Choose wisely Answer the questions when you know the solution. It's okay to leave the question for another when you don't.  Empathize Put yourselves in the customer's shoes. Think about how you'd feel, how you would view your answer.  Follow through Once you engage with a customer, follow through. Customer replies will be at the top of your feed.  Collaborate Vote for your fellow experts who provide a good answer and flag those that are falling short.  Communicate clearly Use proper spelling and grammar. Never use net- speak or shorthand that can confuse the customers.  Be personal Use your real name and a personable photo. Customers will respond with better ratings.  Be professional Don't make disparaging remarks or argue with the customer or other experts.  Kill with kindness Some customers will be angry. It's your job to rise above and be relentlessly positive.  Go the extra mile The best answers almost always involve going way beyond the call of duty.  Keep the conversation online Our tools provide a seamless hand-off between you and the company, providing the best experience. Source: code of conduct
  13. 13. DO • answer questions completely and accurately • read other experts’ answers before replying with your own • select answers that are helpful to the client • flag answers that are incorrect, rude, or inappropriate • personalize your answers to the client you are answering • watch your spelling and grammar DON’T • spam or share referral links or promotional codes • ask the client to accept or rate your answer • use “netspeak” other guidelines
  14. 14. Go to the Expert Hub on your Directly dashboard for more info on: • helping the customer • points & payments • routing & alerts • flags, voting & ranking learn more
  15. 15. Lisa is here to help! ask our expert expert