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  1. 1. Over the decades music has changed and so hasfashion. Styles and trends have come and gone in both the fashion industry and the music industry and performers and artists have played a huge part in bringing them together. You will find that many singers have now created their own line of clothing and many others have appeared in advertising campaigns for major designer brands and labels. It seems that with each new genre of music comes a new trend or clothing style and current artists and singers all want a piece of the latest fashions.http://proudvoices.com/choosin-voiceover-talent/
  2. 2. After all no one wants to appear off the fashion radar these days,especially an up and coming artist Trying to sell music to youngsters ishelped by looking on trend and appearing in all the fashion magazinesbecause of your appearance Signature looks and unique styles also helpwhen trying to create a name for yourself in the music industry
  3. 3. Many in the past have become successful, not just for their records, butbecause of their individual look, which sits side by side with the musicGoing back to the 1970s when Disco pop was the music of choice, funkyfashion was considered right en vogue Flares, psychedelic patterns, goldchains and paisley shirts were seen everywhere
  4. 4. Bell bottom trousers, hot pants and miniskirts were also apparent in thedecade as was the hippie fashion trend This was the time when starsfrom the music industry were starting to become style icons which led theway for future artists Looking back at the 1980s, rap music and hip hopwas becoming more popular as was the clothes they were wearing
  5. 5. Sportswear as casual clothing choices and brightly coloured tracksuitswere all the rage Leather bomber jackets were also considered thefashion as were sneakers and trainers Large and oversized sunglassesas well as hefty gold jewellery pieces were on trend accessories at thetime
  6. 6. No matter what era or decade you look back at you can see a similaritybetween music and fashion Each have mirrored one another the yearsand you will see that the current trends are no different Take a peek atthe latest mens designer clothes and you will see a reflection of the indiemusic scene
  7. 7. You will also see many artists creating their own lines of mens designerclothes, http://proudvoices.com/choosin-voiceover-talent/ to which theywill wear themselves for their performances
  8. 8. http://proudvoices.com/choosin-voiceover-talent/