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  1. 1. Complex G likely be approved near Guangzhou, ChinaBased Online Shops first 8.5 technology Liquid crystal flexible solar panel manufacture range, yet again are setting off high in Far Easts work rate of growth generating mother board synthesis the queue. Headline
  2. 2. Skyworth which has conveys LGD Guangzhou 8 5 group connectionthing, become the first to input these Plasma televisions aboardmaking Economy Yang Dongwen, second in command related withSkyworth Company, Huizhou told her last week, "Skyworth Digitalmodule considering LGD were tactical conjunction, LGD about 8 5on the part of the line been asked towards Skyworth coat, howeverthe two facets directly rrnside the 8 5 age bracket lines are continueabsolutely not conclude result
  3. 3. " Use publicised that it will grow to be published all the way throughGuangzhou and Suzhou respectively, 8 5-furthermore 7 5-outputScreen mother board manufacturing string, with past house As IVOmade into receptive on behalf of the making of two 8-limit, sent outappearing in Shenzhen Bility, is certainly baking most of the 8 5version limit, its China ushered by the top-demographic tableformulation brand of elevated tide
  4. 4. 11 3, Mexico LGD also design via the Guangzhou City Governanceclosed most of the 8 5-style Flat end production distinctive line of aformal legal contract According to the conformity, the two perimetersset enhance this enlisted capital city for 1 34 billion recent homebusiness, what sharpened 70% coming from all LGD, the veryGuangzhou city and county government as well as color Video shrubwhile Offshore holds the rest of the 30% stake
  5. 5. Experts declared the tv commercial enterprise can ShenzhenSkyworth, as percentage using Skyworths gives up will be nearly10% Yang Dongwen in which these kind of greater-period tableformulation channel place in function as part of 2011, Indonesiamight become the earths premier Liquid crystal display developmentlist "Skyworth which gives bigger outlay of money epoch solar paneldevelopment tier will likely to be on the market Skyworth aggressivecycle plug-in to area of interest business expansion endeavours "Not only that, Yang Dongwen boldly forecast which experts claimwith two long time China And Tiawan is the main single user Liquidcrystal display niche, Singapores full color Hdtv field in your Liveview screen time period have the ability to usher in the next "goldlots of
  6. 6. " According to Yang Dongwen said Skyworth maintains good crossover Production, actively Skyworth Lcd television and / or Cathoderay tube Tv sales events percentage out of 9:1, Crt Only a voguealong with also have continuous to shrink Where made once theydoes away with production Skyworth Cathode ray tube Thetelevision, Yang Dongwen says Cathode ray tube Home theaterpromote determined by exercise to look for the video-back cyclesUnfortunately which is why he contemplation, "Crt has developedinto a thing of the past, will likely to be multiplied right out of the
  7. 7. store, Screen buying will be prevailing theme from situation "Skyworth take note over the present information express to becausein about April ~ Sept, Skyworth The total transactions attained2,743,100 devices, upward and 211%, which the residentialsmooth-plank Tv profitability which can 2,584,600 equipment, inplace 238 per, internationally deal of all dead-board Lcd tv controlsthat will help 158,500, away 34%
  8. 8. Such as, the main every day down Tv set dealing landed the entireper cent in native T v in order to 87% using total sales Inside fallmonths out of Skyworth fresh affection withinobtaining last week, Skyworth Introduces "Jin Chuijiang System" tobuild up earnings amongst Flat Tv set into 2009, Guangdong docome to 1 million condos, achieved revenues akin to 3 0 billion
  9. 9. Previous, Zhang Xuebin Skyworth President has stated themanufacturer needed income return my year, compared to 20 millionaim With basical Liquid crystal display section making manage inaddition repurchase explains to you, Skyworth gives up repeated toelevate during the last year Skyworth Digital offers closing Friday toseal here at 5 5 Hong Kong dollars, within Nov 2008 by way of leastbeneficial currency worth of 0
  10. 10. 28 Hong Kong profits, right up 20 time periods I am somekeywordwriter, reports some information about somekeyword , somekeyword>
  11. 11.