Life lessons:1 Thing All High Achievers Know


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This article shares the story of the secret of the top 10 rock climbers in the world and a young man born without arms. This one change empowers you to get results in every area of your life.

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Life lessons:1 Thing All High Achievers Know

  1. 1. HOME WELCOME VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM GET MONEY Subscribe to RSSLife Lessons Series: Mastery TV Day 4by Lis Carpenter | on December 20, 2012 0 TweetLife Lessons with Tom Wood and John Foppe– 1 Secret All High Achievers Know More Interesting Topics Life Lessons Series: Mastery TV Day 4 Life Lessons Series: Mastery TV Day 3 Life Lessons Series: Mastery TV Day 2Life Lessons from Tom Wood: What Separates High Life Lessons Series: Mastery TV Day 1Achievers Apart from the PackWe’ve been introducing the character and How to Get Unstuck converted by
  2. 2. mindset of high achievers day by day, andtoday Tom Wood presents a few life lessonsin the form of a study of top 10 rock climbersin the world.You might think that it was their lack of fearwhich set them apart from others or,perhaps, the number of hours they trainedfrom the sport.But, it is important to remember that anylevel of performance begins with mentaltraining which directly translates to how hardand long an athlete will go.The researchers found – No complainingabout the weather, the rock, the situation, orother people amongst this elite crew.In fact the common strain was that theyalways believed it was up to them to reach heheights that they were stretching for or tocomplete a daring and daunting climb.Gleaning from Tom’s Life Climbers on “Valkyrie” at The Roaches in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, in May 2002Lessons: What Does This (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Mean to YouIf you think back to a time when you achieved something, I’m sure that you’ll find that you tookpersonal responsibility for making that thing happen.That personal responsibility separated you at that point from others on the same course whowere did not finish, and it can also separate you in every other area of your life.Taking responsibility precedes having that great success.It improves every area of your life like: health, wealth, personal relationshipsThis is the first step.You always have two choices no matter what happens:1) You can blame others or your circumstances2) Or, you can take personal responsibilityHow empowering is that?!This is about taking back your personal power to change…Your health, fitness, relationships, career, or wealth.You must take personal responsibility for your success and failure.The difference between the people who complain about the wealth, politics or economy andthose who… choose to take responsibility in every area is incredible.TIP: Next Level for High Achievers Take personal responsibility for others and allow them to take personal responsibility for themselves. If you’ve had a lot of success and you want others around you to have the same success, don’t do things for them; you have to let them take personal responsibility for themselves.When you do this things change in a big way.Life Lessons from John Foppe, Life Without ArmsMother lays down the law: his mother told her seven other children to no longer help withanything.“If you don’t have the best of everything, make the best of everything you have.”He figured it out. At age 16 he started driving with his feet.The most significant changes he made were the changes within himself. He started seeing himself converted by
  3. 3. as a valued person. He started liking himself and not walking around with a chip on his shoulder–thinking that the world owned him something because of his handicap.Foppe explained that it’s easy to be amazed by all the things he learned to do without any arms,but the physical things were not the issue; it was the mental and emotional handicaps.So the BIG Question Is Have You Learned How to Deal with Your Mental andEmotional Handicaps?And, are you surrounded by quality people that will help you deal. If not, you need to join theEmpower community because that is basically what I have found here. There are people thathave overcome adversity and mental and emotional handicaps, and they are eager to help youdo the same.The people in John’s life encouraged, loved, supported, humbled him. They gave and took tohelp him realize that he was not going through this thing alone.…you are not aloneOf the positive values or life lessons he was given as a teen, what made the difference for himwas he learned to be personally responsible for who he is and what he does. He realized hisactions did have outcomes, and he had to responsible for them.-Lis Carpenter“We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it.” -Earl NightingaleRELATED ARTICLES Teaching Kids Personal Responsibility Early in Life (tagtoys.w Life Lessons Series: Mastery TV Day 1 Take 100% responsibility for your life (angelajschulzhenke.w Your 7 Keys To Success In Life And Self Mastery ( entry was posted in Personal DevelopmentTags: Earl Nightingale, high achievers, John Foppe, Lis Carpenter, mindset, personalpower, personal responsibility, Tom Wood« Previous Post About The Author: Lis Carpenter Hello fellow freedom fighter! Im a simple gal w ith a passion for seeing others reach their full potential. Leave a comment. Im here to help you. I started in the education system, so I kind of know the type of learning that w orks is simply getting in there and doing the actions, and thats really w hat Empow er Netw ork converted by
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