Life Lessons from Les Brown


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This a summary of the mindset that Les Brown had to develop in order to reach his dreams. These are his life lessons.

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Life Lessons from Les Brown

  1. 1. HOME WELCOME VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM GET MONEY Subscribe to RSSLife Lessons Series: Mastery TV Day 1by Lis Carpenter | on December 17, 2012 0 TweetLife Lessons: The Psychology of SuccessAre you wanting learning what sets the ultra-successful apart from the ordinary? Stick with mefor the next thirty days as we explore life lessons by some of the most remarkable Americansthat ever took the stage. More Interesting Topics Life Lessons Series: Mastery TV Day 1 How to Get Unstuck How to Overcome Anything – Jean Miller’s Spiritual Lessons Will Smith Quotes On SuccessTom Wood’s Life Lessons Dubstep Christmas Lights: Listen to Our converted by
  2. 2. LightsI’ve spoken with Tom a few times, and I believe if there is a person that takes life’s lessons andlearns from them. He is one of those people. He is one of those people that has invested somuch of his time into learning about people and life that he excels at whatever company hechooses to align himself with.He believes that the masses have lost their ability to dream. I am not sure if that is the case; weare carefully trained not to dream, and not to use our imagination after childhood. This 30 daycourse is designed to give you the secrets of what it takes to have a world-class lifestyle.Life Lessons – Who This Course is ForThis course if for people who believe their is more. It’s for those that are hungry for success, yetsuccess seems to always allude them or come and go. These life lessons are for creators,artists inventors, supporters, and people that know that their always more; there’s alwaysanother level that they can get to. If you focus on the basics, you can get to the next level. Thiscourse is about you.These Life Lessons Are For YouMaybe you’ve heard that if you want to learn the secrets of success you should study thebiographies of successful people. There is another element. Study the actual words and actions.Observe the stage presence and the thought processes of these people in the videos. Because,truly, the only great difference between you and them is that they work harder on correctingthe way the think about life than you do. Everything flows from the mindsets we have aboutdifferent aspects of life. Commit to yourself to come here everyday in small chunks of time to have consistency in your learning. Bookmark this blog or add it to your favorites. Put a reminder in your scheduler. Put a reminder in your agenda. Put a reminder on your mirror and on your refrigerator. On the reminder make a note from your future self saying something like because you committed to listening to life lessons from those that have mastered them daily you are living your dreams. You’ll get results like you’ve never seen.Use the reminder in that form because it ignites your imagination. You have to imagine yourfuture self. Things will only change when you change, when you step up your commitment toexcellence.Les Brown’s Life LessonsHave a dream?I think we all do. Les Brown, author of Live Your Dreams, said “There are winners. There arelosers and those who have not discovered how to win. All they need is a little knowledge to givethem access to the unlimited power they have in their lives.”I am betting that you fit into either the first of the last category otherwise you wouldn’t even bereading this.Processing Les’ Life LessonsYou must decide what you want for you. Say this to yourself to stay in the game, “It’s possible.”That’s all I want you to do when you look at your dream to avoid psyching yourself out.We operate on the level of what we believe is possible for us. This happens on a subconsciouslevel.Operate out of a larger vision of yourself. Operate out of your imagination, not your memory.The memory will give you feedback that you can’t do it.Some people buy into the fact that because something has happened one way that it will alwayshappen that way. But, in truth, every day we are born again. Anything is possible. The past isjust a shadow.Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute barrier in his mind before he ever broke it in the physicalworld. He saw his race enough times in his mind, and most importantly, his finish, enough timesin his mind that he was able to create belief that is was possible. Of all life lessons, I believe that converted by
  3. 3. one is the most important one. The mind it the rudder that guides the body. Use it to go placesand do things you never thought possible, and you will find yourself there.Why YOU Must Apply These Life LessonsRoger Bannister did the impossible. That same power is inside you. Maybe you are going to dosomething that has already been done before, but after you get on a winning streak aftercarefully training your mind and creating belief through the use of your imagination, you can belike Roger Bannister. You can be the leader of 20,000+ other people in doing the impossible.You are legendary. The greatness is within you; it’s just hidden at the moment, maybe evenfrom yourself.Embrace that it’s possible.That you are blessed and highly favored.That you will bring your greatness into the universe.That you can bounce back from adversity and reinvent your life.It’s possible.Final life lessons in dedicationWhen you understand that you are manufacturing your existence by what you choose tobelieve and confidently pursue, when you are willing to latch onto your dream and work withexcellence without pay…because you can see it in your heart, then you are there.Don’t listen to the outside. Guard your dream, and know that others that kept the attitude of“it’s possible” eventually arrived at their impossible dream. Do not rely on your “Eyesight” justyour “mindsight” because the circumstances might be slow to change, but if you don’t change,they must. Stay your course; do not judge according to appearances; make a practice ofsearching for evidence only that what you see is emerging.Despite the NOs or what the newspaper says, we can. The NOs never stop anyone. Giving updoes.That’s what we have to do to live our dreams.Those are life’s lessons from Les BrownOf all the lessons I learned in life never lose heart is one of the greatest. Don’t take counsel fromthose that are not where you want to be either! They will speak death and gloom over you.And, that causes you to give up. Take that life lesson and run with it:)Hey, hopefully you see that I am dedicated to giving you the most value possible. If you areready to run with giants by learning from people that are living their lives at a 10, click thebanner lessonsThis entry was posted in Faith, Marketing, Personal DevelopmentTags: lessons learned in life, life lessons, life mastery« Previous Post About The Author: Lis Carpenter Hello fellow freedom fighter! Im a simple gal w ith a passion for seeing others reach converted by
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