12 Reasons Empower Network Rocks


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This is a list of the 12 best parts of Empower Network as a company. These are the reasons why it is in the top 300 sites in the USA, and these are the reasons why you will be hearing more about the company in the future. Go to: http://www.theempoweredway.com, put in your email, and watch the video to get more information

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12 Reasons Empower Network Rocks

  1. 1. by Lis Carpenter Leader of team “What Time is It?”http://www.theempoweredway.com
  2. 2. *When you blog on an authority site, your content is more likely to show up on the first page of Google, and let‟s face it, after page 1 barely anything else is seen.http://www.theempoweredway.com
  3. 3. *Each blog is set up with banner ads that capture leads that you can market to however you choose.http://www.theempoweredway.com
  4. 4. *All customers are given login information into a backoffice web site which connects them with online and offline marketing training.http://www.theempoweredway.com
  5. 5. *To payments for hosting a website in the top 300 visited websites in the world are upwards of $400,000 a month with support. And, you thought $10/month was expensive.http://www.theempoweredway.com
  6. 6. *The leaders and founders of Empower are remarkable people of integrity that lead by example and share their failures and the strategies they are using to build their businesses.http://www.theempoweredway.com
  7. 7. *The blog has a basic and advanced setting. The backoffice web site also has begginner video tutorials as well as intermediate to advanced audio and video traings.http://www.theempoweredway.com
  8. 8. *You can be a part of any company you like and promote or sell any products you like to your list of leads or on your customizable Empower blog.http://www.theempoweredway.com
  9. 9. *Maybe you do not aspire to be a master persuader, but it is nice to have one on your team. The founders periodically run events you can invite your leads and contacts to. They educate and sell the products for you.http://www.theempoweredway.com
  10. 10. *You know how most companies do it. 70% for us, 30% percent for you. But, Empower is a real business that provides a merchant account for you to accept payments. You can do daily deposits.http://www.theempoweredway.com
  11. 11. *Two of the most popular Empower products are subscriptions, so you as an affiliate would be building profits on top of your residual income.http://www.theempoweredway.com
  12. 12. One Man, Many Faces *We know what Empower offers is attractive to Internet Marketers, Affiliate Markers and Network Marketers. You don‟t have to quit what you do; you can build it with Empower‟s tools.http://www.theempoweredway.com
  13. 13. *Let‟s face it, it sucks when a compensation plan is designed for you to win only when your team stays at a certain level of sales. In Empower, your income grows on your efforts, and you also get sales from your team.http://www.theempoweredway.com
  14. 14. • I don‟t even think of it as a business opportunity. It‟s really a life choice. • You can choose to live a by chance, continue to be scammed by Internet marketers with no integrity, struggle in network marketing because you don‟t understand „marketing‟ and surround yourself with losers. • Or you can learn the Empowered way of life.GET STARTED HERE: http://www.theempoweredway.com