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Smart Recycling app


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Smart Recycling app

  1. 1. Smartphone application & platformLis Lugo Colls@liscolls
  2. 2. Contents• Cities Issues ▫ Background ▫ City Local Waste Management• Proposed Solution ▫ ICT Smart Application ▫ User Journey: recycling / general options ▫ Smartphone Features / Opportunities for Smart Cities• Experience ▫ Tips for social projects• Call for concept papers ITU
  3. 3. Cities issues
  4. 4. BackgroundEvery year each citizen generates + 500 Kg38% landfilled, 20% incinerated, 24% recycled 18% composted Where does our trash go? - Hazardous material pollutes soil and water - E-waste is exported to developing countries How can we deal with all this garbage?
  5. 5. Cities Local Waste Management MSW • Low Efficiency in garbage collection • Citizens looking for bins on the streets Waste separation • Lack of promotion for recycling special materials (hazardous, e-waste..)City Special MSW Recycling centers New products MSW = Municipal Solid Waste
  6. 6. Proposed Solution
  7. 7. ICT Smart Application • Smartphone app for citizens: community engagement Proposal • Platform to support MWS system and recycling centers • Solution to environmental and sustainable issues • What to recycle? Where to recycle? • How to get money for your Trade-in? Solution • What about special materials: e-waste, bio-products, batteries….? • Reporting situations/issues about the recycling system in your city • Find and share interesting related information about material, exchanges centers or bin
  8. 8. User Journey- recycling
  9. 9. User Journey– general options Favorites News List of materials, bins, recycling Events, information and centers and trade-in previously collaboration partners, this information saved by the user is fed via RSS
  10. 10. Smartphone Features Ubiquitous Smartphone use  Integration with Local Waste Management System User – centered design  Information structured in logical buttons, few screen jumps Geo-positioning localization system  Find nearest places where to dispose MSW. Get updated status about nearest bins. Social Media Enabler  Integration with social networks groups to report in real-time Local information delivery  Connected with main local blogs about recycling  Articles information about legislation and policies
  11. 11. Smart Recycling GUI
  12. 12. Opportunities for Smart Cities - Recycling centers - Containers / Bins - Articles & information APIs Local Garbage Collection Smart Collection systems: - Reporting issues Smart Recycling App - Support routes Panel DDBB
  13. 13. Opportunities for Smart Cities  Connecting people and things in real world  Sharing information on-line through social networks  Interconnecting with other Smart City SystemsSmartphone Smart platform Communities Smart City App Open data Social networks
  14. 14. Experience
  15. 15. Tips for social projectsHow does an idea become a project? idea Goal idea idea Best idea idea idea Goal Select the best idea Turn your idea into reality: • be innovative but realistic • social entrepreneurs: think about collective needs & dreams • be organized and communicative with your idea: make a design, process work flow, time, schedule, tools.. • select a team who believes in the idea Finally look for sponsors….
  16. 16. Call for concept papers
  17. 17. CALL FOR CONCEPT PAPERS FOR AN ICT APP Organizers SupportersObjective: To find the best and most innovative Concept Paper foran ICT application to help promote sustainable energy for allTopics:Access to energy: smart metering, energy billing systems, energymanagement, etc.Renewable energy: smart grids, renewable energypotential, electric vehicles, etc.Energy Efficiency: in sectors such as smart buildings, intelligenttransport systems, smart homes, etc.
  18. 18. CALL FOR CONCEPT PAPERS FOR AN ICT APP Organizers• The Challenge is open to individuals from Member States of the ITU. Individuals must be of the age of majority in their country at the time of entry.• Developers are called to submit Concept Papers. • Deadline: 13 April 2012• Jury of high-level experts will award the best and most innovative Concept Paper. • Malcolm Johnson, Director of Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB) • Silvia Guzmán Araña, Global Director of Sustainability (Teléfonica) • Amir Delju, Senior Scientific Coordinator, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) • Paul Smits, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Spatial Data Infrastructures Unit (SDI)• Prize: $ 3000 + invitation to present the ICT App during Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 2012 Apply now:
  19. 19. Thank you CONTACT USLis Lugo Colls @liscollsWion @wion_ar