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Campaign Sightfirst II
Lions' Vision For All

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  1. 1. First Campaign launched in July, 1991 which accomplished a great success. Second Campaign launched in July, 2005 at Hong Kong convention to take new action to fight threats to sight. † †
  2. 2. SightFirst Accomplishments Expectations of SightFirst in July 1991 • improve eye care for 75 million people • prevent vision loss or restore vision in 8.7 million people Accomplishments of SightFirst Since July 1991 • improved eye care for more than 100 million people • prevented vision loss and restored vision in more than 24 million people
  3. 3. SightFirst Accomplishments Expectations of SightFirst in July 1991 • create more than 150 eye- care clinics worldwide • train more than 2,500 health- care professionals Accomplishments of SightFirst Since July 1991 • created more than 250 eye-care clinics worldwide • trained nearly 68,000 health-care professionals
  4. 4. SightFirst History of Success • 4.6 million cataract surgeries • 724 projects • 65 million treatments for river blindness for as little as US$1 per treatment • 258 eye hospitals built or expanded • 300 eye-care centers given equipment upgrades
  5. 5. SightFirst History of Success • 88 countries have benefited from the SightFirst Program • 6 training facilities expanded • 13,886 ophthalmologists, ophthalmic nurses and allied- health workers received instruction • 54,004 health workers taught to provide primary eye care or disease-control services
  6. 6. Through SightFirst, Lions have… • become recognized as a world leader in dealing with eye- health issues • been responsible for removing cataracts as a public- health threat in several countries • leveraged government involvement in the fight to save sight
  7. 7. Through SightFirst, Lions have… • Raised eye-health issues to the World Health Organization ensuring this problem is recognized as a public-health threat • Raised more than US$143 million in Campaign SightFirst, which grew to nearly US$200 million through interest on investments and subsequent donations • Spent more than US$185 million in accomplishing our great successes
  8. 8. The Status of Eye Health • The world currently has 37 million blind people and 124 million people with low vision. • Experts anticipate these numbers will double by 2020 if no action is taken.
  9. 9. Global causes of blindness as a percentage of total blindness in 2002 47.8 12.3 8.7 5.1 4.8 3.9 3.6 0.8 13 Cataract Glaucoma Age-related macular degeneration Corneal Opacities Diabetic retinopathy Childhood blindness Trachoma Onchocerciasis Others
  10. 10. The Continuing Threat to Sight • The world’s population is growing! (from 6 billion to 8 billion by 2020) • The world’s population is aging! (from 1 billion over the age of 45 to 2 billion by 2020)
  11. 11. The Case: The SightFirst Approach • Goal 1: control and eliminate major causes of blindness • Goal 2: combat newly emerging threats to sight • Goal 3 - Challenge: provide “Vision for All” through research, rehabilitation and reaching out to vulnerable populations
  12. 12. Global Blindness - Problem Vs Opportunity 0 20 40 60 80 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2020 Year NumberofBlind (millions) Without Action With Action
  13. 13. Campaign SightFirst II Goal • The goal for CSFII is US$150 million. This goal has been established based on several factors: – Funds required to help prevent the number of the world’s blind from doubling by the year 2020. – History of support and success of LCIF, and CSF. – Advice from feasibility study participants. – That CSFII raise new money and not detract from existing projects.
  14. 14. • A stretch or challenge goal of an additional US$50 million has been established: – The needs are larger than US$150 million. Additional funds will: • strengthen existing programs • build capacity in areas of ongoing Lions programs • assist those who are blind or are vulnerable in developed countries through research and rehabilitation. Campaign SightFirst II Goal
  15. 15. Helen Keller Knights of Sight Recognizing Individual, Foundation, Corporation, and Government Gifts and/or Pledges to CSFII Recognition Level Gift Amount Knight of Leadership US$100,000+ Knight of Triumph US$25,000-US$99,999 Knight of Service US$10,000-US$24,999 Knight of Lionism US$5,000-US$9,999 Knight of Strength US$1,000-US$4,999 Knight of Support US$100-US$999 CSFII Donor Recognition Programs
  16. 16. CSFII Donor Recognition Programs
  17. 17. Recognition Level Per-Member Average Emerald US$1000+ Diamond US$500-US$999 Ruby US$400-US$499 Sapphire US$300-US$399 Topaz US$100-US$299 Recognizing Lions’ Club Gifts and/or Pledges to CSFII The Visionary Society CSFII Donor Recognition Programs
  18. 18. CSFII Donor Recognition Programs
  19. 19. Key Components of Club Fund-Raising • Serious Commitment to Fund Raising through the Comprehensive Method – Personal gifts and pledges by members – Personal gifts and pledges by non-members – Club fund-raising activities and events – Matching or outright gifts and/or pledges from Club treasury
  20. 20. Key Components of Club Fund-Raising • Communication, Public Relations, and Education • Member and Non-Member Giving • Phase-by-Phase Campaign • Setting a Financial Target
  21. 21. Model Club Candidates Lead the Way • 243 Model Club candidates were recognized at the International Convention in Hong Kong --- now nomination exceeds 300. • These are Clubs that have agreed to lead the way in CSFII by conducting a fund-raising campaign during fiscal year 2005 - 2006, in advance of all other Clubs.
  22. 22. Model Club Candidates Lead the Way • In addition to conducting campaigns in advance of the most active years of CSFII fund raising, Model Club candidates have agreed to set goals at the highest possible level. • In the Constitutional Area VI, the minimum per member average is US$500.