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  1. 1. Andrew Stanton The clues to a great story.
  2. 2. How to develop a story.
  3. 3. He engaged the audience with a story in order to express his point andtheme of successful storytelling. This was made with elements of comic relief. He continued this through the presentation.
  4. 4. The commandamnet that most reflects Andrew’s presentation is“Thou shall tell a story.” This is failry obcvious to the fact that in this presentation he esplains the fundamentals of successful storytelling and the elements that make them great.
  5. 5. Stories without dialogue;Mr. Stanton explains that storytelling without dialogueis the most purest approach to cinematic storytelling,however yet at the same time also the most primitive.
  6. 6. Your job as a storyteller;As a story teller, Mr. Stanton explains that ones job is to make the characters work for their meal without knowing they are doing so.
  7. 7. Dynamism: 5/5I believe that his dynamism was superb.
  8. 8. I’ve learned from my presenter is that delivery indulged with comedy can serve as a great “hook” for the audiences. “Storytelling is joke telling. Is knowing your Punch line.” -Andrew Stanton
  9. 9. I also learned from my presenter that when dealing with delivery, anecdotes are always more than helpful. Theyserve as great “planes” for transition and are very useful in expressing your goal.
  10. 10. Comparing; Both Andrew and Sir are very enthusiastic in their beliefs and are asconfident within their words as they are in lives. Not only are they bvery intelligent, but are also compassion in what they speak.
  11. 11. The differences;Mr. Robinson appears to be more “cut throat” and more revolution-driven.Thus, being more confrontational than Stanton..
  12. 12. To other public speakers; For future public speakers always remember that anecdotes combined with comical elements can serve as a great way to hold your audience attention. Also, sharing personalexperiences are also good elements in keeping your listerners attention.
  13. 13. Citations;
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