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Library Web overview

  1. 1. Welcome to East Central University’s Library Homepage
  2. 2. About this TutorialStudents:This tutorial will: • Help you become familiar with where to find the various features of the library homepage such as… – electronic resources – the library catalog – your library account – and more.This tutorial will take you about 20 minutes to complete.Faculty: • The tutorial was created using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. • This tutorial will help students navigate the library homepage and familiarize them with its various features. This tutorial meets the following ACRL standards: 2.5a
  3. 3. What to watch for… Notes – These are to let you know there is important information you need to know about what is being covered.
  4. 4. Finding the homepage…To get to the libraryhomepage, simply go to and click onthe Linscheid Library link under“Academics.”
  5. 5. The library homepage has many links that providehelpful information. This tutorial will introduce you to the resources the library has to offer.
  6. 6. Just for StudentsWe have special sections of our website for eachtype of person that uses the library. The Students section provides access to many resources, such as: •The library‟s student employment application form; •The various services available to you, including media transfer; •The library newsletter; •PLUS methods for finding books and articles at the library. It’s a one-stop shop!
  7. 7. The Online Catalog The library’s online catalog is called the CatPac.This is the part of the homepage You‟ll find out more specificwhere you can search for library details about the CatPac inmaterials, both print and additional modules.electronic.
  8. 8. Articles & MoreThe Articles & More section provides access to our electronic resources, whichinclude newspapers, magazines, journals, and e-books found in variouscollections called databases.These databases provide either the abstracts or full-text of magazine and journalarticles, encyclopedias and other reference sources. Although anyone can usethese resources within the library, off-campus access is limited to ECU faculty,staff, and students.
  9. 9. Abstract: a brief summary of an article in a journal or magazine. When a database does not provide a full- text copy of an article then the abstract can be helpful in giving you some information about the article so you can decide if it is one that you want to use for your research. You should know these terms.Database: an electronic resource that the library subscribes to that containsarticles and information from print sources such asmagazines, newspapers, journals, and reference books.Databases are not "internet" sources. Although you access our databases from the internet, the articlesyou find in them are reprinted from real live print sources. Most of the things you find in our databasecannot be found by searching Google or Yahoo. These are subscription services that the library paysfor. They are every bit a part of our librarys collection as the books on our shelf, but you must gothrough the librarys website to access them.
  10. 10. When you click the „Articles & More‟ icon, you are taken to a page withtabs across the top.Most of the tabs are letters ofthe alphabet which that takeyou to lists of databases thatstart with that letter. The restof the tabs allow you to findresources by type (such asnewspaper articles) or bysubject ( „Resources byMajor‟). ECU students, faculty, and staff can access all of our databases and other electronic resources from any computer, anywhere, anytime! All you need is your six-digit ID number.
  11. 11. ServicesThe Services section provides information about allof the services available at Linscheid Library.These include:•Interlibrary loan and document delivery•Tours and instruction•Reference services•Digital services and equipment services•Laminating, Mounting, & Binding, and•Printing, Scanning, & Copying.
  12. 12. Library Research Guides The Library Research Guides section helps you find research resources, such as books and articles, for the particular classes you are in. Use the browse by subject section to find resources for the subject you‟re studying.
  13. 13. About the Library The About the Library section provides information about Linscheid Library, including: –Our mission statement, –Our hours, –Our policies, –Our contact information, and –Frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  14. 14. Quick LinksThe buttons at the top of the page provide you with quickaccess to information that you might use frequently. Suggestions Form Contact Information Current Hours Your Library Account
  15. 15. Remember…We are here to help you succeed!
  16. 16. For additional assistance in using library resources, see theadditional modules or ask for assistance at the Reference Desk.Thank you for taking this tour of the Linscheid Library homepage.