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Social + Local + Mobile: A Marketing Idea


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Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology
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Social + Local + Mobile: A Marketing Idea

  1. 1. Basilio, Linnie Faith
  2. 2. Social Location Mobile
  3. 3. How it works:
  4. 4. =
  5. 5. Implications to E-commerce • SoLoMo would help business men who are in the Ecommerce industry to promote their products more effectively. • SoLoMo and Ecommerce both have similarities because they both operate on the web, meaning that ecommerce have advantage over the physical stores.
  6. 6. Implications to E-commerce There are people who sell their products purely online, that’s why consumers tend to first look for reviews whether this particular seller is to be trusted or not. With SoLoMo, people will be able to gather trusted information from people in social networking sites, who have shared their experience transacting with these sellers they are planning to have business with.
  7. 7. SoLoMo in the next 2 years • In the next 2 years, I think there will be people who will come up with another way of marketing their products, just like how they were able to come up with SoLoMo concept. • SoLoMo was not possible back then, but technology made it possible.
  8. 8. SoLoMo in the next 2 years • Companies like Apple, Samsung, and Sony continue to develop their mobile products each year, so I think that SoLoMo would be even more effective.