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Berson sokol agency ppt for social media


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Berson sokol agency ppt for social media

  1. 1. Berson-Sokol Agency<br />The <br />Berson-Sokol<br />Agency <br /> Inc.<br />
  2. 2. Berson-Sokol Agency<br />Thank You !....<br />for giving us the opportunity to serve you. I am proud of our Berson-Sokol team, and I welcome you to our group. <br /> Ever since its founding in 1973, our agency has been dedicated to two kinds of excellence: the service we give our agents and the products we make available to their clients. That may seem fundamental, but we have found this streamlined, highly focused approach to be a winning formula, year after year, for all concerned. Our agents value our responsive follow-through, as well as the attractive products they can offer the individuals, families, and companies with whom they work. <br /> Of course, “keeping it simple” does not mean we have not changed. Actually, our agency has made dramatic advances to maintain service and product excellence. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art technology to bolster our agents’ sales and marketing capabilities, to make the issuance of each policy quicker and more efficient, and to speed information delivery. As the insurance business has grown more competitive and complex, we’ve researched and added many products to help our agents stay in the forefront of the industry. <br /> All of this is aimed at being the central resource for our agents-a goal that pushes both you and us toward our fullest potential. That’s why we at Berson-Sokol say “our business is helping yours.” <br />I look forward to working with you. <br /> Very truly yours, <br />Craig B. Berson, President <br />
  3. 3. Berson-Sokol Agency<br />Life<br />Annuities<br />Impaired Risk<br />Long-Term Care<br />Life Settlements<br />Berson-Sokol Agency, Inc.<br />23500 Mercantile Rd. #C<br />Beachwood, OH 44122<br />216-464-1542<br />216-464-6522 Fax<br />800-543-6000<br /><br />
  4. 4. Berson-Sokol Agency<br />▪ Life<br /> Beyond giving you “one-stop shopping” in the highly competitive arena of low-cost term, Berson-Sokol can also help you find the right permanent product as well. Our extensive portfolio covers the gamut of whole life, universal life, and survivor life. When your clients’ turn to you for their insurance needs, turn to us! Our highly skilled marketing staff can help you respond with outstanding solutions.<br /> ▪ Annuities<br /> Berson-Sokol has strong relationships with dozens of select annuity companies offering exceptional features and interest rates on fixed, equity indexed and immediate annuity products. Our skilled annuity specialists will help you with your annuity sales.<br /> ▪ Impaired Risk<br /> In addition to representing a number of carriers aggressive in the impaired risk market, Berson-Sokol has a Marketing Department skilled in evaluating your impaired risk cases, and an impressive record of getting difficult cases placed.<br /> ▪ Long-Term Care<br /> America’s growing elderly population and uncertainties about Medicare and Medicaid coverage have led to a vital product for your clients: Long Term Care Insurance. Berson-Sokol represents many of the leading providers so you can offer your clients an outstanding range of product choices. Our Long-Term Care Department is headed by an elder care attorney, and our skilled LTC staff will assist you with every aspect of your long-term care sales.<br /> ▪ Life Settlements<br /> Unlock hidden values in your clients’ life insurance policies. A policy owner can sell a policy that is no longer needed or no longer affordable for significantly more than the cash surrender value. Not everyone should sell their life insurance policy. But everyone should evaluate life settlements as part of a wealth management strategy. For those who no longer want to maintain coverage, or for whom premiums have become a burden, life settlements may provide substantial benefits!<br />
  5. 5. Berson-Sokol Agency<br />Product Portfolio<br />American General ING Presidential Life <br />American Equity Integrity Sagicor<br />American National Liberty Bankers Standard of Oregon<br />Assurity Lincoln Benefit Symetra<br />Aviva Lincoln Financial United of Omaha<br />Equitrust North American West Coast Life <br />Genworth Old Mutual<br />ANNUITIES- DEFERRED, IMMEDIATE, EQUITY INDEX<br />
  6. 6. Berson-Sokol Agency<br />Product Portfolio<br />American General Lincoln Benefit Life SBLI of MA<br />American National Lincoln Financial Group Sagicor<br />Assurity MetLife Transamerica<br />Aviva Minnesota Life United Home Life<br />Banner Motorists United of Omaha<br />Fidelity Life North American West Coast LIfe<br />Genworth Life Ins. Old Mutual William Penn (NY) <br />ING/Reliastar Presidential Life<br />John Hancock Prudential <br />Life-Term, Universal Life, Survivor Life, Whole Life, Single Premium Life, <br />Simple/Guaranteed Issue<br />
  7. 7. Berson-Sokol Agency<br />Product Portfolio<br />Genworth Financial Med America <br />Genworth Total Living Coverage Mutual Of Omaha <br />John Hancock Prudential <br />Lincoln Life Brokerage United Security Assurance Unum<br />Assurity Fidelity Security<br />Contact our marketing department for current information <br />Long Term Care Insurance <br />Disability Income Insurance<br />Life Settlements <br />
  8. 8. Berson-Sokol Agency<br />The Berson-Sokol Website<br /><br />Use our website for Forms, Quotes, Status, Product Information, Impaired Risk Questions, Software Downloads and more…..<br />
  9. 9. Berson-Sokol Agency<br />It’s not “just a quote”, it’s “your” reputation and<br /> “your” word!<br /><ul><li>We possess the ability and stability to match your client with the proper carrier</li></ul> * Marketers prescreen client prior to quotes<br /> * Quotes and client information is documented<br /> * Quote turnaround is typically 24 hours. If needed sooner, tell us and <br /> we will accommodate.<br /> * Any deviance from original quote is reviewed thoroughly, argued with carrier<br /> and explained to all parties “logically”.<br /> * Marketers are licensed and exceed state continuing education requirements<br /> with an average of 16 ½ years of experience.<br />
  10. 10. Berson-Sokol Agency<br />MARKETING PROGRAMS <br />* Policy Audit Review (PAR) Program<br />* Beneficiary Review Program<br />* Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)<br />* More than 500 sales and service letters<br />* Dozens of proven marketing campaigns<br />* Weekly producer calls regarding marketing practices and programs (Bill Good)<br />* Prospect identification<br /> * Instant case status<br />* Why………<br />Because Our Business… is helping YOURS!<br />
  11. 11. Berson-Sokol Agency<br />Contact Us for a quote! <br />Berson-Sokol Agency Inc.<br />23500 Mercantile Rd. #C<br />Beachwood, OH 44122<br />216-464-1542<br />216-464-6522 Fax<br />800-543-6000<br /><br />