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How to leverage LinkedIn to find the talent you need to change the world

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  • I’m Meg Garlinghouse and I manage LinkedIn’s Social Impact program – which means I spend my days and nights imagining all the ways that we can leverage our network and inspire our members to make a positive impact in the world. Today, I’m going to spend about 15 min quickly walking you through our mission, ways you can use LI to strengthen your brand, grown your community and gain knowledge. Going to spend most of the time walking you through a recent program we call Board Connect and then turn it over to Amanda from Taproot to share a great example of how you can use LI to source pro bono talent
  • Stand up if you have a LI profile? Stay standing if you have added the volunteer/causes field?Stay standing if your organization has a company page?Stay standing if you can name of our Influencers?Stay standing if you already use our LI Board Connect programWhat LI does as a business is connect talent with opportunity at massive scale
  • We have an unprecedented opportunity to connect our professionals with unique opportunities to use their skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on the world
  • Asking your staff, volunteers and board members to add this field is a great way to build your brand on the LI network. We added this to the profile experience about 1 ½ years ago – it was actually the most requested feature to the profile page. Here is Beth Kanter – she was of course an early adopter,
  • Go to the profile page, click on the Edit profile and you will see this right hand nav bar come up – click on the volunteer and causes field and up will come this box to fill out.
  • Nonprofit organizations have a unique opportunity to engage with affluent, educated individuals at scale by leveraging LinkedIn Company PageCreating a Company Page can take less than 10 minutesGrowing your follower base can be incorporated into your everyday activities (marketing programs, website, events)Dedicating just a few minutes a day to post meaningful content that followers can engage with and distribute across the network can become a daily habit that has exponential benefits
  • What are inMapsBigger names represent people who are the most connected within that specific cluster or group. When you click on a contact within a circle you’ll see their profile pop up on the right, as well as lines highlighting how they’re connected to your connections.Here’s where it gets interesting. Your map is actually a view into how your professional world has been created over time. To get a sense of how that’s true, label each cluster (color) and explore your connections to see who are the major bridges on your map. You can use those insights to measure your own impact or influence, or create opportunities for someone else. So, you might see two distinct groups that you could introduce to become one. Or, you might leverage one person to connect them to someone else. See an area that doesn’t look like it is representative of your professional world? Fix it by adding the necessary connections.Bear with me for 1 minute while I got a little “meta” on you – here is a visualization of someone’s LinkedIn network –every dot represents a connection. You can actually go see yours at – this profile that you are looking at has a huge number of connections but they do not have a very healthy network b/c everyone seems to be connected to everyone else. In other words, each dot is not connecting you to a new network of professionals. We often see this in sectors that are insular
  • This is a visualization of my network – b/c I work on a corporate setting but have strong professional ties in the nonprofit sector I am often the bridge between these two groups – or I am the broker of the structural hole. Often time your board members are these bridges – or connections to new networks that you did not previously have access to
  • Your ability to find the right talent – whether for board members, employees or pro bono resources, is directly related to your network
  • Why did we decide to start this program?As many of you know personally – b/c you are experiencing it every day – there is a huge and growing demand for board members – in fact, it is estimated that nearly 2mm board seats need to be filled each yearThe good news is that the supply is there – professionals want to join boardsWe started seeing this happening organically on our platform
  • Social Media on Purpose: LinkedIn

    1. 1. How LinkedIn can connect you with the righttalent to change the worldSocial Media on PurposeJanuary 30th
    2. 2. Overview LinkedIn for Good Vision and Mission 4 Ways LinkedIn Can help your organization today – Brand – Community – Knowledge – Understanding your network (that mysterious map) Talent: Board Member Connect Taproot: Pro bono Resources 2
    3. 3. LinkedIn connects talent withopportunity at massive scale.
    4. 4. Vision: Human capital is the future of philanthropy
    5. 5. LinkedIn for Good’s Mission Connect the talent and passion of professionals and LI Employees withopportunities to use their skills to make a positive impact on the world. 5
    6. 6. Leveraging LinkedIn to Build Your Brand
    7. 7. Use the network to build your brand Share the causes you care about Encourage your board members/donors/voluntee rs and employees to add the field to their profile
    8. 8. Adding the Volunteer/Causes Field
    9. 9. Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow your Community
    10. 10. United Nations Development Programme isFocused on Driving Awareness & Education
    11. 11. Leveraging LinkedIn to get Insights and Knowledge
    12. 12. Knowledge and Insights: Influencer Platform Social Impact Influencers Nancy Lublin Beth Kanter Katya Andresen Jennifer Pahkla Craig Newmark Charles Best Aaron Hurst Ben Mangan Leila Janah 12
    13. 13. Leveraging LinkedIn to understand, grow and unlock your network
    14. 14. Why connections matter 3rd Degree 4,000,000 2nd Degre 110,000 645 1st Degree
    15. 15. Redundant Connections
    16. 16. Be the Broker in the Structural HoleInMap (
    17. 17. Leveraging LinkedIn to find TALENT Board Members Employees Pro Bono Resources
    18. 18. Why did LinkedIn decide to launch a Board matching solution?
    19. 19. Board Recruitment is a large marketplace run solelyon relationship based outreach Current State  2M (approx) board seats need to be filled annually  Greatest difficulty is for small to medium size NPs who lack funds and known brand  Only 6% of nonprofit report they can successfully recruit right kind of board member  Skill based selection is emerging as a central piece of recruitment  78% of professionals would like to join a nonprofit board  87% of HR professionals surveyed expressed interest in board service  92% of marketing professionals surveyed expressed interest in board service  Serving on a board is a powerful way for professionals to develop their identity and impact  74% of board members are responsible for recruiting new board members  90% of board recruitment is done through personal and professional contacts  1 in 5 use LinkedIn to further support traditional recruitment efforts  Of those using LinkedIn, 53% are satisfied with the results they have seenSources: Booz Allen, Board Recruitment in the Nonprofit Marketplace, 2002; Taproot Research. LinkedIn Nonprofit research May 2012
    20. 20. In partnership with Taproot, we LISTENED to the nonprofit sector 17 focus group Met monthly with a 6 person Design panelSent a survey to 10,000 nonprofit professional
    21. 21. LinkedIn Board Member Connect is a programthat helps nonprofit leaders find quality board members quickly.
    22. 22. Making the right match with Talent Finder 1. Search with Premium facets and enhanced profile visibility 2. Reach potential matches by connecting and via InMail 3. Assess potential fit using profile data and social context DEMO: finding a CXO or VP with social marketing skills, currently working in the internet sector in the Bay Area
    23. 23. Advanced Search 23
    24. 24. Management tools One click InMail Premiumsearch facets Full names and profiles for 3rd degree
    25. 25. LinkedIn Board Member Connect ( LinkedIn Board Member Connect Webinar is Feb 7th at 10am. Sign up today. 25
    26. 26. Success Story: LinkedIn helps build nonprofit boardsthat transform lives Building Excellent Schools (BES) supports entrepreneurs who design, found and lead charter schools in underserved communities nation wide. Opened a charter school in December and 5 out of the 9 board members were identified through Linkedin 26
    27. 27. Connections that are just, meaningful and important I’m Here. 27
    28. 28. RESOURCES Follow us on LinkedIn Follow us on Twitter: @linkedin4good Check out our new resource page: Slideshare LIFG channel: 28
    29. 29. If you remember nothing else…. Add the Volunteer/Causes field Sign up for the Board Member Connect program Start following Influencers on LinkedIn Be the Bridge! “Do what you do best, and network the rest” 29