Securing Board Members and Pro Bono talent through LinkedIn


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Basic overview on how nonprofits can use LinkedIn with special focus on securing pro bono talent and board members. Created by Lana Khavinson

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  • Thank you all for coming today. My name is Lana Khavinson and I’m a product marketing manager here at LinkedIn. I am also a passionate advocate for the nonprofit sector and believe strongly that all nonprofits could be getting value by leveraging LinkedIn.So in the next 20 minutes, I’m going to cover a few things. First, I’ll give you an overview of LinkedIn:what is our missionhow are nonprofits represented on LIwhy we are investing in this important sector. Next, I’ll review at a high level the products & features that you and your organization should be using in order to find the right talent for your nonprofit. And by talent we mean more than just employees- and are really talking about board members, pro bono talent and more.Lastly, I’ll touch on 5 things you should do right away- today. And then you’ll get a chance to do them when you break out into your work groups.So let’s get started.
  • Pop quiz…If you answered yes to these questions, you’re in the right place!
  • LinkedIn is the largest global professional network with a mission of connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale.Sometimes talent becomes = employees but we mean more than that. We believe people, talented people are looking for all types of opportunities- traditional work, volunteer efforts, mentors etc… And at LinkedIn, we believe it helping to make those connections. With the promise that all of this will create goodness that we can all benefit from.
  • Why are we doubling down and focusing so heavily on the nonprofit section. Because we believe that our network has the PeopleSkillsTalentyou need in order to achieve your mission. And by helping make these connections- we achieve our mission of connecting talent to opportunity at massive scale.
  • But it all starts with you. This is aninmap of someone with a lot of connections. The problem is that their network is deeply connected to one another.
  • Now here is an example of a healthy network. This is our fearless leader Meg G. network. She has pockets of different connections- and those connections will be the key to furthering her network and helping her find the right talent that she needs.
  • So now you see what a healthy network should look like- how can we empower to build one?
  • How can LinkedIn empower you to find the right talent for your organization – including board members & pro bono talent? The first place to start is with a powerful profile!Once you build your profile, you’ll want to immediately start making connections and building your network. Connect with colleagues, employees, funders, volunteers, advocates, industry peers etc… The greater your network, the greater the opportunity find and connect with the right talent when you need it.
  • How can LinkedIn empower you to find the right talent for your organization – including board members & pro bono talent. Leverage our advanced search feature!
  • How can LinkedIn empower you to find the right talent for your organization – including board members & pro bono talent? Build a company page- a home for your organization. Make it easy for people to find you and unite together for your cause. Make it easy to engage with your followers and target audience. And when looking to talent- board members, pro bono talent- leverage your page and the follower base that you have built.
  • How can LinkedIn empower you to find the right talent for your organization – including board members & pro bono talent? Groups are a great place to engage with members of similar experience, interest. It’s not just about you and your networkbut your next big pro bono find can be engaging in a group or could be a friend of someone engaging in a relevant group. If anything, this is yet another great way to get your name and mission out there.
  • Lastly, and something we are most excited about- How can LinkedIn empower you to find the right talent for your organization – including board members & pro bono talent? Our new LIBMC program was built for exactly this purpose. It was built to empower organizations with the tools, skills and network needed to find and connect with the right talent.
  • So that’s a product review at a high level. Ready to get started?
  • Securing Board Members and Pro Bono talent through LinkedIn

    1. 1. Securing Board Members andPro Bono Talent Through LinkedIn LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    2. 2. Learn how LinkedIn can help nonprofitsIn this presentation you’ll… Get an overview of LinkedIn Learn how LinkedIn can empower you to find the right talent for your organization – including board members & pro bono talent Discover 5 immediate opportunities to take action todayLinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    3. 3. Do you need LinkedIn? The people connected to my YES staff, board, and supporters are critical to the success of NO my organization. I spend a lot of time asking my YES board and staff, “Who do you know?” NO I often know who I’m looking for but don’t always know how YES to find them quickly or NO efficiently.LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    4. 4. What is LinkedIn?
    5. 5. LinkedIn connects talent withopportunity at massive scale.
    6. 6. Nonprofits on LinkedIn
    7. 7. Are Nonprofits on LinkedIn?To date….. Over 3.8mm nonprofit professionals From over 130,000 nonprofit organization Representing 205 countries
    8. 8. Funders F B Board Members Talented Employees Supporters T S Skilled V Volunteers LinkedIn helps connect you to the network you need to achieve your mission LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    9. 9. By leveraging LinkedIn’s network, you can… F Strengthen relationships An introduction to a local with funders foundation Find the right quality board A board member with strategic B member quickly consulting experience Recruit talented A graphic designer to re-brand V professional volunteers your materials T Identify top talent to work A new Development Director for your organization Build your brand and spark Professionals following your S dialogue among supporters organization’s LI pageLinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    10. 10. Redundant Connections
    11. 11. Be the Broker in the Structural HoleInMap (
    12. 12. How can LinkedIn empower you to find the right talent for your organization? LinkedIn for Nonprofits
    13. 13. Member Profile Advanced Search Company Pages GroupsNEW! LinkedIn Board Member Connect
    14. 14. Member ProfileYour member profile is the place where you showcase who youare, your experiences & your mission. It’s also the 1st step in buildinga network of powerful connections.  Profile picture  Summary & skill set  Education  Volunteer Experience & Causes  Detailed work experience  At least 3 recommendationsLinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    15. 15. Advanced SearchThe key to finding great talent! Once you build your profile and beginbuilding your network, LinkedIn provides an easy to use search toolthat lets you find and connect with the right individuals.Basic Facets Advanced Facets Location  Groups Title  Years of Experience Education  Job Function Company  Company Size Industry  And more…LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    16. 16. Company PagesThe home for your organization on LinkedIn. LinkedIn CompanyPages provide you with a place to share your mission, events, newsupdates. Most importantly, this is way in which you can build &engage with your follower base & target audience.LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    17. 17. GroupsLinkedIn Groups provide a place for individuals in the same industryor with similar interests to share content, find answers, makecontacts, and establish themselves as an expert in their field.LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    18. 18. New! LinkedIn Board Member ConnectLinkedIn Board Member Connect is a program that helps nonprofitleaders find quality board members quickly.It was built on the premise that by leveraging your network, andreaching beyond your network- you can identify the talent you need inorder to achieve your mission. Program Features:  Free annual subscription to Talent Finder  Exclusive Board Connect Group  Product webcast training  Industry best practicesLinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    19. 19. Ready to get started?LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    20. 20. Five ways to use LinkedIn today1. Improve upon your member Profile: Have you put your best foot forward sharing your mission, specialties, experiences, passions? Have you connected with your colleagues, volunteers, funders, board members, advocates?1. Explore your network: your next volunteer, board member, staff hire, and funder prospect are all on LinkedIn. Use “Advanced Search” to find the perfect match.2. Create a community for supporters: create a company page with all of your organizational information and give your fans and followers a place to unite.3. Build your brand: ask your supporters to add the Volunteer/Causes field on their profile. This becomes an implied endorsement for your organization.4. Join a LinkedIn Group: find a group related to your mission and start a conversation.LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    21. 21. nonprofits.linkedin.comLinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved