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Nonprofit idea grant r2 2015 final


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LinkedIn for Good Nonprofit Idea Grant Recipients - Round 2, 2015

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Nonprofit idea grant r2 2015 final

  1. 1. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANTS Round 2, 2015
  2. 2. Today, we're excited to announce the 25 recipients and their employee champions.
  3. 3. Nonprofit Idea Grants enable employees to make an impact in a way that inspires them, by supporting the charities and nonprofits they care about.
  4. 4. World Access for the Blind aims to democratize the process of learning to move and navigate the world for the blind. WAFT will use the grant to create a multimedia instructional course for blind people, their families, and professionals that presents information and strategies for self-guided learning of Perceptual-Navigation (moving purposefully, efficiently, and safely through any environment). Faith Brill NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT World Access for the Blind
  5. 5. Camp Reel Stories will use the grant to expand its innovative media camp for girls to a second location in Los Angeles. Building on the success of its Oakland program, Camp Reel Stories will begin weekend workshops in Los Angeles for 13-18 year old girls this fall. Camp Reel Stories believes that when women and girls are better represented behind the scenes they will be better reflected on the screen. Camp Reel Stories is a non-profit that empowers young women with the skills to create their own media, to view current media critically and thoughtfully, and to aspire to leadership positions. Bryan Mascioli NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Campus Reel Stories
  6. 6. Northwest Youth Corps will help establish its new Idaho Conservation Corps program, to offer diverse Idaho youth and young adults an opportunity to earn money as they benefit Idaho’s public lands and waters and receive meaningful job-training. Participants will decrease the threat of catastrophic wildfire through thinning; help to maintain or build needed recreational trails; and have an opportunity to earn at least one industry-recognized credential needed for the workforce. As it starts its 33rd year of improving the lives of thousands of youth and young adults, Northwest Youth Corps thanks you for being an important part of this journey! Lucas Deming NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Northwest Youth Corps
  7. 7. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Move This World (MTW) will implement trainings and daily Virtual Tools for Emotional Wellbeing to over 7,500 students and teachers in partner schools across New York City so that ritualized social and emotional wellbeing are an integrated part of teaching and learning. By collaborating with MTW, schools will decrease suspensions, incident reports, chronic absenteeism, teacher attrition and other barriers to teaching and learning while improving educator morale and organizational health. Jason Abrams Move This World, Inc
  8. 8. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT St. Francis Secondary School is a boarding school in Lower Subukia, Kenya that provides secondary education for local children. By educating girls from high-poverty, rural areas, the school has made a significant progress in gender parity in secondary education. The school also provides education and care of children with disabilities. The grant will be used to build new school facilities and to provide children with better living and studying conditions during their schooling. Marijana Novakovic St Francis Secondary School ­ Subukia
  9. 9. Suicide or Survive offers Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) programs in the community to help people monitor and manage their own mental wellness, identify triggers and signs that their wellness is being challenged and develop plans for what they will do to manage their wellness when this happens. WRAP was initially developed by and for people who have experienced significant mental health difficulties. That said, it can be useful to anyone planning and managing their own wellbeing. Visit for more info. This innovation initiative seeks to address mental health and suicide prevention in Ireland. It is aimed at young people, prisoners and members of the general public. This project is different from other existing models of WRAP delivery as it will identify 1 – 2 individuals who will go on to train as WRAP facilitators with Suicide or Survive. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT WWW.EUSS.EDU Olivia Hunt Suicide or Survive
  10. 10. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT America Needs You (ANY) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting for the economic mobility of first-generation college students. While ANY has achieved phenomenal results in working with current college students, it has not engaged alumni after they have graduated from the program to date. To improve this aspect, ANY will use the grant to support its alumni through a quarterly workshop series, which will focus on topics tailored their lives as fulltime workers and/or graduate students. Mario Rosser America Needs You
  11. 11. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANTS The grant will be used to increase the educational and social opportunities of motivated, under- privileged middle school students in Denver and Englewood public schools. With this grant, Breakthrough Kent Denver will be able to provide transportation, materials, and food to the 200+ youth who are enrolled in the program and aspiring to change their futures through education. Ryan Paugh Breakthrough Kent Denver
  12. 12. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Blessings in a Backpack mobilizes communities, individuals and resources to provide food on the weekends for elementary school children across America who might otherwise go hungry. In each community where Blessings is feeding hungry children, there is a team of volunteers leading the efforts. This grant will be used to create an online volunteer service and training program to support the organization. By helping its volunteers increase their effectiveness and efficiency, more children living with food insecurity will be able to receive weekend nutrition – ultimately bringing Blessings in a Backpack closer to their goal of providing 17.5 million hunger-free weekends by 2020. Katherine Morse Blessings in a Backpack
  13. 13. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT WWW.EUSS.EDU Global Exchange Students (GSE) restores, maintains, and preserves the intensely degraded forests surrounding the Cordillera Del Balsamo in Manabi, Ecuador. It does this through an intensive forest restoration program that involves thousands of local and US-based youth. GSE exemplifies successful restoration of watersheds in Tropical Dry Forest systems and is a community-based model that can inspire and inform future work in this field. Leonardo is proud to support this project as the LinkedIn Employee Champion since he was born and raised in this part of the world. Global Students Embassy Leonardo Intriago Ganchozo
  14. 14. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT TRIAD will scale ImprovED, its improvisation-based health and life skills education program with several trusted community-based organizations (CBOs) in Haiti and South Africa. This grant will be used to train an ImprovED "master" troupe in Haiti and enable thousands of vulnerable youth to engage in this fun, contextually-relevant, and effective program. Within two years, this master troupe will be qualified to train new troupes on its own, enabling additional CBOs to introduce ImprovED to their beneficiaries. Hillary Densen The Triad TRUST, Inc
  15. 15. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT BreakAwayworkswiththestudentleaders of avolunteerprogramcalledAlternative Breaksatover200collegecampuses. ThroughthesepartnershipsBreakAway impactsover1,000communities. BreakAwaywillusethisgranttoimplement CommunityImpactLabs -aninnovative trainingmodelforBreakAwaystudentsand communitypartners thatincludes:historical overviewofsocialissuesinthecity, neighborhoodassetmapping,recruitment andmobilization,andvolunteercommitment andaccountability. The ImpactLabsserveto traincoordinators toworkwithvolunteergroupstobuild lasting,sustainableimpactinthe communities. Break Away: The Alternative Break Connection Katey Gama
  16. 16. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT BUILD is tackling the high school dropout crisis in under-served communities through a powerful combination of entrepreneurship education, real-world business experience, and mentorship. This grant will be used to pilot creative new programs to strengthen relationships between students and mentors. Maya Babla Businesses United in Investing, Lending and Developing (BUILD)
  17. 17. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Apne Aap's goal is to hold Gender Sensitization workshops for children studying in 6th, 7th and 8th standards in two schools in Jaipur. It will lead four workshops on gender equality and gender-based violence using Priya’s Shakti, an engaging comic book based on Indian mythology. Workshop sessions will involve drawing, role play, videos, powerpoint presentations, and reading the comic book. After the session, facilitators will lead a Q&A session to assess what the students have learned. Yogesh Goel Apne Aap
  18. 18. EASTWAY UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Barakat Bundle will use the LIFG grant to distribute maternal and newborn essentials kits to new families in rural Gujarat, India. These kits include life- saving medical solutions as well as culturally-desirable items to provide all newborns with an equal start in life, regardless of where they are born. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Jennifer Guo Barakat Bundle
  19. 19. TheGurukulamschoolprovidesfree education,meals,textbooksand uniformsto205economically underprivilegedchildren(definedas childrenofparentswhomakeless than$4USDperday) fromkindergardentohighschool. Eachchildissupporteduntiltheycan reachcollegeorvocationaltraining oruntiltheycanbefinancially independentandbreakthepoverty- manuallaborcycle.Thisisthevision ofitseminentfounderCapt. Nandkumarwhohasdedicatedhis lifetoempoweringeconomically underprivilegedchildren. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Ramakrishnan Mohan Trust Children
  20. 20. The FareShare FoodCloud project works to ensure that no edible food goes uneaten. It has developed a program that connects stores to charities and community groups to meet this goal. Every evening participating stores post a list of food that was not sold that day and notify partner charities and community organizations via text message. The charities then arrange to pick up the food at participating stores. This grant will help volunteers provide greater support to charities in a variety of ways. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Sherin Helmy FaceShare
  21. 21. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Team Kenya works with local communities and organizations in rural western Kenya to develop long-term, sustainable solutions to tackle inequality and extreme poverty. It educates girls and empowers women to transform communities. Team Kenya will offer scholarships to two girls from the neighboring Kuodogo community, creating more ‘Girls Education Ambassadors’ within the Ndhiwa area. Maeve Delahunt Team Kenya
  22. 22. This grant will support OIC: The Cambodia Project to train teachers in Cambodia to support and include children with disabilities. These are children like Ling, who has cerebral palsy. Due to this condition, Ling's speech is unclear and he was unable to go to school. However, due to basic speech therapy and support of local teachers, OIC was able to get him to school for the first time at age 12. He's now coming second in his class. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Katrina Steedman OIC: The Cambodia Project
  23. 23. C4Q's 9-month intensive tech training program, Access Code, has helped professionals from diverse gender, ethnic, and socio- economic backgrounds transform their careers. This grant will help C4Q fund an apprenticeship program in partnership with top tier tech companies. The programs will help students access an even broader range of opportunities. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Chris Hazlett and Marvin Li Coalition for Queens
  24. 24. EASTWAY UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES WWW.EUSS.EDU GiGi’s Playhouse is a unique achievement center serving children and adults with Down Syndrome. Gigi's Playhouse provides educational and therapeutic programs, all for free. Its programs aim to maximize self-confidence and empower individuals to achieve their greatest potential. This grant will fund a new kitchenette at GiGi’s Playhouse in Chicago, which will be specifically used to launch a new healthy cooking and lifestyle education initiative for teens and adults. Nina Cordier GiGi's Playhouse Chicago NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT
  25. 25. TheVoiceAdvocacyCenter's missionistoassistchildrenand adultswhostruggletoread, write,andspellduetodyslexia orotherrelatedreading disorders. Thisgrantwillhelptoextend educationalservicestoadults withdyslexiaandliteracy challenges." NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Romaro Nelson Voice Advocacy Center
  26. 26. Bootstrapteachesstudentsto programtheirownvideogames usingpurelyalgebraicconcepts, bringingfunctionalprogramming andrigorousalgebraexposureto everystudent. Byprovidingtrainingfor30+math andcomputerscienceteachers, thisgrantwillbuildteacher capacitytodeliverBootstrapto thousandsofchildrenacrossthe BayAreaeveryear. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Pi-Chuan Chang Bootstrap (Brown University)
  27. 27. WWW.EUSS.EDU Centro Community Partners develops mobile apps, including a Business Planning App, to help underserved entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. With this grant, thousands of entrepreneurs will be able to create their business plans from the convenience of their mobile devices. CHAPTER 1 NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Sanjay Melwani Centro Community Partners
  28. 28. This grant will provide 40 under-served Chicago middle schoolers with iPads and a cloud-based summer school learning program, enabling these students to bridge the digital divide and ‘catch up’ with students from more affluent areas. NONPROFIT IDEA GRANT Chris Kelleher Horizons for Youth Inspired by the late Lauren Heath, and Paige Barnett
  29. 29. will be launching a new employee grants program soon. Stay tuned for more information!