LinkedIn for Veterans Overview


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Comprehensive overview on how Veterans can use LinkedIn to network and find a job.

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  • Make the most of your headline – it’s the first (and sometimes only) thing people see about you!
    Use your summary to explain yourself and your goals
    Summary is a great place to demonstrate the logic of your desired career path
  • Be creative!
    Join groups you naturally belong to and those you aspire to belong to
    Start conversations, ask questions, and help others learn from you
  • Conduct informational interviews
    Develop relationships at companies you want to work for
  • Fill knowledge gaps
    Don’t let confusing job descriptions intimidate you
  • LinkedIn for Veterans Overview

    1. 1. LinkedIn for Veterans: You’re Closer Than You Think
    2. 2. Why Join LinkedIn? Members Companies Jobs Endorsements for 50k+ Skills Schools 2 467M 9M 7M 11B 26K Billions of updates daily
    3. 3. We empower our military and veteran members to build: LI Job Seeker Free 1yr Subscription Free 1yr Subscription Professional Identities Professional Networks Professional Careers Professional Knowledge 3 LI Learning
    4. 4. Your Starting Point: 4
    5. 5. Crafting a Professional Identity
    6. 6. Crafting Your Professional Identity: Digital Online Profile 6
    7. 7. Crafting Your Professional Identity: Experience ● Create an in-depth summary for each of your professional and military experiences ● Explain what you did in plain English without acronyms or jargon ● Feature recommendations and rich media to enhance your profile 7
    8. 8. Crafting Your Professional Identity: Skills ● This is your chance to easily label your hard and soft skills ● Your selections here drive your appearance in recruiters’ searches ● Skills feed recommendations for courses, jobs, connections, etc. 8
    9. 9. Crafting Your Professional Identity: How Recruiters See You 9
    10. 10. Crafting Your Professional Identity: Tutorial Courses 10 Translating Your Military Skills to the Civilian Workplace LinkedIn for Veterans Finding Your Purpose After Active Duty
    11. 11. Building a Professional Network
    12. 12. Building Professional Networks: Connect with Other Members • Members you know already • Members with whom you share similar backgrounds • Suggested 30 connections minimum • Send personalized request messages • Like and share items posted by connections to cultivate your network 12
    13. 13. Building Professional Networks: Alumni Tool 13
    14. 14. Building Professional Networks: Advanced Search 14
    15. 15. Building Professional Networks: Discover & Join Groups 15
    16. 16. Building Professional Networks: LinkedIn’s Veteran Mentor Network “For everyone else who has commented, thank you for the input. You all have helped me with self reflection and different view points. I realize that some of my struggles are internal as I continue to adjust, and some are the environment that I work in. I look forward to providing lessons learned to fellow vets that are separating as well as continuing to learn from all of you!” 16
    17. 17. Launching a Professional Career
    18. 18. 18 Launching A Professional Career: Job Preferences
    19. 19. Launching A Professional Career: Explore Open Job Opportunities 19
    20. 20. Launching A Professional Career: Leverage Premium Insights 20
    21. 21. 21 Launching A Professional Career: Understanding Salary
    22. 22. 22 Launching A Professional Career: Understanding Salary
    23. 23. Building Professional Knowledge
    24. 24. Building Professional Knowledge: Use LinkedIn Learning to Develop Skills and Prep for Interviews 24
    25. 25. Building Professional Knowledge: Follow Companies & Influencers 25
    26. 26. Building Professional Knowledge: Explore Company Pages 26
    27. 27. Building Professional Knowledge: Understand Company Culture 27
    28. 28. Your Next Steps
    29. 29. LinkedIn Learning Tutorial Courses 29 Translating Your Military Skills to the Civilian Workplace LinkedIn for Veterans Finding Your Purpose After Active Duty
    30. 30. LinkedIn On The Move: Download Mobile Apps 30 LinkedIn GroupsLinkedIn LinkedIn Jobs LinkedIn Learning
    31. 31. LinkedIn’s Veterans Portal: 31
    32. 32. Access your FREE 1yr LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Learning Subscription at 1. Complete required fields 1. Ensure to list your military service under “experience” (US Army, not 2nd Infantry Division) 2. Ensure to include your profile URL 1. Be patient; may require 7-10 Days For Approval 32