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Employee idea grant r2 2015 final


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LinkedIn for Good Employee Idea Grant recipients - Round 2, 2015

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Employee idea grant r2 2015 final

  1. 1. EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANTS Round 2, 2015
  2. 2. Employee Idea Grants enable employees to make an impact in a way that inspires them, by making their own, bright ideas for impact come to life
  3. 3. Today, we're excited to announce the 14 recipients.
  4. 4. EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT I am using my LIFG grant to volunteer at the Teaching English program at Hope and Home in Nepal, in collaboration with the International Volunteer Headquarters ( I will be using part of my grant to travel to Nepal for three weeks to teach English and basic education (Math, etc) at public schools in Nepal that struggle to staff permanent teachers. I will be using a third of my grant along with some personal matching to contribute to long term initiatives to make the people of Nepal more self sufficient and improve public school staffing. Neeta Kamadolli
  5. 5. EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT Orangutans are like people – they have thoughts, emotions and personalities. And due to the deforestation of their home, in which the rain forests are cleared by fire to make room for palm oil plants, they are going extinct. With this grant I am going to put myself in the center of the destruction and travel to Borneo for three weeks to support the Orangutan Foundation International by building a much- needed structure for the organization to thrive. Upon my return to the US, I will share my story and inspire change within the company by putting together LinkedIn’s very own World Orangutan Day on August 19th. Victoria Guyon
  6. 6. EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT This fund will go towards the Kiganda Children For Change project. Together with a group of architects I am working on building a dormitory and workshop for street boys who are part of this program in the suburbs of Kampala, Uganda. Via this project we will provide the boys with housing, their livelihoods (including food, school fees, etc.) and create an environment for them where they can have a sustainable income stream. Natasha Kalidin
  7. 7. EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT My seventeen year old daughter, Meg, has a dream to send one million pencils to Africa. To finance her project she has designed a series of pencils and for every pencil she sells, she sends one to Africa. With the LIFG grant, she'll enhance her web commerce capabilities and develop a video to drive awareness for her cause. Justin Shriber
  8. 8. TheLIFGgrantwillbeusedto helpmakeanimpactonthese blossomingchildren'slives. Their currenthomeisinneedofsome majorTLC,butwithastruggling singlemotherthebillscomefirst. Thegrantwillbeusedtohelp providethemwithanupdated homewheretheycanbe productiveandandinspired! Thisgrantwillhelptransform theirhometoahomethatthey canbeproudofandwantto returntooeachday. EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT Nicole Cloonan
  9. 9. EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT I was born in Taiwan and adopted as a newborn by an American couple. Last year a LinkedIn colleague connected me to an organization that does adoption reunions, and after 8 months of looking they found my birth mother. The LIFG Grant money funded a trip back to Taiwan and on Leap Day, 2016 I took a personal leap and met her in Taipei, spending the next several days exploring my birth country and getting to know one another. Kathy Goss
  10. 10. In Myanmar, with rapid growth of telecommunications coverage, the cost of owning a mobile phone with internet access has gone down from $2,000 two years ago to $23. As such, most of Myanmar's 60 million people are experiencing the internet for the first time through portable devices. However, digital literacy has been the barrier to fully utilize the technology. I would like to organize workshops to teach skills such as using search engines, staying connected to global news, etc. for igniting the learning curiosity and advancing the knowledge. EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT Yamin Htun
  11. 11. Our local village school in India has around 610 students. Using LinkedIn's grant, I am planning to set-up library in school, so that kids can utilize this opportunities to borrow books. EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT Vijayragunath Aruswamy
  12. 12. As the hardest working man I know and my role model, I plan to use this grant to help my father with his upcoming back surgery. This will will help cover some of the personal expenses during his recovery. It is my hope that he will be back to doing what he enjoys most, working and building things. His enjoyment and his ethics for work have taught me valuable lessons in my own career, and it's my turn to repay him for his great example EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT Melvin Salazar
  13. 13. is a neighborhood dog park App that allows NYC area dog parents find local dog parks, see which pups are already at the park playing, connect with friendly PawPals, and setup fun PawDates. Through our Paw-some sponsor network we also donate food and products to local shelters and rescues for each check- in through the App or website. So NYC, fetch the App and Check-in & Help- out a dog in need! Jonathan Lagasse EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT
  14. 14. EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT Thereare4.8Mregistered Syrianrefugeeswhoneed help.Manyfamilies,woman andchildrenarestrandedin neighboringTurkey,Lebanon andJordanandtryingtomake theirwaytotheEUthrough Greece.Therearemassive strainsoneducation,health andsocial-welfaresystems. TheLIFGgrantwillhelp providefoodandclothingto thosedisplacedandstranded CHAPTER 1 Richard Wong
  15. 15. Trinity Gaels is an amazing club that provides a crucial active, fun and cultural outlet for hundreds of families in the Donaghmede area. However being in a disadvantaged area significantly reduces our financial ability to equip our children and support our parent volunteers adequately. Gaelic Games main two codes are Gaelic Football and Hurling. Every week our nursery section caters for approximately 100 children aged between 4 & 7 yrs old. However hurling equipment is extremely expensive. As a result we are very limited in our ability to coach hurling across all of our groups each week. EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT Isidor Pavia
  16. 16. Girl scout troop 61376 will create a Networking Badge for Senior Girl Scouts who are actively applying 3 key leadership principles "discover, connect, take action." The girls will develop specific learning objectives and outcomes, design the badge, and network to identify issues and root causes in their communities so they can work collaboratively toward sustainable solutions. EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT Kim Viano
  17. 17. Thegrantwillbeusedtoprovide stipendfundingtotheAndrewS.Cray FellowshipattheNationalCenterfor TransgenderEquality(NCTE).The NCTEisattheforefrontofchanging policiestoadvancetransgender equality,aswellasprovidingessential servicestotransgenderpeopleand educatingindividualsaboutthe transgendercommunityintheUnited States. AndrewS.CrayFellowship providesstipendsforsummerlaw fellowsatNCTEinWashington,DC,it enablesindividualswhomaynot otherwisebeabletoparticipateinthe fellowshiptohavetheopportunityto makeadifferenceforthetransgender communitynationwide. EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT Blake Keng EMPLOYEE IDEA GRANT
  18. 18. will be launching a new employee grants program soon. Stay tuned for more information!