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Board member connect overview

  1. 1. Board Member Connect LinkedIn Board Member Connect (BMC) is a program that helps nonprofit leaders find high quality board members. It is estimated that two million nonprofit board seats need to be filled annually in the US. 78% of professionals are interested in joining a nonprofit board. LinkedIn Board Member Connect exists to bring these groups together. With BMC You Get… 1. Free access to a Talent Finder account ($1,000 value) Amplify your ability to search and to reach out to your board's extended network. 2. Exclusive LinkedIn educational webcasts Let LinkedIn experts guide you through an interactive product tutorial. 3. Membership to the Board MemberConnect group Access exclusive content and a powerfully connected nonprofit peer network. 4 Easy Steps to Find a Professional 1. Decide what you’re looking for What skills, knowledge, and relationships does your board need? 2. Search your network (example to the right) Set those needs as search criteria in LinkedIn’s Advanced Search 3. Connect and build relationships Send an InMail to interesting first degree connections, and ask for introductions to your second degree connections who appear to be strong board candidates 4. Screen candidates Board Member Connect is a search tool, not a screening tool.You should continue with your normal vetting process. Tips at Learn more about BMC at