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  • Ever since we were founded in 2003, LinkedIn’s mission as been to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. Everything we do is member first. For example, 20% of our revenues are reinvested into our member products and platform vision.Around 1,000 new products are being BETA tested by members every week, ensuring only the most beneficial make it through.
  • The overwhelming majority of this audience aren’t just logging onto LinkedIn to accrue connections, they’re engaging with features of our platform that require the most time and effort.
  • Think back, who was a member in 2008?LI was a very different place to how it is now. Used primarily to connect and network online, communicate and manage your network contacts efficiently. Where the idea that we’re a jobs board originated. Definitely one of the primary uses back then. Contrast that with how it is now in 2013. Vastly different place to where we are now. Still do those things but now a destination to engage with consume content.
  • Content is now our core. People are consuming 6x the amount of content properties than jobs properties. When we talk about content there are a number of things driving that….. -content from brands; company pages, company updates-thoughtleadership; via the influencer launch last year Members are getting unique content that they can’t get anywhere else by following Influencers. The Influencers program includes over 220 of the most influential thought leaders, from Richard Branson to President Obama. Millions following…. Branson stat from JB. News via LI Today - there are more than 40 industries and 480 news sources to follow on LinkedIn Today.Since LinkedIn Today was integrated into the LinkedIn Homepage in July 2012, traffic to 3rd party publishers is up nearly 60% Peers – peoples connections and group members.
  • How exactly can Marketers build relationships on LinkedIn? You use accurate targeting to deliver relevant content.LinkedIn is not just about another campaign or another product launch, even though we embrace those things. Brands are able to build relationships by using LinkedIn to Target, Publish and Extend. Now we’ll look at each of these
  • In the Discover phase, our clients want the buyer to know they have a solution to his need. They want to positively shape customer brand perception – something that needs to happen typically before a purchase will occur.A great new way to do this with LinkedIn is to promote your branded thought leadership content to the newsfeeds of ALL (not just followers) your targeted audiences – including Influencer segments to spread WOM – using company updates. Because company updates appear in the feed, your content will flow seamlessly across devices – enabling you to reach mobile audiences without having to produce device-specific ad units. And the member engagement with your content – comments, likes, clicks, and shares -- further extends your content’s reach.Key takeaway: With promoted updates, we can enable marketers to distribute their thought leadership content to our premium audience at scale. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Promoted Updates can be used to drive traffic to marketer sites, as well.Standard display ads are still a solid option for broad reach campaigns on LinkedIn. #1, standard display will reinforce brand messages from the content strategy. #2, for “emerging” content marketers that don’t yet have built-out content hubs that can be enhanced + accelerated with paid media, your next best option to attract marketing budget will still be standard display.
  • Buyers in the Discover phase are also interested in community, especially communities that deliver thought leadership on relevant topics. The LinkedIn Groups platform is flexible enough to advance marketing objectives throughout the buyer’s journey. What differentiates a thought leadership group in the Discover phase from a group tailored to the Explore phase is the type of content and conversations a brand has in them. With its “Innovations in ….” series of groups, Philips created a forum where professionals gather to share, develop, and foster innovation in subject areas that have a logical connection to Philips’ brand. Philips doesn’t talk about its products in these thought leadership groups. Instead, they sponsor professional conversations and gather customer insights from polls that are then fed back into their business. In return, Philips is converting affinity for certain topics into affinity for Philips brand, as demonstrated by Net Promoter scores for Philips of over 50 (extremely high-valued) from members of these “Innovation” groups. Key takeaway: Creating community with Groups enables you to convert topic affinity into affinity for your brand, moving the member down-funnel toward consideration.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When members join, post, or comment in the Group, all those events are shared out to the feeds of LinkedIn and indexed by search engines. This increases awareness for the client’s Group and gets people to join or return themselves. Recommend that your client uses paid targeted Join Group/View Group ads to attract certain segments as members and return visitors.
  • Content Ads enable you to distribute branded rich media, video, blog content, and SlideShare presentations to all of your target audiences. These interactive 300x250 and 160x600 ad formats enable engagement and social sharing without leaving the page. GE recently used Content Ads as part of campaigns targeting Metals & Mining and Oil & Energy industries. It delivered video case studies, whitepapers, infographics, and news articles directly within the ad experience. The member didn’t have to leave the page – resulting in average interaction rates of 5.75% across multiple campaigns targeting different geos. To boost content marketing results, GE used paid media in its campaign. It used Sponsored InMails personalized for specific recipients and display ads offering content downloads discussing GE-powered initiatives by the company’s customers. Key takeaway: Content Ads enable engagement and social sharing at scale without the member needing to leave the page.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This campaign, which targeted industry professionals in select nations, achieved an average interaction rate of 5.75% for its Content Ads, generating over 1,300 unique content downloads. Note how GE used paid display + InMail to boost content marketing efforts.
  • LinkedIn: Where business happens - Fredrik Bernsel (Linkedin EMEA)

    1. 1. Where business happensFredrik Bernsel, Sales Director EMEA + LATAMBrussels, June 2013
    2. 2. Our Mission.Connect the world’s professionals to make themmore productive and successful
    4. 4. ORGANIZATION NAMEOne of the most educated, affluent and influentialaudiences on the web4
    5. 5. ORGANIZATION NAMETop 20 sites US(monthly users)5
    6. 6. 6020,000,00040,000,00060,000,00080,000,000100,000,000120,000,000140,000,000160,000,000180,000,000LinkedIn FT.comSource: comScore, Feb. 2013Nearly 8X more unique visitors than WSJ and ForbesMonthly Unique Visitors (global)
    7. 7. Belgium 1,600,000+registered members7Source: LinkedIn Internal dataPercentages only for active members in May 20131M+• 18K+ Belgian companies have a LinkedIn CompanyPage• The European commission is the top institution with80K+ followers• Janssen Pharma, AB-In-Ben, the Europeanparliament and BNP Paribas are in the top – 5 with18K+ followers
    8. 8. Targeting : Directors and AboveGeo: UKHow do Belgian members engage with LinkedIn?Connect &Communicate67% Network withother professionalsProfessional Insights67% Stay up todate on industrydiscussionsSource: LinkedIn Internal dataPercentages only for active members in May 2013Research People &Companies80% Learn aboutwhat other colleagues& companies are doing
    9. 9. 9Connect, find andbe foundThe value we bring to our membersLinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights ReservedIdentity EverywhereInsightsBe great at whatyou doWork where you work
    10. 10. Frequent visitorsSource: Lab 42
    11. 11. Connect, communicateand manage yournetworkConnect, engage and consume content2008 2013
    12. 12. ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. AllRights Reserved.12PEERSBRANDSNEWSContent is now our coreConnectionsGroup MembersLinkedIn TodayCompany PagesCompany UpdatesSlideshareTHOUGHTLEADERSInfluencers6X
    13. 13. 13LinkedIn provides tools that our members use to obtainbusiness insightHomepage LI Today Influencers LinkedIn Groups Company Pages
    14. 14. Brands build relationships withthe world’s professionalsby using accurate targeting to deliver relevant content14Target Publish ExtendTarget with accuracyto reach a highquality audiencePublish relevantcontent in aprofessional contextExtend through socialsharing and extendquality traffic and datato your sites
    15. 15. Generate Awareness with Company UpdatesLinkedIn Confidential ©2013 AllRights Reserved15BlackberryBlackberry - SponsoredBlackberrySponsoredBlackberry SponsoredDiscover
    16. 16. Build Community with GroupsLinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved 16“Combining our thoughtleadership with LinkedIn’strusted environment andprofessional context, hasenabled us to create activecommunities… for medicaland lighting professionalsworldwide.”Hans Notenboom, GlobalDirector B2B Online, Philips
    17. 17. Generate Awareness with Content AdsLinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved 17Discover“We see LinkedIn as the topof the funnel for customerengagement.”Paul Marcom, Director ofGlobal Digital Marketing andProgramming, GE
    18. 18. ©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Social Mediais on the Rise
    19. 19. 19 ©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All RightsReserved.Building Relationships
    20. 20. Word of Mouth Marketing
    21. 21. Engaging with customers
    22. 22. Thank you!Marketing solutions: http://inmaps.linkedinlabs.comMe: Fredrik Bernsel,,