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Wells Fargo scandal hits Prudential, Iran is buying $16.6B's worth of Boeing planes, and more news.


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Is investigating whether Wells Fargo signed up customers for its insurance policies without their knowledge. Three Prudential employees said executives ignored reports "for fear of alienating Wells Fargo as a business partner."

Is buying $16.6 billion in planes from Boeing, the first of two major airline deals (the other is expected with Airbus). It's the first deal of its kind since 1979.

Bill Gates
Is leading a group of investors in a clean energy effort. Breakthrough Energy Ventures, which has more than $1 billion in funding, has backing from 20 investors.

Is investing in Southeast Asian Uber rival Grab. Honda will collaborate with the company on motorbike-hailing services.

"Given how fast the world is moving, we need to figure out how to constantly provide a platform for education to workers throughout their careers."
Jeff Selingo, Author, “There Is Life After College”

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