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Warren Buffett's Biggest Deal Ever and Japan's Nuclear Restart. Click to Watch Today's Top Headlines


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Warren Buffett
May get his biggest deal ever. Berkshire Hathaway is expected to announce the $30-billion acquisition of manufacturer Precision Castparts.

Is doing away with two-year contracts. Your bill won’t be cheaper but it ends an artificial 24-month smartphone replacement cycle.

Hopes to have a bailout within the next 24 hours. Negotiators spoke into the early hours, and €86 billion in loans are at stake.

Will restart its first nuclear reactor since Fukushima. All of Japan’s nuclear power plants were shut down after the 2011 nuclear disaster, and 57% of Japanese disapprove of restarting them.


“Education will always be a platform on which to build success—but it really doesn’t matter what you study.”
- Vivek Wadhwa, fellow at Stanford University, on being ready for the jobless future

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