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Thursday healthcare vote postponed, Alaska Airlines dropping the Virgin America brand in 2019, and more news.

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House Republocan leaders postponed yesterday's vote for an Obamacare repeal bill. At last count, the bill didn't have enough votes to pass.

Virgin America
Owner Alaska Airlines will dump the Virgin brand in 2019. "There is a point where we have to let go," said minority stakeholder Richard Branson.

The Senate voted to end privacy rules that required internet providers to get permission before selling sensitive user data like location and browsing history.

Populism’s role in shaping economic conditions will probably be more powerful than classic monetary and fiscal policies.
--Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates, Founder

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Animation: Lucy Clinch
Script: Katie Carroll, Isabelle Roughol
Art: Jacqueline Zaccor
Producer: Florencia Iriondo

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