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Nintendo shares jump after Apple event, HP gets leaner, and more news.


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introduced new versions of the iPhone and Watch. The biggest change? Apple is dropping the headphone jack.

Is finally releasing a Mario game on mobile. The company had long reserved the franchise for living room consoles but can no longer resist the times. Its shares surged 13% in Tokyo.

Hewlett Packard
Is selling off its software arm to Micro Focus for $8.8 billion. The deal is part of Meg Whitman's strategy to simplify and refocus HP.

Formula One
Liberty Media will buy the auto racing franchise for $4.4 billion. Live sports are the cable TV industry's bright spot and F1 has a lucrative audience.

"Criticism that is not well researched doesn't mean anything to me."
Gwyneth Paltrow, founder and CEO of Goop

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