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Mo’s Bows Creator on How He’d Style the Stars

Moziah Bridges, the 14-year-old creator of Mo's Bows, offers up ideas for how he would style names like Kanye West and Mark Zukerberg in his bow ties.

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"At an age when kids are cramming for English lit or avoiding English lit on Snapchat, 14-year-old Moziah Bridges is brokering business deals and taking calls from Daymond John.

"The Memphis, TN, native launched Mo’s Bows when he was nine years old after discovering a passion for fashion. He was taken by the old school flair of bow ties, but wasn't thrilled about the design of the knots—and completely offended by clip-ons.

“I saw my mom working hard and I didn’t want to be how she was—working for another person,” said Mo. “So I decided to start my own company, making money for myself.”

"Employee #2 was grandma, a retired seamstress who taught Mo to sew. At the beginning he'd pick out vintage fabrics from her stash to make the bow ties he sold for $5 at summer camp.

“I’m a quick learner, but when it came to sewing, it was a disaster,” recalled Mo, who is homeschooled. “Keeping the ties straight was the most disastrous part.”

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