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Mary Barra on How's She's Changing the Culture of GM


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CEO of GM Mary Barra joined LinkedIn Executive Editor Daniel Roth at LinkedIn Studios in NY to discuss how she's handling the culture at GM after the recalls.

"We've been on a journey. I think it's well known that I've been at General Motors most of my career -- I worked at a grocery store before then. But I think there [were] things and aspects to change. We've been on that journey for quite some time. Really making sure people are engaged. That they can bring their best ideas to the table. That we work together. Because unlike a lot of other companies that are in the Fortune Top 10, we do one thing. We make cars, trucks and crossovers and the services that support those.

“So how do we get everyone engaged, working together and bringing the best ideas forward? That's the culture we're continuously striving to provide. We've made great strides, yeah. We have more work to do."

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