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Today's Brexit Referendum, Uber's estimated driver earnings released, and more news.


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British voters decide today whether Great Britain will remain in or leave the European Union. Opinion surveys were too close to call and there will be no exit polls.

US Democratic representatives organized a sit-in on the House floor to force a vote on gun control. As official cameras were turned off, lawmakers turned to live video streaming on social media.

Leaked internal documents obtained by Buzzfeed show estimated driver earnings. They make $10.75 per hour in Houston, $13.17 in Denver, and just $8.77 in Detroit.

Solar Impulse
Landed in Spain and completed the first solar-powered flight across the Atlantic. It took nearly three days at the speed of an average car.

"Authenticity is such an easy word. It's incredibly difficult to execute." Troy Carter, music manager, founder and CEO of Atom Factory

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