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Irma downgraded to tropical storm, employee-provided Google data suggests gender pay gap, and more news.


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Hurricane Irma
Was downgraded to a tropical storm early Monday, but forecasters still warn of flood risks and strong winds. The storm left over 4 million Florida homes without power over the weekend.

Kraft Heinz
David Knopf will become CFO of the $100 billion market-cap company on October 1. Knopf, a VP who’s been working at the food giant since 2015, is only 29 years old.

Employee-shared salary data suggests female workers are paid less than men across job levels. Google says the data from some 1,200 employees isn’t a complete picture, and that women make 99.7 cents per each man’s dollar.

Given the pervasiveness of data breaches and their seriousness, the remedies available to consumers seem ridiculously inadequate.
Jeffrey Pfeffer, Stanford Graduate School of Business professor, on Equifax

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