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Howard Schultz steps down as Starbucks CEO, unemployment hits a 9-year low, and more news.


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CEO Howard Schultz is stepping aside, but staying with the company. Schultz is re-inventing himself with a new focus on opening high-end coffee shops.

The US economy added 178,000 jobs in November. The unemployment rate dropped to 4.6%, its lowest level in nine years, though on a lower workforce participation rate.

Is getting back into the mobile phone game. The new Nokias will run Android — the current world market-share leader by far.

James Mattis
President-elect Trump named James Mattis Defense Secretary. Trump made the announcement at an Ohio rally, calling Mattis "the closest thing we have to Gen. George Patton."

"The differences stem from advances in technology and business processes, not from something in the water."
Mark Hurd, Oracle CEO, on Millennials

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