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GE is cutting 12,000 jobs, Congress works to avoid a shutdown, and more news


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The House of Representatives is expected to vote Thursday on a stopgap bill to fund the government for two weeks. The Senate is expected to vote by Friday. The bill would avoid a government shutdown set to take effect Saturday.
General Electric is eliminating 12,000 jobs from its GE Power unit. That’s 18% of the division, which brought in $26.8B in sales last year. It’s part of GE’s efforts to shave off $1B in structural costs.  
Bitcoin just crossed $15,000 — 10 hours after hitting $14,000 for the first time. It took only a day to get from $12,000 to $14,000.
“We felt it was best to have a name that was consistent with the idea that you can shop us however you like as a customer.”
President/CEO Doug McMillon on Wal-Mart Stores becoming Walmart
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