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Super Bowl ads dare to get political, show grit, and of course, booze


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Andrew Delaney, director of content at Getty Images, visits LinkedIn Studios to go through the good, the bad and the ugly ads of the Super Bowl VI.

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"In combative political times, it’s a brave brand that strikes a position – or is it just clever advertising? The commercials of Super Bowl LI offered ample opportunities to ponder this. From spots hawking soda to construction materials to hair products, brands boldly entered the political arena this year.

"Regardless of your place on the political divide, the 84 Lumber ad got you talking. Beautifully filmed and acted, it was a heart plucking adventure depicting the sacrifices mothers make for their children – all powerful stuff. That it appears to take a stance against a controversial Presidential idea means even if you did not know of 84 Lumber yesterday you most certainly do now.

"Speaking of powerful women and political debates, Audi delivered a robust message on equal pay whilst showcasing a gritty girl beating the boys with strength, guts and a touch of the clevers — great use of the handbrake! It echoed a trend in imagery we’ve seen at Getty Images — unapologetic female-led power. And if soapbox racing wasn’t thrilling enough, Wix doubled some classic Jason Statham fisticuffs with the deadly Gal Gadot; quite the explosive combination.

"Alcohol ads, often a sophomoric staple of Super Bowl advertising, also dared to strike a political chord this year. Anheuser Busch, which has formerly featured frogs belching “Bud-Weis-Er,” gave us a stunning retrospective of Adolphus Busch. Much classier than Yellow Tail’s offer to pet their ‘roo."

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