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Jurassic World Breaks Box Office Record. Click to Watch Today's Top Headlines


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Jurassic World: The dinosaur movie netted the biggest opening weekend in history with $511.8 million in ticket sales worldwide.

Uber is planning a billion-dollar push in China. Travis Kalanick told investors that growth in China is massive even by Uber standards.

E3: The video game conference opens in Los Angeles today.
Virtual reality is the star of the show with Facebook’s Oculus, Sony’s Project Morpheus and Microsoft’s Hololens.

China’s stock market tripled in a year. It just passed $10 trillion market cap, second only to the US.

Quote of the Day: “Price swings like this are nothing new to me. I’ve seen the price of crude collapse by more than 50 percent six times since President Reagan was sworn in.” - oil industry veteran T. Boone Pickens, on LinkedIn

Daily Top Headlines:
Animation: Matas Zaloga
Script: Isabelle Roughol, Katie Carroll
Art Direction: Jacqueline Zaccor
Producer: Florencia Iriondo