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Tony Robbins' Secret to Finding a Fulfilling Career


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In this video, the third and final part of Tony Robbins' interview with Dan Roth, he shares the secret to finding a fulfilling career. Hint: It's not about who you want to be, but what you want to give.

Think about the words: work, career, mission.

Do you notice a difference when you read them? Does each word feel different to you?

To most people, the word work implies that it’s something hard, something you have to do. If you "work" all day long, it's likely that you don't find much joy in it.

Career implies you’re working toward something on a bigger scale, something more sustainable. You might devote more energy and feel a sense of purpose, since you're working toward a long-term goal.

But somebody who has a mission? They're not in it for the money. They're not even in it for the way it makes them feel. They do it because it’s what they’re made for. For them, it’s not work; it serves a higher purpose.

Today, most people spend more time at work than they do with their family. The most sacred gift that you can give, besides your love, is your labor. So find something that you’re here to play for that’s more than just yourself.

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