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Oprah Winfrey's Big Vision and How She Made It


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The end of the year often is a time to look back at what we’ve accomplished and a time to evaluate what's next in line for the New Year. While we might be happy and fulfilled in our careers and truly love what we do, we continue to constantly seek advice to further grow in our professional lives. Whether we’re fresh out of college, senior executives, confident entrepreneurs or at the top of our game, it's always hard to avoid comparisons or wonder if we could--or should--be doing any better.

It's hard to acknowledge it, but even the most renowned and recognizable names in business had to start somewhere. They had our same concerns regarding the present and future of our endeavors: To go to college or to drop out. To focus on the numbers game or to follow our passion. To give it some time or to expect results right away.

Experienced, knowledgeable, thoughtful professionals may lead by example and inspire us mere mortals to become more successful at what we do. However, it’s rare for us to get access to their daily routines so we only end up assuming what the Branson’s of the world would do.

Not anymore; We now have insights into how they really made it--and in their own words.

In 2015, LinkedIn had the exceptional chance of meeting extraordinary leaders for unique conversations. Here is where you'll find top-notch advice from the crème de la crème. What did Howard Schultz’s mom tell him about self-esteem? What was Oprah’s goal before she became, well, Oprah? Did you know Shark Tank’s Daymond John wanted a career in hip-hop and that Maria Bartiromo wanted to be a backup singer? How did the real Olivia Pope find her way to Washington? What does Jack Welch--the world’s No. 1 overachiever--have to say about dealing with your boss?

How did they do it? Click play and enjoy the crazy good career advice from people who have made it, big time.

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