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LinkedIn Candidate Sales

  1. 1. Be Found on Linked Power Blueprint “LinkedIn Is How Candidates Will Be Hired.LinkedIn Is The Most Important Job Seeking Breakthrough This Century”.
  2. 2.
  3. 3. It Is The Hidden Job Market 1. 70% Of Jobs Are Found Through Networking 2. Many Of These Jobs Are Never Made Public 3. Hiring Managers Don’t Have The Time To Look Over Hundreds Of CV’s 4. A Network Of People Who Know And Can Recommend People Is Better Than Employing A Stranger 5. LinkedIn “Apply With Linked In” Button Is The New
  4. 4. Recruitment Consultants Are Searching And Looking For You!
  5. 5. How Recruitment Consultants Search .......Affects How You Will Be Found Or NOT The Psychology Of A Recruitment Consultant (Shortcuts...)
  6. 6. A Recruitment Consultants Search Framework 6 Point Strategic Search Framework Under The Radar Proximity Rapid Search Search Tips Search Advanced X-Ray Search Google Alerts
  7. 7. If You Are Not Found On Linked You Are Not Getting
  8. 8. The Landscape Has Changed
  9. 9. Times Have Changed 1999 2011 Push Strategy Push & Pull Strategy You Sent Your CV In You Have A Permanent Response To A Posted Posted Profile Which Is Job Vacancy Continuously Advertising Advertisement You And An Employer Searches And Finds For
  10. 10. The Old “Push Strategy “1. Look For Advertised Jobs2. Apply With A Typical CV3. Wait For A Response (Which May Never Come, As There Are Typically Over 50 CV’s Sent For Each Vacancy)
  11. 11. The New “Push & Pull Strategy “1. You Complete A LinkedIn Profile2. Optimize It To Get Found3. Build A Power Network Of Power “Relevant” Contacts4. Create Visibility, Credibility and Authority (With Our Power Strategies)5. Bypass (where relevant) The Hiring Process and Create Own Positions With VCA and Power Network6. If Through The Hiring Process, Using Our Power Strategies To Be The Stand Out Applicant Via Power Positioning Within LinkedIn7. Additionally8. Through Optimization Strategies, Recruiters And Employers Will Search For These Candidates With Specific Knowledge And Skills Bypassing The HR
  12. 12. Three Facts Which Will Affected Your Ability And Likelihood To Get HiredFact 1 Recruitment Is Now Done Through LinkedIn. The Reality Is If You Can Not Be Found On LinkedIn Then Your Chances Of Getting Hired Are SlashedFact 2 Your CV Is Being Checked Against Your LinkedIn Profile By Recruitment Consultants And Employing CompaniesFact 3 You WILL Get An Interview For A Position With No Experience If You Have Visibility, Credibility and Authority
  13. 13. The Two Questions You Need To Ask
  14. 14. Question 1 How Do I Get Found On LinkedIn?
  15. 15. Question 2 How Do I Become A 10,000% Interview Choice?
  16. 16. Question 3 How Do I Get To It’s “David Recommended You” At Interview?
  17. 17. Question 1 : How Do You Get Found By Recruitment Consultants Answer: With An Optimized
  18. 18. Question 2: How Do I Become A 10,000% Interview Choice? Answer: You Gain The Following: 1. Visibility 2. Credibility 3. Authority Within Your
  19. 19. Be Found on Linked Power Blueprint Be Found On LinkedIn Power Blueprint Strategic Profile Search Optimization Framework
  20. 20. Once Mastered Recession Or No Recession, Experience Or No Experience, National Or International You Will Be In The 1% In Your Industry. Either a)You Will Be Found or b) You Will Get An
  21. 21. We’ve Cracked the Linked
  22. 22. Question 3: How Do I Get To It’s “David Recommended You” At Your Interview?Build A Network Of Power Targeted
  23. 23. Your Connections Exponentially Increase Your Success Percentage Rachel Meaden’s LinkedIn
  24. 24. What This Framework Is
  25. 25. If You Don’t Have Enough Reason Why You MUST........ LinkedIn Jobs Network LinkedIn Automatically Find Passive Candidates (This is You! Your Profile!!!) That Match Jobs Posted On LinkedIn So That The Recruitment Agent Does Not Even Have To
  26. 26. Here’s How It Works: 1. The Recruitment Consultants Post Their Job 2. LinkedIn Use An Advanced Algorithm & Keyword Tools (We Show You How To Do This!) To Find Matching Members On LinkedIn 3. LinkedIn Present Them To The Agent In A List So That They Can Reach Out To The Members (You!!!!!) That Best Fit Their Needs Do You See! No Matter Which Way You Turn. To Get Hired You Have To Be Found On
  27. 27. Anybody That Just Hopes They Get Offered An Interview Applying The Old Techniques Of Surfing The Web, Maybe Even LinkedIn Times Have Changed Will You?
  28. 28. The UK’s First Published Blueprint On How To Get Found On
  29. 29. The Linked ‘Be Found Now – VCA Framework’ The LinkedIn Be Found Now – VCA Framework Strategic Profile Search optimization Framework
  30. 30. The Linked ‘Be Found Now – VCA Framework’ 7 Point Strategic Search Strategies 10 Point Strategic Profile optimization
  31. 31. The Linked ‘ Be Found Now – VCA Framework’ 7 Point Strategic Search Strategies 10 Point Strategic Profile optimization
  32. 32. 7 Point Strategic Search
  33. 33. 7 Point Strategic Search Strategy Strategic Search Framework Under The Proximity Quick Search Radar Search Search Tips Create AAdvanced Company X-Ray Search Google Alerts Search Search
  34. 34. 7 Point Linked Power Search Module Strategies Description and Benefits1.0 Search List How To Prepare For Your Strategic Search, Build A List Of Companies And Professionals To Contact, In Relation To Your Job Search Industry And Geographical Location, This Will Reduce Your Search Time Significantly.1.1 Create A Company How To Create A Company List In A Specific Location And Search List Industry To
  35. 35. 7 Point Linked Power Search Module Strategies Description and Benefits2.0 X-Ray Search The LinkedIn X-Ray Search Strategy Which Is Only Known By Less Than 1% Of The UK Population, Will Present You With Thousands Of Relevant Results Which Can Be Refined By Site, Location And Keywords With The Use Of Public Search Engines Where As Traditional LinkedIn Methods Only Present A List Of 100 Maximum.2.1 Google Operators Use Google To Search A Specific Website With The Use Of Operators, Which Will Enable A Vast Range Of Results From Across The World Of Relevant And Specific Results Of Employers And Recruitment Consultants.2.2 Yahoo Operators Use Yahoo To Search A Specific Website With The Use Of Operators, It Has Its Own Algorithms Which Allow For It To Present You With A Wide Choice Of LinkedIn Results In Relation To New Hiring Employers.2.3 Bing Operators Use Bing To Search A Specific Website With The Use Of Operators, Bing Is By Far The Most Accurate And Precise Search Engine In Relation To LinkedIn. It Will Enable Relevant And
  36. 36. 7 Point Linked Power Search Module Strategies Description and Benefits2.4 Search Engine Comparison How To Compare Google, Yahoo And Bing Search Results To Enable Accurate And Appropriate Information Which Will To Increase Your Turnover Time By 100%.2.5 Reading Your Results How To Quickly And Effectively Read Your Results Without Opening Or Navigating To A LinkedIn Profile.3.0 Proximity Search Allows You To Search Profiles Where Two Or More Separately Matching Term Occurrences Are Within A Specified Distance. This Can Be Helpful If You Wish Find Persons Of A Particular Position In A Company, For Example A Director Or Manager Who Has Hiring Power.3.1 Proximity Search Using How To Effortlessly Reduce Your Job Search Time, Excelling You Bing To Your New Job Or
  37. 37. 7 Point Linked Power Search Module Strategies Description and Benefits4.0 Laser Search These Are Under The Radar Search Tips For Searching In LinkedIn Internally, Allowing You To Keep A Fresh Record Employers and Influential Professionals , These Under The Radar Techniques Can Even Be Refined To Geographical Areas And Refined By Industry And Keywords.4.1 LinkedIn Operators Use LinkedIn Operators To Refine Your Search Even More , You Can Search LinkedIn Directory To Find Out Which New Members Have Signed Up To LinkedIn In The Past Month, Week Or Even Day.4.2 Find A 3rd Level How To Find A 3rd Level Connections Full Name, So You Can Connections Full Name Build A Relationship Maximising Your Connection And Conversion Rate.5.0 Advanced Search How To Execute An Advanced Search Enabling Relevant Results Which Will Dramatically Cut Your Search Time
  38. 38. 7 Point Linked Power Search5.1 Module Target Specific Skill Strategies Description and Benefits How To Execute Advanced LinkedIn Searches By Refining Your Sets Search For Companies, Candidates Or Jobs By Location, Industry, Relationship (1st,2nd,3rd Connections)6.0 Rapid Search How To Execute Quick LinkedIn Searches For Companies, Professionals Or Jobs6.1 Using the Quick Search How To Execute A Rapid Search For People , Companies And Toolbar Jobs Within LinkedIn Using The Quick Search Tool Bar.7.0 Google Alerts Keeping You Ahead Of Your Competition With Instant Alerts. As Soon As A Job Is Posted With Your Keywords You Will be Notified, Automating Your Job Search Process7.1 How To Enable Google What Is Google Alerts, How To Enable Google Alerts So That You Alerts Will Receive Constant Relevant Email Updates Of A Particular Search Or Industry In Which You
  39. 39. 10 Point Strategic Profile Optimization
  40. 40. 10 Point Strategic Profile optimization Strategy Profile optimization Framework Keyword Group LinkedIn Personal Connection Strategy Strategies Strategy Branding Strategy Profile Build A Use Twitter Be Found on Conversion optimization Network 500+ Effectively Google Strategy
  41. 41. 10 Point Strategic Profile Optimization Strategy Module Description and Benefits1.0 Keyword Strategy To Confidently Attract Multiple Sources Of Employers And Recruitment Consultants To Your Profile.1.1 Implementing Keywords What Keywords Are And Why They Are So Vital In The Optimization Of Your LinkedIn Profile. Illustration Will Be Given Shown Where To Place Your Chosen Keywords Throughout Your Profile2.0 Profile optimization Learn How To Continue Optimizing Your Profile With The Use Of Strategy LinkedIn Tools And Features Without Purchasing LinkedIns Premium Account, Whilst Putting You Ahead Of Your Competition.2.1 optimize With Learn How To Maximise Your Profile optimization With The Help Recommendations Of Recommendations From Other Professionals In Your Market Niche. This Will Enable Substantial Credibility For You In Your
  42. 42. 10 Point Strategic Profile Optimization Strategy Module Description and Benefits3.0 Groups Groups Are An Excellent Way To Communicate With Your Target Market. Learn How To Position Yourself As The Authority In Your Industry Niche.3.1 Create A Group Follow A Step By Step Demonstration Explaining How To Create A Group Which Will Allow You To Start Implementing Strategic Discussions Portraying You As An Expert In Your Market.3.2 Connecting To Relevant A Demonstration Of How To Search, Find And Connect With Groups Relevant Groups Where You Can Interact In Live Discussions Gaining Visibility And Credibility In Your
  43. 43. 10 Point Strategic Profile Optimization Strategy Module Description and Benefits3.3 Build A Presence Within A Learn How To Build A Presence Within A Group And Be Group Positioned As The Top Influencer Within It. Which Will Attract An Unending Flow Of Traffic To Your Profile.4.0 Build A Super Network Of Your Network Determines The Value Of LinkedIn, Both Size And 500+ Quality Of Your Network Matter You Should Be Connecting With People Who Also Have A Lot Of Connections Within The Your Industry In Order To Build Yourself And Large And Valuable Network.4.1 How To Build A Super How To Build A Super Connector Network Of 500+ Which Will Network Of 500+ Assist You In Boosting Your Employment Conversion Rate.5.0 LinkedIn Signal The New Way For Professionals To Consume Global News And Information Which Will Assist In Tracking Potential Jobs and Recruitment Consultants With Hiring
  44. 44. 10 Point Strategic Profile Optimization Strategy Module Description and Benefits5.1 LinkedIn Signal Learn About The Benefits Of LinkedIn Signal, How It Can Dramatically Reduce Your Search Time Whilst Keeping You 100% Up To Date With Relevant Information Within Your Industry.5.2 How To Use Signal To We Will Discuss And Illustrate How To Track Particular Track Potential Companies, Track Trends And Track People And Groups Who Candidates And Clients You Are Connected With Keeping You Ahead Of The Competition With Fresh Daily Updates.6.0 Personal Branding How To Increase The Number Of Recruitment Consultants Who Strategy Approach You By Perhaps 10 Or 15 Times, Or Even More.6.1 Gain Visibility Using Polls Gain Inside Knowledge And Information On Current Affairs Within Your Industry By Setting Up Discussion Polls, Keeping You Up To Date With Your Industry And Continue Building On Your Relationship With Your
  45. 45. 10 Point Strategic Profile Optimization Strategy Module Description and Benefits6.2 Execute Strategic Status Every Time You Update Your Status Everyone In Your Network Is Updates Notified, Therefore Its A Great Way To Communicative To Your Network In Regular Basis And Generate Credibility.6.3 Add A Video To Your Communicating Visually With Your Connections And Industry, A Profile Video Allows You To Share Your Personality With People Who You Are Meeting For The First Time Or Do Not Yet Know You Very Well.6.4 Question & Answers Create Authority And Presence With The Use Of LinkedIns Strategy Questions And Answers Tools, Gain In-Depth Insight Into Your Industry.6.5 LinkedIn Applications A Discussion Of All Of LinkedIn Current Application And How You Can Implement Them Effectively To Further Your optimization And Assist Your Credibility And Visibility In Your Market
  46. 46. 10 Point Strategic Profile Optimization Strategy Module Description and Benefits7.0 Google Strategy A Strategy Which Once Implemented Will Enable Your LinkedIn Profile To Be Found On The First Page Of Google.7.1 Implementing The Google An In-Depth Discussion Of How To Exploit The Optimization Of Strategy Your Profile So That You Appear Within The First Page Of Google In Reference To Your Market Nice And Geographical Area.8.0 Twitter Strategy Using Twitter To Find Jobs And Hiring Professionals Even Without An Account, Taken You Beyond The Use Of LinkedIn And Keeping You Ahead Of Your Opposition.8.1 Implementing The Twitter A Demonstration How You Can Use Twitter To Search For Jobs Strategy And Professionals With Hiring Power, Even Without Having A Twitter Registered
  47. 47. 10 Point Strategic Profile Optimization Strategy Module Description and Benefits9.0 Connection Rate Strategy How To Maximise Your Connection Rate, And Build Your Recruitment Consultants And Employers Search List,. All Whist Gaining Authority In You Industry.9.1 Implementing Your How Many New Connections Are You Making Each Day? Once Connection Rate Strategy Your Profile Is Fully Optimised With The Help Of These Strategies This Will Increase Dramatically Growing Your Visibility And Creditability.10.0 Conversion Strategy We Will Show You How You Can Maximize Your Job Conversion Rate By Attracting Employers To Contact You Rather Than You Frantically Searching For Them.10.1 How To Successfully We Will Demonstrate How And Why To Implement Accurate Calls Secure The Jobs In Which To Action Within Your Profile Which Will Enable The Recruitment You Are Applying For. Consultants And Employers To Contact To
  48. 48. What Will You Receive From The Be Found On Linked Power Blueprint Framework?
  49. 49. Immediately After You Register For This Program You Will Be Sent A Username And Password For The UK’s Only Be Found On Linked Membership
  50. 50. Linked In Recruitment Private Site 25 Framework Videos (Over 4 Hours)
  51. 51. 25 Videos Accessed In The Members Only
  52. 52. The UK’s First And Only Be Found On Linked Strategies Vault1. Over 4 Hours Of Cutting Edge Framework Strategies2. Screen Capture “How To “ Video’s Designed Specifically To Walk You Through Step By Step Irrespective Of Your IT Skills3. Your Own Unique Licence To Your Membership Site4. Two Hours Of New Content Added Every Month From The Worlds Leading Job Hunting Specialists (Platinum Members)
  53. 53. A Case Study Candidate 11. LinkedIn Basic Profile2. Sends CV To You3. LinkedIn Profile Is A Summary Of His CV4. He
  54. 54. A Case Study Candidate 21. Keyword Optimised Profile2. Researched Your Client3. Contacted Former Employees From Hiring Department4. Identified Top 10 Challenges To That Department5. Founded Groups In LinkedIn That Create Solutions To These Challenges Employees Of Company
  55. 55. A Case Study – Continued Candidate 26. Created A Personal Brand That Matches The Role Requirements7. Is Connected To Decision Makers In That Field8. Is Listed In Google When Hiring Company Search For Skill Set Relevant To Their Position9. His CV State These Powerful Attributes
  56. 56. A Case Study – Continued Candidate 2“ although he may not have the exact experience. He can create Authority, Credibility and virtually Guarantee an interview with one of our strategies”
  57. 57. Platinum Monthly Mentoring ProgramMonthly Webinars With Industry Experts Where1. You Can Get Answers To Any Questions Regarding LinkedIn Job Hunting Strategies2. Private Webinar Q & A With Industry Experts From Around The Globe3. Benefit From 100+ Hours Research On Being Found And Job Hunting On LinkedIn Strategies We Invest Each Month......For
  58. 58. Platinum Monthly Mentoring Program Personal Consultant cost: £ 250 Per Hour Andy Whitehead cost: £2000 Per Day Consulting You Can Get A Full Monthly Webinar Not For The Prices Quoted But For Just £ZERO Per
  59. 59. Recession Proof Master Plan You See The Top Two Reason’s Why Job Hunters Struggle Is They Do Not Apply Strategy To 1.Their Searching 2.Their Personal Branding Whether You Do These Things Online Or Offline The Same Principles
  60. 60. Trust The Process, Use It To Get Ahead Of Your Peers Carpe
  61. 61. A Bold PROMISE? YES!!!It’s One I Intend To Keep
  62. 62. Be Found On Linked Power BlueprintStrategic Search Framework Webinar £147 + VATStrategic Profile optimization Framework Webinar £147 + VATCertification In LinkedIn Candidate StrategiesAudio of Strategic Search Framework For Your IPod £97 + VATAudio of Strategic Profile optimization Framework Your IPod £97 + VATStrategic Search Framework Training Transcripts £77+VATStrategic Profile optimization Framework Training Transcripts £77 +VATPlatinum Monthly Power Recruiters £97+VATpmBonus Strategies £97+VAT
  63. 63. Only For Candidates Watching Today £759 +VAT1 x Be Found On LinkedIn Power Blueprint Package £147+VAT
  64. 64. A Quick Recap Of What We Have
  65. 65. “The Be Found On LinkedIn Power Blueprint”To Be In the 1% Of Job Seekers “The Power Seekers” Who Know The LinkedIn Under The Radar Techniques And Secure A New Job By Using The Blueprint And Monthly Platinum Mentoring ProgramEach Day You Leave It, Is Another Day Without Your Career Moving Forward, Without The Financial Package You