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Beneath the Surface - TECHconnect Bangalore 2015


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Beneath the Surface: Taking a Deeper Look at Today's Empowered Tech Buying Process

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Beneath the Surface - TECHconnect Bangalore 2015

  1. 1. Taking a Deeper Look at Today’s Empowered Tech Buying Process Beneath the Surface
  2. 2. So what’s beneath the technology purchasing surface? ​We surveyed 3800+ ​technology decision-makers globally.
  3. 3. Engineering Operations IT Finance Accounting Project Management Support Sales Business Development Marketing Purchasing External Consultants Navigating the New Buying Committee 4+ Functional groups can be involved at each stage 2to 4 Pieces of content at each stage of the purchase journey
  4. 4. 70% Users 41% Decision-making Body 77%+ of professionals buyers look outside the buying committee for opinions 8 in 10 51% of decision-makers sought input on technology solutions from end-users The Power and Influence of End-users
  5. 5. 25% (% who shortlisted a “new” vendor) 78% of buyers require education to sustain or make a change to their IT ecosystem The Power of Post-purchase Engagement 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Needs Specs/Funding Vendor Choice Implementation Management Renewal Hardware for End-users Software for End-users Hardware for Data Centers Software for Data Centers
  6. 6. Go Deep. Target beyond the ITDMs to reach all of the decision-makers. Go Wide. Reach the end-users who influence the purchase. Go Beyond the Sale. Actively market and educate to retain your customers business. Conquering Complexity : Key Takeaways