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2019 LinkedIn Personal and Company Banner Images (July Edition)



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LinkedIn has changed its banner images AGAIN! Now your personal banner looks almost the same on mobile and desktop which means you have a lot more LinkedIn real estate to work with! Check out these Background / Banner image templates for LinkedIn personal profiles and company pages

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2019 LinkedIn Personal and Company Banner Images (July Edition)

  1. 1. Creating Better Background and Banner Images for your LinkedIn Personal and Company Pages
  2. 2. Company and Personal LinkedIn Banner Templates
  3. 3. Personal Profile Template
  4. 4. Personal Profile Background - Desktop
  5. 5. Personal Profile Background - Mobile
  6. 6. Company Page Template
  7. 7. Company Page Example
  8. 8. Company Page Example - Desktop
  9. 9. Company Page Example - Mobile
  10. 10. Company Page Example - Mobile
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