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Buyers today are sophisticated: they explore and discuss their options by accessing relevant content and connecting with others in their social network. They form perceptions about a brand before they've even had their first direct interaction with that brand. Research shows that by the time a buyer engages with your brand, he or she is already 60% of the way through their decision-making process. In order to reach that potential customer earlier in the process, you need a magnetic, well-targeted content marketing strategy.

At LinkedIn, we have always believed in a “members-first” approach to everything we do and marketers can benefit from doing the same. We have observed that professionals act differently on a professional social network as they are demanding more content and insights so that they can be great at what they do. As our members continue to seek out quality content, it opens up new opportunities for content marketers and publishers. By creating and publishing remarkable content in the form that educates, informs, inspires and entertains, marketers can begin to build relationships with prospects early on in the buying cycle. This fundamental shift is changing the mantra from “Always be Closing” to “Always be Helping.”

But creating remarkable content is only half the story. The latest findings from the Content Marketing Institute show that while 87% of survey respondents use social media for content distribution yet it received less than a 50% effectiveness rating. This is a clear indicator that there is a disconnect. The answer isn’t necessarily to create more content, but create more relevant content. The focus on relevancy will provide for a much better content experience and ultimately close this gap around content marketing success.

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  • Sid Lee LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Canada_Montreal 28.11.2013

    1. 1. Real Mahadeo
    2. 2. Adopting a Members-First Approach to Content
    3. 3. Jonathan Lister
    4. 4. Discover % 60 Advocate Explore through decision making process Select
    5. 5. invest time Professional Personal spend time
    6. 6. Marketers need to adopt a “members-first” approach to content
    7. 7. Influencers
    8. 8. 1,677,557 10,332 4,149
    9. 9. Photo credit: Min-Chieh Chang
    10. 10. 328,000 Views!
    11. 11. The definitive professional publishing platform
    12. 12. Changing the mantra from always be closing, to always be helping
    13. 13. Audience Marketers Relationship Content
    14. 14. % 87 50 Effectiveness rating Use social media for content distribution
    15. 15. XX%
    16. 16. The key ingredient to a better content experience is relevance
    17. 17. Customers & Prospects 1 Customer A 2 Customer B 3 Customer C 4 Customer D 5 Customer E 6 Customer F 7 Customer G 8 Customer H Revenue
    18. 18. Speak to the dog, in the language of the dog, about what’s in the heart of the dog. – Roy Williams
    19. 19. Demographics Male Name Jason Miller Groups Marketing Innovation with LinkedIn B2B Online CM Academy Geo San Francisco Connections 2k Size 5000+ Function Content Marketing Standardized Job Titles Senior Manager Occupation Marketing Company LinkedIn Industry Technology
    20. 20. Moving from information to insight creates content relevance
    21. 21. engagements connections commonalities information insights
    22. 22. Not more content. More relevant content
    23. 23. 3 types of real time relevant content
    24. 24. Waiting for the moment
    25. 25. In the moment
    26. 26. Anticipating the moment Popularity Catching trending topics Time period Defining content strategy
    27. 27. How do you know if your content is more relevant? Increased referral traffic Social engagement Higher quality leads
    28. 28. What is LinkedIn doing to advance relevance? Highlight types of content Quantify content influence Provide recommendations
    29. 29. The future of Content marketing is in your hands
    30. 30. LinkedIn Content Ecosystem Content isn't King, Conversation Is
    31. 31. Gary Fearnall
    32. 32. Our Mission. Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful
    33. 33. 1 of every 3 professionals on the planet is LinkedIn
    34. 34. Connect talent with opportunity.
    35. 35. Inform, educate, and inspire professionals.
    36. 36. Definitive professional publishing platform.
    37. 37. Job seeking
    38. 38. Content is our core Content Jobs 6 more engagement with content vs. jobs
    39. 39. WW Unique Visitors 68,066 31,647 27,005 26,151 24,169 22,946 source: comScore, Global Monthly Unique Visitors (Aug 2013)
    40. 40. WW Unique Visitors 179,415 source: comScore, Global Monthly Unique Visitors (Aug 2013)
    41. 41. Relevance driven by your professional profile Early start-up exec VS. Tech exec
    42. 42. Influencers
    43. 43. Mobile is accelerating content consumption. % 33 of unique visiting members came through mobile apps in Q2 2013
    44. 44. Content Marketing can make our members more productive & successful
    45. 45. Content marketing isn’t new
    46. 46. Teaching farmers to be great at what they do
    47. 47. Your audience is more receptive in our professional context
    48. 48. B2B buyers turn to online content and conversations in professional communities % 87 of B2B buyers say online content plays a major to moderate role in vendor selection Source: CMO Council, “ Better Lead Yield in the Content Marketing Field, 2013.
    49. 49. Company Pages help marketers connect with audiences on LinkedIn
    50. 50. HP’s company followers are brand advocates 112% increase in CXO followers % 15can have dialogues with “We higher engagement rate potential customers in a way with CXOs vs. non-CXO that encourages organic followers growth of the community.” 2.5 Bryna Corcoran Digital Marketing and Social more Strategist, HP Media likely to recommend HP solutions by followers
    51. 51. Why our members follow companies? 100% 90% 80% Total Audience 70% 64% 60% 55% 55% 48% 50% 46% 43% 40% 34% 34% 33% Influencer posts Infographics Software trial downloads 30% 20% 10% 0% New product launches Product reviews & comparisons Tech events Webinars/demos using video White papers Case studies
    52. 52. Integrated into the feed….
    53. 53. We’ve expanded our product portfolio with Sponsored Updates
    54. 54. Adobe drives thought leadership with Sponsored Updates  50%  more likely to agree that Adobe is “shaping the future of digital marketing”  2.5 more likely to agree Adobe’s Sponsored Updates capture their attention  79%  more likely to agree that Adobe can help optimize their media spend
    55. 55. HubSpot drives high-quality leads with Sponsored Updates % 400 more leads within their target audience than lead generation efforts on other platforms
    56. 56. Integrate and amplify content from SlideShare
    57. 57. Social proof. Included. Like (115)  Comment (11)  Share
    58. 58. Relevant content powered by accurate targeting Who they are Who they know What they do Profile Connections Behavior
    59. 59. Make your customers more productive and successful
    60. 60. Be the editor
    61. 61. Make it snackable
    62. 62. Value the who Follower Demographics 24% Finance 8.9% Sales 8.2% Research Consulting Operations 6.7% 5.6%
    63. 63. 2014 Product Focus Targeting Attribution Lead capture Personalization
    64. 64. Team Structure Social Media Team/Content Team Edit Marketing Develop Strategy Set strategy, establish key metrics Create and Manage Optimize, Aggregat e, Curate Converse and Listen Create and manage the editorial calendar Optimize content for distribution (make it beautiful) Engage with your audience, respond to comments Coordinate content submissions Share relevant content from across the web Monitor what people are discussing Create content Provide brand perspective and highlights Measure and Learn Monitor key KPIs Optimize content and targeting based on engagement and performance